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Stimpson Files Legal Challenge to Howell’s Abuse of Power

Stimpson Challenges Howell’s Abuse of Power
At Speaker Howell’s request, SBE changes absentee voting rules without notice in middle of election
Falmouth, VA – Today Susan Stimpson filed suit in Stafford County Circuit Court challenging the State Board of Elections’ recent decision to circumvent the General Assembly and change absentee ballot rules within a month of the election–after absentee voting was underway–at the request of Speaker Bill Howell:

“We are taking this action to protect the integrity of the June 9th election and future elections in Virginia. Long-time incumbents like Bill Howell cannot be allowed to use their political power to change the rules to benefit themselves within weeks of the election, after voting has begun.   We are a nation of laws, not men.  Howell’s actions come from desperation, not strength.   Bill Howell is trying save his campaign, which is sinking by the day under the weight of his tax and spend record,” Stimpson said.

“After selling out Republicans on taxes and spending, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Howell has sold out Republicans again to save his political career.  Bill Howell has locked arms with Terry McAuliffe to help roll back commonsense steps Republicans have taken in recent years to ensure election integrity,” Stimpson campaign adviser Tim Edson said. “Allowing unverifiable electronic signatures on absentee ballot applications will open the door to voter fraud.  It is the very reason that past State Boards of Elections have advised against such a change, and that the General Assembly has not allowed it.  Winning Virginia in 2016 just got harder, and Virginia Republicans have Speaker Bill Howell to thank.”    

The key points of Stimpson’s complaint and request for injunction are below:

1. This was a real rules change made at the request of Speaker Bill Howell.  Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) has never applied to absentee ballot applications because of concerns about fraud.  Voters can already use an electronic signature on a voter registration application because prior to voting that voter must show up in person and present an identification to match the voter to the voter registration.  Absentee ballots can be mailed to different addresses than the voter’s home address.  Currently, if there is suspicion of fraud, election officials at least have some way of potentially determining whether to investigate by checking the physical signature.

2. The change was beyond SBE’s authority to make given that the General Assembly has specifically authorized application of UETA to certain election-related transactions but not others, including on absentee ballot applications.

3. What’s really outrageous here is that the State Board of Elections changed the rules in the middle of the absentee voting period.  It could have been before, it could have been after, but it was done less than a month before this election while Howell struggles for survival.  In this case, the proposed change was never publicly advertised as required by law, and Speaker Howell’s campaign was the requester of the change and the only candidate with the knowledge of the coming change and the infrastructure in place to capitalize on it.

4. Finally, the State Board of Elections continues to stonewall efforts to obtain information on the exact details and requirements of the change, the meeting minutes and the audio of the meeting.  They have not responded to Freedom of Information Act requests, covering up a clear abuse of power by Speaker Bill Howell.

Court filings can be viewed here, here and here.

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