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STYLE WEEKLY has this article about SARVIS; PODCAST from SCHILLING SHOW (1070 WINA) and INTERVIEW from WE ARE 1776!

Here is a neat article about Libertarian Robert Sarvis in Style Weekly, Richmond’s alternative newspaper that I read often.  I am glad Style is out there even if sometimes they are out there!  Here’s the Sarvis article.

I am not sure I’d lead with the drug issue but it is Style and many of its readers may be open to the Libertarian views on legalization of pot.  But this is a eloquent description of libertarianism:

Libertarianism is just a presumption that people should be left free to live their lives as they see fit. There is a role for government, but you should be able to pursue happiness as you define it without interference as long as you’re not hurting other people. The government’s role should really be about protecting rights and making sure that you’re not hurting other people.

Here’s how Sarvis describes Terry McAuliffe:

I guess my problem with him is it’s hard to know what his platform is. It’s kind of really wishy-washy. He’s not willing to stand up for anything. On economics, he’s just terrible.

I agree!

Sarvis was also on the Schilling Show (1070 WINA – I would call the Schilling Show Radio Free Charlottesville!) June 28.  Here’s the podcast.

Here’s a very savvy interview just before Sarvis made the ballot at this site:  We are 1776  I am especially intrigued by this answer to nullification:

There is no question that the federal-state balance is totally untenable, not just on privacy but in virtual every area of government activity. But there is no Constitutional procedure or institutional mechanism that enables states to truly “nullify” federal laws. That doesn’t mean we should be passive in the face of an out-of-control federal government, but it does mean we have a very limited set of tools to work with, so we need to focus our efforts wisely. In some cases, that might involve challenging federal laws in court, or refusing to allow our state and local public officials to be commandeered by the federal government. But institutional problems require institutional solutions, and I believe there is long-term value in working with other states to send Congress proposals for Constitutional amendments that restore a reasonable balance of power while vigorously protecting individual and civil rights.

I actually agree there; nullification is a political not a legal remedy.  An example is Real ID (which is back in the Senate’s Immigration bill according to the Campaign for Liberty.  Can blame in part my favorite Senator – Lindsey Graham for that!) where states said essentially no we won’t play ball and the Feds had to come up with something else.

I still have several serious issues with Robert Sarvis on the issues.  But I admire him for running.  I look forward to hearing him August 8 at the King William Tea Party meeting.  (I have an event that prevents me from the Mechanicsville TP meeting on 8/1.)  I think the vote today on the Amash amendment to defund NSA spying where it appears every Virginia GOP congressman but Griffith voted to keep the NSA spying fully funded will help Sarvis’ campaign.



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