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Tea Party-backed Senate candidate surging in Colorado

Tea Party-backed Senate candidate surging in Colorado

Washington Times — In Colorado’s Republican Primary for U.S. Senator, District Attorney Ken Buck of Weld County, a favorite of the Tea Party movement, has jumped to a double digit lead over former Lieutenant Governor Jane Norton. Denver pollster Floyd Ciruli explained how Buck has overcome the better-funded Norton. “The Republican Party is strongly conservative in this state, and he’s really become the candidate of many of the conservative activists.”

Republicans must make principled reforms to Washington’s ways in 2011 — or they’ll be out again

American Thinker — Jerry Shenk writes of the need to rid our political system of the tools that incumbents use to perpetuate themselves and therefore break apart the semi-permanent political class that has arisen contrary to the vision of the Founding Fathers. Shenk believes that it will be the Republicans’ last chance to get it right if they’re swept back into power in November, because the damage done under the present and previous administrations has put the country on the road to ruin — and it must be fixed.

Rep. Eric Cantor’s ambition raises concerns, debate

Politico — Here’s a look at the internal power dynamics of the House Republican leadership where Minority Whip Eric Cantor is causing some waves with his thinly veiled ambition, leaving some wondering what direction the various leaders will go after November’s elections.  House Republicans seem convinced that Cantor would like to move ‘up’ in the very near future, but they’re not sure exactly where that might lead.

Virginia Thomas goes public with conservative activism

World Net Daily — Conservative activist Virginia “Ginny” Thomas is perhaps best known as the wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, but she’s certainly making a name for herself in her own right as a rising conservative leader who wants to return the country to its founding principles — and she’s started up Liberty Central to further those aims.  Liberty Central has five principles that guide it:  limited government, individual liberty, free enterprise, national security and personal responsibility — and the organization’s purpose is to motivate Americans to take an active part in holding government accountable to them.

Tea Party is about more than electing new policitians

Central Florida Future — Contrary to stereotypes propagated by the media, Tea Party activity is not limited to the aged and disgruntled, as this look at a newly certified Tea Party club at the University of Central Florida would indicate.  Conservative students at UCF decided to split from the university’s college Republican chapter and work on their own to increase student involvement in politics and volunteer for conservative candidates.

Do Cantor and Boehner really care about repealing Obamacare? — Erick Erickson highlights the apparent lack of will amongst the House Republican leadership (particularly Eric Cantor) to repeal Obamacare as signaled by their lukewarm reaction to a discharge petition filed by Rep. Steve King that would force a straight up-or-down vote on repeal.  Instead, Erickson reveals, the GOP leadership is pushing an alternative repeal and ‘replace’ proposal that has no chance of passing (where King’s could actually succeed) and won’t force the Democrats to tip their hand one way or the other.

Florida Republicans want their money back from Crist

American Spectator — Floridian Larry Thornberry provides an update on the Florida U.S. Senate race where Independent Gov. Charlie Crist (late of the Republican Party) is being sued by some of the state’s Republicans to force him to return the money they contributed to his campaign.  Thornberry says that Crist’s recent ideological lurch to the left and his current funding by many in the Democratic establishment compels him to ‘do the right thing’ and give back the contributions.

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