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Terry Beatley Wins the Virginia Right! ‘Greatest Impact’ Award for 2011 State Elections!

While covering the efforts of those involved in the successful fight to end the Democratic Majority in the Virginia Senate in 2011, I met, spoke with and worked with a number of amazing people who are dedicated to purging the left wing scourge that had infested Virginia’s Senate.

While we all hoped that the results would be a clear Republican majority, the gerrymandering redistricting efforts by the Democrats ultimately proved successful. While Republicans received a massive majority of the votes, the shenanigans by the Democrats resulted in a 20-20 split, with Republican Lt. Governor Bolling the tie-breaker.

If you watched the results come in, it initially appeared that Democrats would hold onto a 21-19 advantage. The left wing blogs gloated and accused the Republicans of counting their chickens before they hatched.

And then, suddenly, as the heinous Edd Houck was no doubt patting himself on the back for pulling out a close victory, a strange thing happened. The totals on the Virginia State Board of Elections flipped and Republican Bryce Reeves came out on top. Heinous Houck was undoubtedly crushed! Perhaps it was an inadvertent error in reporting, or perhaps Divine Intervention, but when the dust settled, Houck was history and Reeves was the new Superman by 224 votes! (Although I somehow associate the number 666 with Mr. Edd.)

When it appeared that Houck had won earlier in the evening, Terry Beatley crossed my mind. No one worked harder to defeat Houck than she. I closed my eyes and simply prayed “God, please be with Terry and bring her comfort.”

I have not spoken to Terry since the election, but I am certain that the apparent Houck victory was a bitter moment for her. For us all.

And when the totals changed and Reeves was in the lead with all of the precincts reporting, I again thought of Terry. And I again said a prayer. “Thank you, Lord.” And I hoped that Terry Beatley kept watching that night and knew the score before she slept.

You see, Edd Houck is responsible for the murders of more unborn living children than, perhaps, anyone in the state. Millions of babies died as a direct result of the votes this man cast as a state Senator. Edd Houck is the most destructive force to a woman’s womb – second only to a hysterectomy.

Progressives like Houck would eat their own young if it would bring them political power or advantage. They have no compunction at all about the killing of the unborn. They would give human rights to illegal aliens and terrorists, yet advocate for and encourage the killing of the unborn to receive money from the abortion mill operators like Planned Parenthood.

And the darker the skin color of the unborn, the more they want to kill them.

And Progressives see people like Terry Beatley as a threat to their plans. And she clearly is. But she does not use the violence and lies that the Progressives embrace. Her weapons are her faith and the truth.

Terry Beatley formed the No Excuse Ministry PAC and has spent an enormous amount of time and energy talking to the African-American community and explaining true origins of Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger’s plans to sterilize and purge those of African origins from the face of the earth. Organizations that tell of the Black Genocide that is going on and important documentaries like Maafa 21 are the tools of truth that Terry uses.

And Terry Beatley cries for the murdered unborn. Many African-American pastors and leaders have had their eyes opened by her ministry and are now actively working to tell the truth that the Democrats have tried so hard to cover up for decades.

And Edd Houck was Terry Beatley’s special project for 2011. And it was not his party affiliation that drew her attention, rather his support for abortion and usurpation of parental rights by pushing for abortions for minors without parental consent.

So, she took on a mission to defeat Houck, not in concert with the Republican Party, but rather on her own course, albeit parallel to the GOP goals.

I watched Terry garner support from leaders that included Alveda King, the niece of Civil Rights Leader Dr. Martin Luther King. Dr. King spoke at an event and I had the opportunity to meet this wonderful woman, a true inspiration.

But the most amazing thing I have seen about Terry Beatly was when she spoke of the efforts by Edd Houck to allow her young daughters and girls just like them to abort children without her knowledge and consent. As Terry explained what Houck was doing, the tears flooded her eyes, her voice crackled and complete loss of her right to council and advise her own children in the most important decision they might ever face was written on her face. The pain, the hurt and the indignity apparent as she quickly drew in her next breath. And then the flash of anger. Anger at how a society could allow this to happen. Anger at Edd Houck for pushing this horror and profound sorrow for the lives lost.

But then, I could see something else. She actually had compassion for Edd Houck despite his vile work to kill children and rip away parental rights. And she said that she prays for Houck!

Terry Beatley is a far more compassionate Christian than I will ever be. I have come to terms with my disdain and, yes, hatred of Progressives. And the only intersection between my beliefs and that of the Calvinists might very well be with Progressives. I am OK believing that their fate has been predetermined by God. That their hearts have been hardened against God and Humanity.

I do not judge Progressives. God already has.

And at the end of the day, Terry Beatley is directly responsible for the margin of 224 votes that propelled Bryce Reeves to the Senate. Without her work, the Virginia State Senate would still be in the hands of Democrats.

There is no doubt in my mind. And Terry credits God, plain and simple.

The Republican Party needs to pay close attention to what happened in this race. Terry Beatley has proven an important point. The Black Community has more in common with Republicans than they do with Democrats. The people that blacks routinely vote for are killing 62% of the black babies in New York and 50% in Richmond every year. The Progressives have ripped God and Christ from every corner of our lives and are still on the attack. When the African-American community hears the truth, they are shocked and angry that the Democrats have played them for so long.

The Republican Party needs to support Terry Beatley and her mission. With both their time and their treasure.

Thanks to her work, a lot more black children will have the opportunity to be born and live. And who knows, perhaps one will grow up to be a president that actually leads the country down the path to prosperity, which begins and ends with God.

Terry Beatley


‘Greatest Impact’ Award for 2011 State Elections!


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

3 Responses to “Terry Beatley Wins the Virginia Right! ‘Greatest Impact’ Award for 2011 State Elections!”

  1. Sandy Sanders says:

    I am super excited for Terry. I got to know her after my wife was elected to the VA Nazarene District meeting in 2009. She is a dynamo of energy.

    I was thinking of her on election night (between blog updates!) and was excited when Reeves was ahead and disappointed when I thought Sen. Houck had won. I knew she'd be hurt.

    I did not know until the next day when I spoke with Gerry Baugh and he said Reeves had won!

    Terry Beatley will fight for the right. May the Lord bless her in all she does!

  2. Mr. Michael H. Smith says:

    I am in total agreement with the writer on Houck and progressivist murderers in general, though I can't say I agree with their predestination for hell, nor does the writer—I suspect. It does seem like it, though, doesn't it? Pride does harden the heart against God! And, no loving God would create a liberal, any more than He would create a pick-pocket or a homosexual. Regardless of the circumstance, barring severe mental or emotional trauma, a personal decision to sin is always involved. In the case of Mr. Houck there are many witnesses over the years to his predilections… As To Miss or Mrs. Beatley (I join with the Washington Times in continuing to insist upon using the honorific whether or not I know they are married!) I do not know her but was told I should contact her to help me fight one of my campaigns. Sadly, the death of half my brain cells during the aging process prevents me from remembering which. I'll think of it. I promise. My Big Question is, who wrote the article? Terry Beatley appears at the end but obviously she did not write it.

    Mike Smith

  3. Tom White says:

    Mr. Smith;

    The article was written by me, Tom White, founder and editor of Virginia Right!

    The bit about predestination and Houck was more to justify my own feelings about people like this and mentally absolve me of any guilt over my less than Christian feelings towards people who would advocate the things that he does. I am perfectly OK with letting God judge him. The guilt part comes in with knowing that I should forgive and be a witness to his kind. But I have honestly had better luck convincing a rock.

    Mrs. Beatley is married to a wonderful and supportive gentleman and they have 2 brilliant and talented children.

    I can't speak for Terry, but I would think that Mrs. would be an appropriate title.

    My recent post HELP Is on the WAY for CANADA: SUN NEWS!


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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