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The 5 Divisions Within the Republican Party of Virginia

I have been pondering the different factions within the Virginia Republican Party. We banter about terms like RINO (Republican in Name Only) and Conservative along with the sub terms like Social Conservative and Fiscal Conservative to presumably identify the “brand” of Conservative we are dealing with. And to confuse things even further, we have made up types of Conservative like “Compassionate Conservatism” and “Common Sense Conservatism”.

And what is a “Moderate” Republican? The term moderate is defined as average in amount, intensity, quality, or degree. I guess that is like “Jumbo Shrimp” and other oxymorons. The term depends on where the person uttering the term stands, or thinks he stands, in relation to the overall philosophy of the Republican Party.

In truth, someone self describing as a Moderate Republican is actually admitting that they are more liberal than the Party. But this description is actually an attempt to say that the Republican Party is too right wing, but I am more of a centrist (or left). People who call themselves “moderates” are actually part of the more liberal end of the Republican Political spectrum.

In a number of discussions with the influx of newly minted Republican voters who have been brought in by the phenomenon that is Donald Trump, what they see within the party is a ball of confusion when it comes to identifying where they fit into the GOP family. They are confused by the wild labels that the Party itself hangs on Trump. Is he a Democrat like some say? Is he a “moderate”? A liberal? A Hillary fan intent on handing over the election to her?

These new Republican voters see Trump as the guy that cuts through all of the bullshit. The guy that looks at America’s problems, sees the same obvious solutions that these people have been looking at for years and the guy that points out the madness at the rest of the politicians ignoring the answers that are so obviously plain to see. To anyone willing to eschew Political Correctness, at least.

I have good news for these new Trump inspired Republicans. You are the heart and soul of what it truly means to be a Republican. Not what the party has become, but the true standard bearer for the America that the Republican Party used to cherish and treasure. You are not in this for greed, power, or even Party. Your objective is fixing the damage done to this country by BOTH parties.

So when Republicans call you names, feel free to ignore them. For what Donald Trump ignited in your heart is what it is supposed to mean to be a Republican. A true Republican Creed following Republican:

We Believe:

That the free enterprise system is the most productive supplier of human needs and economic justice,

That all individuals are entitled to equal rights, justice, and opportunities and should assume their responsibilities as citizens in a free society,

That fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints must be exercised at all levels of government,

That the Federal Government must preserve individual liberty by observing Constitutional limitations,

That peace is best preserved through a strong national defense,

That faith in God, as recognized by our Founding Fathers is essential to the moral fiber of the Nation.

And if you read these words, really read these words, you will understand how the GOP and America has lost their way. You begin to understand that words like “Conservative” have lost their meaning as the word has been usurped by 3 of the 5 divisions of the Virginia GOP, who only toss the word “conservative” around to benefit themselves or fool the voters. Conservative is defined as holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion. So there is no “progressive” Conservative. No “moderate” Conservative. No “fiscal only” Conservative. And a Social Conservative is someone that is mainly concerned with social issues like abortion and homosexuality to the exclusion of other issues. And the people that try to say they are Fiscally Conservative and Socially Liberal (or moderate) are nothing more than an agent for change to liberal values and more government. Another oxymoron. You can’s be a Fiscal Conservative and a Social Liberal. They are mutually exclusive.

And each of the factions to the left and right of the True Republican position lay claim that they are the “true” conservatives.

So let’s take a look at the five Divisions of the Virginia GOP.

5GOPCirclesFinalGoing from the ideological left to the far right extremists, we have “Republicans In Name Only” or RINO’s, “GOP Establishment” or GOPe, Traditional (True) Republicans, Evangelicals and the far right extreme of the Party, the Christian Taliban.

I show these as circles and you will note that there is some overlap. It is worth noting that this overlap varies in numbers and intensity and depends largely on the candidates themselves and any potential “deals”.

In America, we essentially pretend we are a two party system with a couple of minor third parties that are mostly irrelevant. Anyone that follows politics in other countries is aware that our “two party system” is almost unique. In Great Britain there are 16 Major parties and dozens of minor ones. They tend to define these parties politically as far left, left, center left, center, center right, right, far right (and a couple more identifiers tossed in for good measure). We essentially have the same thing here, we just tend to lump a bunch of them together and call them left and right, or Democrat and Republican. And after the election, if no one has a clear majority, they wheel and deal until they put together a coalition that forms a majority and then they dominate. Sometimes you see far left wing groups unite with the far right to manage a greater than 50% ruling party.

But we actually have the same thing within each of the major parties. We pretend we have a monolithic pair of parties, but we really have (at least) 5 on the right, and the left, they are probably completely uncountable. Every minority group, every sexual group, environmental groups, and on and on. Democrats are basically dozens of groups of single issue voters who all play the victim card under one banner.

And Republicans have a more common bond between all of their groups, but the GOP is not nearly as good as the Democrats at uniting disparate groups of people who are only looking for power and redress for their “perversion of the day” potpourri. Democrats are skillful at uniting pro life black pastors with abortionists and Atheists. But the Republicans, it seems, cannot even unite Baptists and Methodists.

Go figure.

So let’s look at each group individually.

Republicans in Name Only (RINO’s)

You hear the RINO slur tossed around by various people who have absolutely no idea what the term means. It is quite simple. The term means a Democrat pretending to be a Republican. This is the far left wing of the party and they are always advocating bipartisanship and “reaching across the aisle” for the American people. As we will discuss in the next section, others push bipartisanship, but only when their goals require Democrats to achieve. RINO’s are just fundamentally more aligned with Democrats than the Republicans they pretend to be.

There are various reasons a Democrat would pretend to be a Republican. A long time (decades) Hanover Republican Supervisor served as a Republican and when he had a Republican primary challenger, he ran as an Independent. After losing he joined the Democrat party. The reason is, Democrats have a hard time winning in Hanover County.

Another reason Democrats would run as Republicans is if they live in a very liberal area and are too weak a candidate to win a primary as a Democrat. These RINO’s often find a lot of GOP assistance from party officials who place party above principle. i.e. The Establishment Republicans.

Examples of RINO’s are people like John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

Establishment Republicans (GOPe)

Often confused with RINO’s, Establishment Republicans are actually Republicans, but their concern is not for governance or the betterment of the American people. They are in it for the money and the power. They will do or say whatever it takes to win. they are quite devious and have become masterful at fooling the people back home into believing they are “conservative” and they are often the authors of “show vote” bills that have no chance of passing, but allow them to raise money and go back home and crow about how many times they voted to defund Obamacare, or other similar issues.

But there is nothing even remotely conservative about the GOPe.

They call for “comprehensive” immigration reform that includes a “path to citizenship” for those who illegally occupy our country and pretend it is not amnesty. They are funded by the US Chamber of Commerce and Big Business and Big Banks. One of the best examples in Virginia was Eric Cantor. He had a list of promises he recited to people back home and a list of achievements that was nothing but fake “show votes” designed to fail. He voted to fund every program Obama ever put in place like Obamacare, amnesty, abortion, etc. And while his left hand was caving in to the lucrative lobbyist cash, his right hand was holding up one failed vote after another.

GOPe’ers are perfectly fine with losing their majority as long as they hold on to some power. And money.

These people fear Donald Trump because he has promised to end this gravy train and mass deception perpetrated on the public for so long. This is the reason that people like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have done as little as possible to prevent Hillary from becoming President. They actually prefer Clinton because she plays the same game they do. Money and power. Trump is the agent of change, and people like Obama, Clinton, even Romney and McCain are all establishment politicians.

If this should end for them, the main money players, the US Chamber of Commerce and Big Business and Big Banks would have no reason to donate to them, nor would they have the ability to have these same people withhold money from politicians they wish to punish. They would actually have to work to raise money, something most of them are not willing to do.

This is corruption on steroids, but these same people write the laws. So they can easily get by with this because they either exempt themselves from the laws the rest of us must follow, or they make the laws so complicated that they will be overturned if they ever, somehow, got a conviction.

Traditional (True) Republicans

The first two groups, RINO’s and GOPe, are driven by greed, money and power. The Traditional (True) Republicans are the first group we come to that is not in this for the money or the power. They are actually concerned with the Constitution and the country they will leave their children and descendants. They are not usually drawn to run for office, but when they are, they are often ostracized by the establishment and undermined at every turn. Remember the campaign Eric Cantor ran against Dave Brat? With Cantor clearly in the GOPe camp and Brat standing with one foot in the Traditional GOP and the other in the Evangelical camp (next up) Cantor assaulted the airwaves calling Brat a “Liberal College Professor”.

Now, after 2 years in Congress, Dave Brat has been the solid Conservative Cantor only pretended to be. He has kept every promise and has been a steady vote for true Conservatism, not the “Common Sense” brand of Conservatism Cantor practiced. We now see that the “Common Sense” part was where Cantor reached out to the big money players and grabbed the cash and gave them what they wanted, while deceiving his constituents.

This is the first of the two groups that is actually Conservative.

Most of the people already in the GOP that supported Donald Trump from the beginning fall into this category. Trump appeals to the heart and soul of the Party. While some may have initially supported someone else, they transitioned easily to the Trump train and are excited about his presidency.

The newly minted Republicans who are now GOP supporters because of Trump fall into this category. They only seek an end to the games played by the establishment Republicans and the Democrats who have put this country into a financial hole we may never dig our way out of. Their real preference is to go back to their daily lives and let the government run itself, but they have become aware of the corruption and greed that transcends party lines and know they need to right the ship.


There are Church going Christians all across the GOP, but the Evangelicals are a more vocal and visible type of Christian. Obviously, there are a number of areas of deep concern for Evangelicals. Things like abortion and homosexuality are two of the top concerns for most Evangelicals. You will often find them at or even leading protests and lobbying efforts against both abortion and homosexuality. Many of the smaller issues that many others in the GOP concern Evangelicals, but to a much lesser degree than the liberal social agenda type issues.

Evangelicals once voted in a block with most of them in complete lockstep. But this year, Evangelicals baffled the press and the polls as they split from the Evangelical choice of Ted Cruz and many voted for Donald Trump. Leaving the pundits scratching their heads. And they offered many opinions as to why this happened, ranging from Cruz was just unlikable to Trump fooled them. But I believe that the truth lies somewhere else. Many Evangelicals, just like Traditional Republicans, are tired of being fooled and tired of being lied to. And they look to Trump as the way to end the Establishment game of looking out for themselves. And they see Donald Trump as the man that can be a game changer. In addition, many of these folks have determined that in the US at this time, far right Evangelical candidates are un-electable. The majority of the country are no longer Christians who have the numbers to put an often scary far right winger in office.

And so the Evangelical votes that Cruz was counting on never materialized as many decided Trump was a better choice to actually make a difference. Trump recognizes the war against Christians and promised to put an end to it. Perhaps when given the choice between an un-electable right wing Senator more suited to television evangelism and a man who promises to end the war on Christians and end the Establishment and elitists choke hold on the nation’s throat, Trump’s plans are something real and tangible. And at least for now a good place to start.

Other Evangelicals did initially go for Cruz, but have now joined the Traditional Republicans and the others who are supporting Trump.

And other than the Traditional Republicans, this is the only other group that is actually conservative.

Christian Taliban

Before the recent GOP Presidential Primary, it wasn’t clear just how severe a chasm existed within the Evangelical camp. Most are thinking, reasonable people who believe that their Biblical beliefs are more important than anything else. But they are also practical and understand that all men are not perfect, and no matter Trump’s perceived or actual flaws, Hillary Clinton would be devastating to Christians and America. Her Supreme Court nominees alone would abolish not only the second amendment, but the first as well. And many others. And while Muslims would be excepted, Christians and Jews would persecuted for even speaking their beliefs because it will be deemed “hate speech”.

But not the Christian Taliban. These are the hard core Trump haters who followed Ted Cruz as a cult. They obsess on every imagined flaw that the mainstream media and the Cruz people made up along with the real flaws.

These are the same people that embarrassed Virginia at the National Convention demanding roll call votes for their rule changes designed to garner more power to the power brokers who know how to slate and thwart Conventions.

These people have written that the terrorist who opened fire on the Gay Nightclub in Orlando was “doing God’s work” to murder the gay (or as they like to call them Sodomites) patrons.

Frankly, these people are no different in my eyes than the Islamic Taliban we see throwing homosexuals off of roofs and hanging them from trees and gallows.

And these people are the #NeverTrump instigators who are even now doing all they can to elect Hillary Clinton in hopes of electing Ted Cruz in 2020. So complete is their hatred that they are willing to give up the Supreme Court for the next few generations to push a candidate that will never be elected in this country.

The Christian Taliban are more of a danger to America than the Progressives and Socialists and Communists that make up the Democrat Party. While they believe that they are the only true conservatives, there is nothing conservative about this particular brand of fanaticism. The Christian Taliban are the people who lose elections because of their insane extremist views. They alienate most in the party that do not subscribe to their “Hate in God’s Name” philosophy.

I quite imagine that this is the same philosophy that let to the Salem Witch Trials and the Draconian abuses done in the name of Christ throughout history. We need to recognize this dangerous group and ensure that their ways are never the ways of the Republican Party.

These are also the “sore losers” who will never support a candidate that is not part of their cult.


Rino’s, Establishment GOP, Traditional Republicans, Evangelicals and the Christian Taliban. What an amalgamation of impossible bedfellows all claiming the banner of Conservatism. Yet only the Traditional Republicans and the Evangelicals are truly Conservative.

The Republican Party is only as strong as their weakest link. And the link that the press uses to sully us all are the Christian Taliban. And there is no good answer to the charges. The Christian Taliban exude hatred and intolerance from a very dark place in their souls that is decidedly not Christian. I am thankful that Ted Cruz acted like a Taliban magnet to expose and draw out the crazies on the far right extreme portion of the Party. Before this primary it was hard to distinguish the Evangelicals from the Taliban. But we now know the truth.

There is a place in the GOP for Christians. And there must be. But the Taliban the the types of candidates they push are never going to be elected in Virginia in any statewide or national office. And as Republicans we ought to recognize and reject their extremist views. And until we deal with this threat and purge them from the ranks of the GOP, we can never be seen as a party of reasonable and patriotic Americans. We will continue to be branded by the left and the media as a bunch of extremists and until we push the Christian Taliban radical beliefs from this small portion of the Party, we are doomed to fade into oblivion.

The future of the Party is not through the Rino’s, who are really Democrats. Nor is our future with the Establishment GOP that has allowed themselves to be stooges for the corrupt influences of the US Chamber of Commerce and big Corporations. And, obviously, the Christian Taliban are not the answer.

We must work to draw Candidates from the ranks of the True Republicans and the Evangelicals who seek the America our nation’s founders envisioned.

This nation is quickly slipping away to corruption and intolerance. And time is short.



About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

19 Responses to “The 5 Divisions Within the Republican Party of Virginia”

  1. robert shannon

    I often refer back to the late great Jerry Lund, the former WRVA radio host who would frequently use the term ” intellectual honesty”. Many years ago when I spent much more time in my car in the evenings I hung on Jerry’s every word, recognizing how fortunate Richmond was to have such a enlightened & wise man on the radio that always laid out the facts of any matter in a concise manner that started with that basic premise—and held firm to it.

    On the discussion of different types of conservatives and or republicans specifically one glaring point would come out if Jerry were here today to address this, namely that intellectual honesty must be part of this discussion.

    Talks of spending cuts are a perfect example of the hypocrisy of many who call themselves conservative or republican, these folks want spending cut…….until you get to their pet program. Farmers who boast of their republican small government claim will scream bloody murder when it comes to any talk of cuts to federal farm subsidies, morphing instantly into defenders of federal spending. Seniors who will boil over if anyone mentions Medicare Part D, the prescription drug program that shifts their drug costs to their grandkids….but other than that they are conservative republicans”.

    Until Jerry’s intellectual honesty is injected back into any political discourse the only time we see conservative republicans at any level of government is each election cycle. Maybe, just maybe enough Americans are now sick of it all and will rock the boat ( let’s hope capsizing it) on November 8th.
    Bob Shannon King William

  2. Baptized by Fire says:

    Until the Republican candidates refuse to hire consultants who are Homophobic and xenophobic like those working in the Conservative Fellowship run by Steve Albertson and the Boyer Brothers and Chris Shores and Travis Witt, the GOP will never win again in Virginia. They have managed to taint most of the GOP candidates running in 2017 with their fingerprints.

    What’s the difference in a Jihadist yelling Allah Ahkbar and a Christian Taliban screaming Hallelujah Jesus? Both hate homosexuals? Right?

    “Mr. Waters has advised and consulted local, state and federal conservative candidates across Virginia. He served as the Family Policy Advisor to former Governor George Allen in the 2012 U.S. Senate race and most recently was a Senior Advisor to Congressman Dave Brat in his successful victory over Eric Cantor in the VA-7th Congressional Primary in 2014.”

  3. Gabe C. says:

    State Senator Jill Vogel is running radio ads in Richmond on WRVA 1140 calling herself a “Conservative.”

    Her campaign sent out a mailer to Republican voters for her LG campaign with a message on the envelope “Don’t let Obama’s transgendered policies mandate your child’s bathrooms at school.”

    What a LIAR! She voted with the other LIBERAL RINOs in the state senate Norment and Sturtevant to pass Transgendered Protections in Virginia. Add Liberal Sioban Stolle Dunnivant to that list. Another LIar who called herself conservative when she ran for state senate in 2015.

    Now the Christian Taliban is backing Bryce Reeves for Lt. Governor. Whatcha got on him?

  4. Gamecock Fans says:

    Interesting 2017 Republican Attorney General Candidate John Adams, a McGuire Woods attorney with all the baggage that his employer brings to the table with Conflicts of Interest representing every dirty lobby effort in the United States especially the eastcoast pipeline for Dominion Power, has hired two Christian Taliban activists Daniel Bradshaw and Chris Shores to work on his campaign.

    What does that say about John Adams?

  5. Stephen Spiker says:


    Suppose a candidate wants to protect, if not expand, government welfare programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Suppose they proposed doubling the amount of spending that their Democrat opponent proposed. Suppose they offer no plan to reduce government spending and power, but have offered many plans to increase the amount of spending because those expenditures overlap with their pet issues.

    When asked about the potential impact on the national debt, now pushing $20T, suppose this candidate seemed completely unconcerned, and said that digging even deeper in debt would be a good thing.

    This would violate the section of the Republican creed that pushes for fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraint, correct?

    Suppose a candidate wanted to curtail the Bill of Rights, specifically the 1st and 4th Amendments, and has shown troubling signs respecting the 7th Amendment as well. Suppose the candidate, when asked about Constitutional separation of powers that limits executive power, responded by promising to defend Articles to the Constitution that don’t exist. Suppose a candidate, when asked about issuing Executive Orders to bypass Congress, said “We’re going to do a lot of things. Obama led the way.”

    This would violate the section of the Republican creed that pushes for Constitutional limitations, correct?

    Suppose a candidate wanted to put American citizens on a government “watch list” without due process based on their religion or ethnicity. Wouldn’t that violate the section about equal rights?

    Suppose a candidate repeatedly plans to threaten and punish private industries who don’t bow to his whims, and promises to use the government as a tool to exact his revenge. That doesn’t sound like free enterprise to me.

    Finally, suppose a candidate wants to allow “good” illegal immigrants to stay in the country and work towards residence status, as long as they pay a fine and are in good standing on their taxes. That’s also called the Jeb Bush plan. Now its the Donald Trump plan. Does that make Trump part of the GOPe?

    I think we found a new name for Trump supporters: “Conservatives In Name Only”. Your chart is bogus. It ignores white nationalists. It ignores economically liberal populists. It ignores most of the Trump base who reject the concept of limited government.

    • Tom White says:

      Stephen –

      Let’s say that everything a candidate says is taken out of context, spun and twisted to support the arguments you make by the Christian Taliban or the GOPe because they fear losing power and an end to the rape and pillage of Americans.

      Let’s say that things like Social Security and Medicare were not government welfare programs, but programs that the recipients actually paid into for decades with the promise from the RINO’s / GOPe that spent the money faster than it came in.

      And let’s say that the “Nationalist” movement you describe isn’t a Nationalist movement, but a philosophy grounded in fact and reality that we can’t let millions of uneducated, unskilled illegals into the country, put them on welfare and treat them better than we do our own Veterans.

      And let’s say that we use common sense and don’t let Muslims who say they want to kill us, and then do exactly that, into the country without even asking them if they are Sharia advocates, or even ISIS terrorists.

      And let’s say that we, as a nation, exclude the Christians from Syria who are being slaughtered by Muslims and exclusively admit only Muslims.

      And let’s say we are $20 Trillion in debt.

      No, my circles are spot on. But since they paint a spotlight on globalist establishment types like yourself, I would expect you to take exception.

      The truth hurts. You are more interested in keeping your corporate and Chamber Masters happy and keeping the scam going than in fixing America.

      Amnesty, cheap labor and exploitation of this nation is the lot of the GOPe.

      And I think you just proved that.
      Tom White recently posted…2007 Washington Post Article on Shaun Kenney Tipping Left Wing Blogger on Secret Indictment of Jill Vogel’s Primary Opponent Mark TateMy Profile

      • Stephen Spiker says:

        I’m not talking about Muslim immigrants, Tom, I’m talking about US Citizens who are protected by the Constitution. Nothing I’ve stated about Trump’s positions is out of context. You simply refuse to listen to the words he says.

        Yes, we’re $20T in debt. Why is Trump talking about borrowing and spending even more money? Why isn’t he talking about limited government?

        I’m seriously asking – why has he never talked about reducing the size and scope of government?

        I’m not a “GOPe”, I’m a liberty-minded conservative who wants free markets and free people, and I detest the Big Government solutions that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are offering me.

        And don’t talk to me about Amnesty. Donald Trump just endorsed the Jeb Bush immigration plan. Your emperor has no clothes.

        • Milo says:

          Free Markets? Cato Institute? Heritage Foundation?

          Those are Globalist New World Order organizations.

          NAFTA and TPP? Lost AMERICAN jobs to foreign countries. RINOs supported it.

          Voters are sick and tired of the Chamber and Wall Street lobbyists destroying AMERICA in the name of Free Trade. It’s code for Socialism. You are no conservative my man.

        • Tom White says:

          You need to read the Art of the Deal and stop reading the Blaze and National Review and Redstate. There is no truth where Trump is concerned.

          You cannot parse Trump’s words as you do the polished and focus group tested words and phrases from other politicians.

          Trump starts with a negotiating position. We know he can’t deport every illegal. We want a wall. When we stop the bleeding we can start to sort out the problem.

          But you are right. I haven’t heard Trump say the buzz words smaller, limited government. Like every other Republican running for anything. And every one expanded government. Not reduced it. Cantor loved to say that. And he personally approved $14 trillion in debt. Smaller, limited government is nothing more than sweet nothings whispered in our ears right before they add another trillion on the debt pile.

          Trump has asked his supporters to give him input on immigration. This is a long standing problem that will not be fixed overnight.

          Sometimes I wish Trump would stick to a focus group tested script like the other politicians. His starting point in his negotiating tactics is not for the feint of heart. We are used to hearing a tested, focus grouped plan laid out in exact detail which is shredded when the election is over. We have become conditioned to demand these comprehensive policies up front that will never materialize.

          On time and under budget is Trump’s track record. He listens, he negotiates, he shapes and develops his action plans and when he is satisfied he has the best way forward, he executes.

          I can tell you I don’t miss the days of Cantor telling us he has voted 100 times to get rid of Obamacare. And then he fully funds it.

          We are used to seeing accomplished liars and actors tell us what we want to hear. I have grown sick of that.

          Trump puts forth an idea, he listens to the input, he adjusts and listens some more. We are watching the American people shape the policy Trump will execute. It isn’t pretty, but you can be a part of the input in a good, constructive way or you can listen to the bullshit and spin like how Trump wants to take everybody’s property away with ED.

          We could elect another liar that will tell us what he thinks we want to hear, but we already know the outcome. Nothing will get done. Again.

          Or we can trust that a businessman understands efficiency, looks at our problems with the eye of a businessman and searches for solutions that will fix the problem, instead of the way we do things now. Which is a useless congressional committee will form another department to fix the issues that somehow never get fixed.

          You can stick with the same old liars. Hillary will be no different than Obama or Bush.

          Or we can try something different for a change. Our debt is unsustainable, our lack of workers is unsustainable, the future of this country is bleak.

          Will Trump fix all our problems? Hell no! But I believe he will make a dent and push us in the right direction.
          But I also know that the same old polished politicians that have run this country in the ground won’t fix a damn thing.
          Tom White recently posted…Cuccinelli Proved Conventions can by Hijacked. Primaries are the Only Somewhat Honest Nomination ProcessMy Profile

          • Stephen Spiker says:

            That all sounds nice and lovely.

            Trump has shown, in his checkered business record and in managing his campaign, that he vacillates constantly, agrees with whoever was the last person to speak, and makes decisions recklessly and haphazardly, rather than carefully considers courses of action to find solutions, but hey, you believe what you want and I’ll believe what I want because neither of us can prove it.

            Here’s what I do know, and what I can prove: Donald Trump has no plan to limit the size and scope of government. He has many plans to maintain or grow the size and scope of government. This will make the national debt even worse. Trump will be worse than Obama on the debt. Worse than Hillary on the debt. Even worse than Sanders on the debt.

            And for anyone who thinks otherwise, consider that Trump even explicitly said that now is a good time for the country to borrow even more money, in order to spend it on his various campaign promises.

            I agree with you that most Republicans have fallen down on the job of limiting the size and scope of government (most likely due to following their constituents, who demand lip service about government spending but don’t support any actual meaningful cuts).

            But in a choice between having one party that talks about Big Government solutions and one party that (at least) talks about limited government, versus two parties competing over who can grow government the most, I prefer the first option. Trumpism is simply a different flavor of progressivism.

    • Hokie Dad says:

      Mr. Spiker:

      The Globalist New World Order Bohemian Grove and Bilderberg Mafias run in conjunction with the Council on Foreign Relations with Wall Street backing and support from the US Chamber of Commerce and funded by the World Bank overseen by the Fed in America is EXPOSED by Donald J. Trump, Roger Stone, and Alex Jones at Infowars.

      Trump gets it. Trump’s voters get it. He won the Republican nomination wiping OUT JEB!’s $100 million dollar warchest from the WAR NAZIs along with 15 other weak Globalist candidates.

      You Neo Cons and Trotskyites in Virginia holding on to Cantor’s VCN handlers are finished in Virginia politics. The voters you need to win state and Federal elections will never vote for your candidates again. They’ve tasted victory. They now know they don’t have to bend over grab their ankles and take it from YOU ever again. They WON!

      You will never win another race in Virginia with your Globalist Ideology. Trump Won! Cruz and Rubio lost.
      Americans weren’t voting for a Hispanic from Cuba for President both of whom were LIARS and secretly supported Amnesty and a Pathway to Citizenship. More lost jobs for citizens and low wages due to cheap illegal labor.

      But thanks for Playing today. YOU LOSE. NEXT CONTESTANT PLEASE.

      • Stephen Spiker says:

        You cite Roger Stone and Alex Jones as if they know everything, but they don’t even know about the Lizard People calling the shots.

        Then, and only then, does their path of destruction make sense: 9/11, London, Paris, Harambe, Turkey.

        Unexposed, my friend. Unexposed.

    • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot says:

      Trump voters reject the Concept of Limited Government?
      Are you for real?

      American taxpayers have been footing the bill for 40 million illegals who operate in a cash system where they wire their paychecks back to Mexico every Friday at Walmart in the form of a money order.

      American Taxpayers have been footing the bill for illegals’ healthcare CALLED MEDICAID and their housing called SECTION 8, and their child’s free $12,000 annual public education while their own kids can’t get calculus classes due to the cost of ESL in their local public schools.

      American Taxpayers have paid for social services and health department costs bankrupting local budgets. Hospitals have closed due to the cost of malpractice. Veterans are dying in the waiting rooms in America but the Mexicans can get the best health care for FREE. ALL DAY LONG with their SS card.

      American Taxpayers have funded the billions in Law Enforcement and EMS costs for the illegals.

      American Taxpayers voting for Trump, voting to build a wall and voting to REJECT open borders was a vote for LIMITED GOVERNMENT, you stooge.

      Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

  6. Jerry R. says:

    Add Mitt Romney and the Mormons like Glenn Beck to the Christian Taliban who are working to get 3rd Party candidate Evan McMullin on the ballots to defeat Trump and elect Hillary.

    The Caltons, WHACK JOBS, from a local Tea Party are in Utah learning how to get McMullin on the Virginia Ballot November 8th.

    Mrs. Calton is the same NUT JOB who supports the Convention of States and is a maniac at the Tea Party meetings promoting that crazy notion.

  7. Stephen Spiker says:

    I see Tom has decided not to allow my replies to the various comments above. Serves me right for wasting my time reading to and responding to them.

    • Tom White says:

      No. I didn’t block you. My filter put your comments in pending. I don’t know why. You tripped something in the software. I have not read them but approved them all. My vision is much worse in the evenings. Need surgery set for 1 eye next month. I saw your comment complaining I was not allowing u to comment. I have only blocked 1 person and you know who that is I am sure.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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