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I actually got this story from a pro-ICLEI comment to the events in Charlottesville.  The article basically suggested that those fighting ICLEI are black helicopter style conspiracy theorists:

Agenda 21 conspiracy theorists are at it again, this time in Charlottesville, Virginia. Local officials in this small city, which is home to the University of Virginia, have been participating in regional land use planning intended to preserve rural communities in Albemarle County and limit sprawl.

Be encouraged!  Remember the quote attributed to Gandhi:

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

We are now moving into the second, maybe the third phase.  They are trying to laugh at us and fight us at the same time.  But it won’t work.  There’s too much truth out there about ICLEI and its unconstitutional nature, its associations, its political positions for this to work much longer.  Come out to the Mechanicsville Tea Party meeting on April 7 at 730pm and hear me unveil the shadows off ICLEI.  If only it WERE a crazy conspiracy!  The nation would be safer.

But the comment that cited this URL piqued my interest.  The tea party extremists are at it in suburban NYC!  Here’s the article.  One lone councilman, who still is an sustainability disciple, at least asked the question:

The council’s 6 to 1 vote Tuesday night came after Councilman Lou Trangucci said he liked the plan but would not vote for it because of the city’s membership in ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, a network of 480 local governments that, its website says, helps its members “achieve their sustainable development goals.”  *  *  *  “My concern is, What influence does ICLEI have when you go to seminars?” Trangucci said. “I’m worried about being directed into certain areas.”

Translation:  Some unknown patriot or sovereignty/liberty activist or activists have spoken out in the shadows of Manhattan!  That is a small victory!  The article admitted that ICLEI is now a “lightning rod” for criticism as a UN influenced organization.  The mayor is either ignorant or arrogant:

Mayor Noam Bramson, who at one point appeared so exasperated that he held his head in his hands, said concerns about ICLEI’s agenda were akin to “black helicopter” conspiracy theories.

Bramson said ICLEI is “as mainstream and run-of-the-mill as you can get.”

Of the theory that ICLEI has anti-American aims, Bramson said, “There’s no truth to it. It’s completely divorced from reality.”

His Honor needs to read Virginia Right; so I’ll track this blog back for his review.  He’ll discover ICLEI is the agent for a foreign league of municipalities (UCLG) who’s membership is not available on their webpage.  He’ll discover the political and foreign policy goals of ICLEI.  Mayor Bramson will find out that ICLEI speaks for its members at foreign conferences.  His Honor will discover that the Constitution and the Supreme Court forbids local governments to join a foreign federation or pursue foreign policy goals.  If he thinks that is as American as apple pie, he is the one deceived or divorced from reality.  Some liberty activist in New Rochelle should run against Mayor Bramson.

Keep it up in New Rochelle!  People are rising against the unconstitutional ICLEI all over the nation.  They are laughing at us and fighting us.  We’re about to win!



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