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I was pleased and honored to speak tonight with Richard S. Rothschild, Carroll County Commissioner.  He inspires me and I hope he and the other commissioners will inspire you.  He is not a career politician and sought office because he wanted to make a difference in his community and fight issues like Agenda 21 (One of the goals of ICLEI).

When the other commissioners agreed with Rothschild to withdraw from ICLEI (By the way, this saved the county taxpayers about $100,000 per year.  The position of Sustainability Coordinator was abolished along with a “citizen’s committee” in support of ICLEI’s goals.) this caused predictable opposition.  But in the opinion pages of the Carroll County Times, Rothschild cited several things as to why sustainability has a dark side:

The UN views the world as a zero-sum game. If people are hungry in Haiti or Somalia, it’s because you drive a Ford F-150, eat beef and live too long. During the 1992 UN conference on environment and development, UN undersecretary Maurice Strong proclaimed, “…current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class – involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home- and work-place air-conditioning and suburban housing – are not sustainable.”

It is your fault, Americans that the world is poor.  Never mind that Haiti had had one of the most corrupt and venal governments in history.  Somalia is virtually in anarchy.  There’s more:

Government already tells us what kind of light bulbs to buy, requires flush taxes, builds subways without parking lots, tells farmers how to farm and determines what our kids eat in school. It takes away property rights, and now appears determined to eliminate single family homes and private vehicles.

Carroll County intends to file a friend of the court brief in support of the Farm Bureau against the EPA.  I suspect that will not be the only thing exciting from Carroll County.  It’s going to be a Prague Spring this year in Carroll County.  Let’s pray it lasts long than the last Prague Spring!


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Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)


  1. Shaun Kenney says:

    Fighting this battle in Fluvanna County too, where our mission statement is to be “the most livable, sustainable county in the U.S.”

    Now tell me that isn’t a contradiction in terms!

    Glad to see that the Farm Bureau is taking the new EPA regulations seriously and will contest them in court. If folks only knew what was coming…

  2. Good to hear from you Shaun. Aren’t you on the BOCS there? Is it a ICLEI county? Hopefully good solid arguments will carry the day. Let us know if we can help.


  3. Richard Rothschild wanted me to mention that this would not have been possible without the support of the other four Commissioners: Robin Frazier, Doug Roush, Haven Shoemaker and Doug Howard. I am glad to do that. What is going on in Carroll County ought to cause this entire nation to cheer. Liberty is on the march and Lord willing nothing will stop it!

    Sandy Sanders


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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