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These two articles found on Real Clear Politics show the threat to the US that the European Union is.

The first article makes a eloquent plea that the euro will survive but maybe not the EU.  This is great news for liberty and the United States.

Though it is not too late to save the euro, it is growing too late to save the E.U. The German-enforced belt-tightening needed to bring down debt is producing a popular backlash against the E.U. that could be its undoing.


These conditions are eating away at the bonds that hold the E.U. together. Not only has the push toward austerity claimed 11 governments, but one election after another has strengthened the political forces that are skeptical of integration. Most of the main parties have been converging toward the ideological middle and remain firmly committed to the union. But the political mainstream is fast losing market share to smaller parties on the left and right that are much less taken with the E.U.

No more Tweedledee and Tweedledum!  This is good news!  People want liberty and will vote for a non-politician to get it as shown in Italy:

The story is the same in Italy. In local elections last month, a protest party led by a stand-up comic, Beppe Grillo, made substantial inroads against the main parties. Grillo calls for Italy to abandon the euro.
Even in Germany, Tweedledee and Tweedledum is taking some hits to what the author calls “alternative parties” (read the Pirate Party)

But Professor Kupchan’s solution is worse:

The best way to stave off the unraveling is to move rapidly toward the full fiscal union needed to backstop the euro zone and revive growth. Ireland’s approval of a new fiscal pact in a referendum Thursday was a positive development on this front. E.U. members should also pool resources on foreign policy and defense, the sole means through which Europeans can make their presence felt on the global stage. The E.U.’s popular legitimacy depends on its ability to provide prosperity and security, which only a deeper and more effective union can deliver.

People don’t want other nations telling them how to run their economy and the answer is more political union?  That’s like the ancient habit of bleeding the patient to save him!

Europe has arrived at a make-or-break moment. As Europeans know well, their darkest hours arose from the economic turmoil and nationalism of the 1930s. Unless the E.U. can couple fiscal discipline with growth, tame nationalism and relaunch the project of union, Europe’s troubled past may become its future.

Nationalism does not equal fascism or Nazism.  Few would say France or the United Kingdom are not nationalistic but they did not embrace fascism.  Franco’s Spain was nationalistic but was more defined by values than the nation state.  (Both Spain and Portugal wanted to maintain foreign colonial empires but that is not fascism, either.)   No, Professor Kupchan, the EU superstate that was set up by elites without popular sovereignty bore the seeds of its own illegitimacy.  When times are good, people will go along.  But now that times are bad, people say, what a minute – I didn’t buy into that!

Try this other article to show the threat a European superstate has for the US:

The euro, it was trumpeted then, would provide the European Union with a monetary lever to strengthen its presence and weight in the world economy and, no less important, challenge what France‘s foreign affairs minister of the time labeled the “hyperpower,” i.e. the U.S.

To be sure, the governments and citizens of Europe were in their vast majority impervious to the anti-American rhetoric. The debate focused then – and indeed still does – on whether the euro is an effective means of enhancing the continent’s well-being. But for anti-globalizers, left-wingers and some leading politicians, conspicuous among them former French President Jacques Chirac, the euro would enable the European Union to become a “counterweight” to the “hyperpower.” With the help of the euro, the days of American supremacy were numbered. Or so they said.

Well, the “hyperpower” is US!  While I could understand why some might find American power threatening (ask Serbia or Iraq or Libya), still our policy should not be to encourage such a superstate to come into being.  And the EU elites are hardly libertarians:

Outstanding economists called into question the economic rationale of the euro. Among the contrarians, one should mention Nobel laureates Milton Friedman and Edward Prescott, as well as Martin Feldstein, president emeritus of the U.S. National Bureau of Economic Research. But such dissenting views were brushed aside with scorn by U.S.-bashers and Eurocrats alike on the grounds that they were held by advocates of “Anglo-Saxon ultra-liberalism,” who, we were told, had an ideological bias in favor of “unbridled capitalism” and against government-led monetary engineering.

No, it’s not the Euro elites who represent the true nature of man nor his/her place in history:  “Where the Spirit of the Lord, there is liberty!”  (my paraphrase of II Corinthians 3:17)  Man was created to be free under the sovereign reign of God.  We should support national sovereignty and personal ordered liberty based on the Judeo-Christian ethos.  Restore the EU to a free trade zone and give up common currency and the superstate.


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