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Looks liek we have two articles that say what has been said here all along:  There is a Farage Labourite and these voters might remain with UKIP for the 2015 General Election slated for next May.

Here is first a proposal from the Fabian Society (I did not even know the Fabian Society was even around anymore – good they are – nothing like a museum piece for proven failed ideas!) on why Labour better get ahead of the curve on Europe or the UK will be OUT!  But what the Fabians propose is window dressing to fool the people into staying in and it might not even legal under EU law (hence the oblique reference to getting EU’s okay for doing it):

The report, written by Mark Leonard of the European Council on Foreign Relations, suggests Labour should push for EU governments to issue social insurance cards for citizens moving to other member states and argue for the creation of a European migration adjustment fund in the EU’s budget.

It also proposes that Labour should explore a mechanism for restricting EU migrants’ claims for benefits, including child benefit and job seeker’s allowance, for at least a year and make language lessons compulsory for migrants to the UK, as in other EU countries.

So after fooling the people, Labour turns to the real issue:  UKIP is winning votes from Labour and might have victory in Plymouth (Where the Pilgrims left to go to freedom in America, BTW!):

A constituency in Plymouth is the second most likely Labour seat to fall to UKIP at next year’s general election, a leading academic has warned.

Matthew Goodwin, associate professor of politics at the University of Nottingham, says Plymouth Moor View is among the five Labour seats “most vulnerable” to a win by Nigel Farage’s party.


But commentators are increasingly noting UKIP’s strong performance in traditional working-class constituencies, especially in coastal communities, which could see it snatch a number of Labour seats.

FIVE LABOUR seats lost to UKIP?  There might be another earthquake in VA – caused by repeated victory laps in Mechanicsville for UKIP’s biggest fan!  That sounds like a lot of Farage Labourites!  Wait there’s more – I saved the best for last:

Ukip could cost Labour victory in next year’s general election by winning several key seats thanks to dramatic advances made by Nigel Farage’s party in a range of largely working-class constituencies. The most detailed analysis yet of Ukip’s performance in recent ballots, including those for this year’s European Parliament and local elections, allied with the latest census data, concludes that complacency in Labour ranks over the Ukip threat could be a major factor in Ed Miliband’s battle for Downing Street.
Where’s the popcorn!  Can I cover the election from London for the blog?  (Yes, Tom White would say, if you pay for it!)
Even the attractive  Gloria de Piero, in the Labour Shadow Cabinet, might be a UKIP target and the Independent article raises the spectre of a election result that ought to frighten the EU leadership in Brussels:  UKIP holding the balance of power in a hung parliament!  Wouldn’t that be sweet!  Now listen to Sandy in Virginia and the result might be even better than that!
The moral is:  UKIP is a real force in the UK.  It’s like the Tea Party had formed a third party that could hold the balance of power in Congress!  Now back to the McDonnell trial…





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