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It was exciting to be a blogger at the Virginia Tea Party Convention on its first day.  I got to get my credentials at the Media section not the ordinary registration table (even though a great lady named Jane waited on me at the table until they found out I was a blogger – sent to the media section!) and I got to vote in the Presidential Straw Poll (three guesses on whom I voted for!)

I spoke to a leader in the Prince William County Tea Party Patriots and also the Virginia Federation of Tea Party Patriots – Yale Schiffman – who invited me to join the Federation.  I told Yale that I was starting to get more involved in the Mechanicsville Tea Party but came to the PWC table since I lived in Woodbridge from 1986 to 1996.  He was very kind to me and inviting.  I told Yale I would try to come up to the PWC meeting.  I also invited him to come to our Tuesday night event – the PREMIERE showing  in VA (as far as I know) of the Rye/Kealiher documentary FOR LIBERTY on the Ron Paul campaign.  Here’s the web site for the PWC Tea Party: HERE

I also found the bloggers’ row – inside the Convention Center – and intend to sit there Saturday.  Tom White has a spot already; he introduced me to Smitty, the sidekick for blogger Robert Stacy McCain, the Other McCain.  I then ambled over to the Citizens United table.  Citizens United is the organization who won the recent case at the United States Supreme Court that increased liberty for all citizens.  (The government admitted in oral argument in that case that under McCain-Feingold, they could ban books if they had one sentence for or against a candidate in an election within 60 days – this may have contributed to its defeat!)

Citizens United have several new films out, one about Pope John Paul II visiting his homeland when it was under Soviet domination in 1979, another about the national debt, a third about conservative women in politics and two about God in public life.  That is not a complete list.  I met Citizens United New Media Director, Alexa Moutevelis, who I may get to interview tomorrow!  Citizens United have a US Sovereignty project; here it is:

American Sovereignty Project

American Sovereignty Project (“ASP”) is the grassroots lobbying arm of Citizens United that works to protect American sovereignty and security. ASP’s major objectives include complete U.S. withdrawal from the United Nations, defeat of the treaty to establish a permanent U.N.-controlled International Criminal Court, and rejection of one-world government.

I give a hearty amen to that!  I’ll have to ask Alexa how I can help with that.  Maybe I’ll be in a Citizens United documentary!  I did advise Alexa about my Young Turks of the Tory Party series and she wants to know more; I sent her an email.  Citizens United is doing a documentary on Margaret Thatcher (They already have one on Ronald Reagan!) and my Young Turks stuff might be useful background.  They have several documentaries produced by Newt and Callista Gingrich and Dick Morris.

Next, I ended up at the Parental table and promised Terry Beatley, the dynamo for the sanctity of life and for parental rights, I’d “sit”  (Terry does not sit; she is all action!) at her table some of the day tomorrow.  We need more citizens and activists like Terry in politics.  She spoke at the Hanover GOP meeting several months ago (I “met” her at the Nazarene VA District meeting through my wife who was elected delegate from our church) and impressed me greatly.  I will “man” her table while she speaks against the bad UN (My readers know what that is!) treaty on the rights of the child.

I also ran into a hero of mine, Donna Holt, the VA coordinator for the Campaign for Liberty.  We discussed ICLEI and the Agenda 21 – another bad UN (All together now:  “Oxymoron!”) idea being foisted on our nation.  I intend to discuss this with both Pat McSweeney and AG Cuccinelli tomorrow if I can.  If the AG decided to ban VA cities from joining ICLEI and ordered those in VA to get out it would send a huge blow to the globalists!

I also ran into Todd Vander Pol – he’s a great organizer and cheerleader for the GOP and conservative causes.  We discussed the nascent campaign of Tom Tancredo for Colorado Governor (he’s running on the Constitution Party ticket because the GOP candidate allegedly has issues.)  The latest polls show Tancredo in single digits behind the Democrat nominee, the Mayor of Denver, John Hickenlooper.  We discussed the latest polls and that many CO Republicans are supporting Tancredo.

What was my local Tea Party doing?  They were giving out real tea!  While I had a drink of that sweet libation that is the national drink of the Southland, I said hello to Betty Lucas, the educational program chair for the Mechanicsville Tea Party and also Robert “Bob” Shannon, who gets to introduce Lou Dobbs tomorrow!

Not bad if I might say myself for about 90 minutes of work!  I’d think, Lord willing, tomorrow will be better.

Come out to the TEA PARTY Convention tomorrow!  The hero of liberty is speaking in the afternoon! Come hear Ron Paul speak in Richmond!  Then vote for him in the straw poll!  Let’s fill the joint so the Times-Dispatch writes this:  “A raucous SRO crowd practically cheered every line Rep. Ron Paul said at the Convention Center in Richmond Saturday…”

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