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The Interview with Libertarian State Senate Candidate Corey Fauconier

Here it is (as promised – blogger’s note that all titles and organizations cited are for ID purposes and not meant to be any sort of endorsement of any candidate or this blog):

Q.  Tell us a bit about you
I am a native of Cambria Heights, Queens, New York who currently resides in the Highland Springs section of Henrico County Virginia. I live there with his Queen Mandy Omer, her sons Elijah Martin (16), Elliot Martin (15) and their doggie daughter Eva Elizabeth (3 year old Malti-poo).
Through my service to the Richmond Crusade for Voters, I was introduced to the Libertarian Party of Virginia when Robert Sarvis and James Carr came to the Voters Forum in November of 2014. After meeting Sarvis and Carr, I  became interested in the Libertarian Party. After visiting with several Libertarian groups in the Central Virginia area, I joined the Libertarian Party of Virginia in February 2015. Shortly after joining the Libertarian Party of Virginia, I worked as the Campaign Manager for Carl R. Loser (pronounced Loz-er) for Virginia State Senate during the 2015 state campaign cycle.
[Blogger’s note:  This is partly my fault!  🙂  I asked the Crusade to invite the LP candidates and you know how much I like Rob Sarvis!] 
In February 2016 I was selected as the Communications Chair of the Libertarian Party of Virginia. I am the first African American to serve in that role. Following my appointment as the Communications Chair for the Libertarian Party of Virginia, I was contacted to work as the Communications Director with JJ4NC – [Libertarian] JJ Summerell’s US Congressional Campaign for District 1 in North Carolina during the 2016 campaign cycle.
In both the Loser and the Summerell campaigns, I used Hip-Hop music to speak about why liberty is important to me. For the Loser campaign he wrote “Nice: Libertarian Theme”(July 2015) and for JJ4NC I wrote “No Butta” (November 2016).
After my work on the Loser campaign, I saw that third party candidates had difficulty obtaining positive mainstream press.  I connected with my media partners from MSB804LLC (Manifest Something Beautiful of Manchester, Virginia) Jonathan “Skunk” Scott, James “Bully Boi” Harris and JaMaar Hunt. The group shot the first 8 episodes of Talks Over Drinks. I hosted with show with his longtime friend Markel Prines. In addition to my work with Talks Over Drinks, I am currently a regular contributor to Freedom Gulch an online Libertarian blog and podcast founded by Will Hammer.
I became interested in contributing to a blog because of reading Sandy Sanders and Virginia Right.
Q.  Why are you running and why now.
Being a member of Toastmasters International since 2007, I have taken to heart the leadership  training component of the group. Always be prepared for the next station in life. You know not the hour when you will be called to do something great. On his album “One Day it Will All Make Sense, the rapper Common said “ Opportunity knocked but, he ain’t call before he came…”
1, 2 Many
One Day It Will All Make Sense
Released Sept 30, 1997
This would have been yet another election where the establishment had no competition. Think about how a football game would be with only one team playing – no excitement – but politics is more important than a football game.
There was no time to find another Libertarian and the Republicans did not run anyone because they did not think they could win in such a heavily gerrymandered district.
I wanted it to be an E-lection process and not simply the Democratic S-election process that it has come to be.
Everyone knows Jenn. We all know McDonald’s. But the question we should be asking ourselves, “Is McDonald’s good for us?”  Is the current state of the Democratic Machine good for the Commonwealth and I believe it is not.
I would be remiss in my duties as a Libertarian Activist and Hip Hop Artist if I did not stand up for what I thought was right.
Q.  What issues are important to your campaign
Platform Issues
Regardless of what our political party affiliation is, we should agree that the education of our children is one of the most important issues of our time. Because of this the right to educate our children should be placed in the hands of parents first and teachers second. Not in the hands of a governmental bureaucracy. Education in the Commonwealth should be open to competition and not the current state monopoly. The best way to achieve such a goal is by opening the market. Home schooling, charter schooling, public schooling, online schools and vocational schooling all have a place in the Commonwealth. It should be the parents who should have the power to connect with teachers in order to make the best plan for their children. This to make the best future for the leaders of tomorrow.
Criminal Justice Reform:
Too many of poor and middle income Virginians are “caught in the system”. Disproportionate numbers of the above referenced groups cannot obtain fair legal representation. Other Senators are NOT from here. Corey Fauconier is FROM HERE – he lives, shops and volunteers among the people of the district. He will work with all to institute the needed criminal justice reform to bring justice to all Virginians regardless of zip code.
Governmental Waste & Inefficiency:
Taxation is theft. Taxes are paid into the system and every year the government tells the people that they have to tighten their belts. The constituents should be able to KNOW exactly where their tax money is going. If the Virginia Department of Taxation asked you for a record of what you did with your money, you would have to comply. In the same manner, the taxpayer should be aware of how the Commonwealth spends the people’s tax monies.  Corey Fauconier would lead the way to organize and report to the people exactly how the government spends our money.  Should the government not comply with the will of the people, maybe the people should place a “hold” on the government’s ability to spend money.
Second Amendment Rights
The right to keep and bear arms is essential in securing the other liberties that we hold dear. As your representative in the Virginia Senate, Corey Fauconier will work tirelessly to protect the rights of gun owners and ensure that every Virginian can defend their property.
Other Important Issues:
I am interested in what changes the constituents are looking for in the 9th District. Should you have any concerns that you want to share for future issues, let me know.

Q.  What volunteer or other public service work have you done in the area

I had been taught to volunteer in my Southeastern community of Cambria Heights, Queens, New York. St. David’s Episcopal Church aka the Little Church on the Triangle. I started volunteering for the Youth Group and at the Community Garden at Roy Willkins Park.
Since I have lived in Central Virginia, I have been a very active member of the community. I have worked with many non profit organizations including Concerned Black Men CARES, Get Involved RVA, Toastmasters International, Toastmasters International Youth Leadership Program, Richmond Crusade for Voters and most recently S.L.A.N.G. (Struggling, Living, And Never Giving Up). Corey has also volunteered at Lucille Brown Middle School.
More information about my leadership and non profit work in the community:
Non Profit Work
1. Communications Chair Libertarian Party of Virginia Feb 2016 – Present
2.Public Relations Specialist for Get Involved RVA 2015
3.Secretary Crusade for Voters 2014 -2015
4.Volunteer Concern Black Men CARES Sept 2013 – 2015 Taught Toastmasters International Youth Leadership Program at Lucille Brown Middle School
5.Co Program Manager Concerned Black Men CARES June 2016 – September 2016 (Program Closed for lack of volunteers)
1.Contributor Freedom Gluch Jan 2015 – Present
2. Host of Talks Over Drinks Jan 2016 – Present 8 episodes
3. Independent Hip Hop Artist Corey “Sage” Fauconier 2007 – Present
IP and Contracts Paralegal / Public Relations Specialist / Publicist
MSB804LLC (Manifest Something Beautiful)
Independent Music Label
Project Management: New Horizon Computer Learning Center, Richmond Virginia 2015
Paralegal Studies Hampton University 1996
Bachelors Political Science Hampton University 1994
Toastmasters International Leadership & Speaking History for Corey M. Fauconier, CL, ALB
Toastmasters International (also known as TI) is a non-profit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of meeting locations. Since 1924, Toastmasters International has helped people of all backgrounds become more confident in front of an audience. I have been involved with Toastmasters International since 2007.
Main Street Motivators Toastmasters Membership October 2013 – 2015
Charter Member Main Street Motivators Toastmasters October 2013
Vice President Public Relations for Main Street Motivators Toastmasters October 2013-June 2014.
Speech Contests and Awards :
Winner First Annual Table Topics (impromptu speaking) Contest Main Street Motivators Spring Speech Contest. May 15, 2014 Richmond, Virginia.
Second Place @ First Annual Main Street Motivators Spring Speech Contest. May 15, 2014 Richmond.
Keynote Speaker @ the Main Street Motivators Toastmasters Charter Ceremony at the Olive Garden 7113 W. Broad Street (Club 01269379) Richmond, Virginia. Delivered  February 27, 2014.
Mentorship allows a Toastmaster work on leadership designations as well as helping new members and growing local Toastmaster clubs in the area.
Mentor for Harriet Lee working towards Competent Communicator Designation
Mentor for Partha P. Chaudhuri working towards Competent Communicator Designation
Club Mentor for RVA Citizen Speaks Toastmaster Club April 2014 – October 2014
James River Toastmasters Membership March 2008 – June 2011
Vice President Public Relations James River Toastmasters July 2009 – June 2011
Treasurer James River Toastmasters July 2008-June 2009
Conducted Public Relations Training for the Commonwealth of Virginia June 11, 2011 Dominion Toastmasters, Richmond,Virginia.
Earned Competent Leader (Leadership as officer and speaker) March 2010
Earned Competent Communicator (Completing the first ten speeches) June 2010
Q.  Are you for term limits and initiative and referendum
I am in favor of term limits. I think it would allow fresh perspectives to get into the state government and give balance to the process.
Q.  Do you favor a statewide indigent defense system
[Blogger’s note:  You knew I was going to ask that!]
I have been in need of a good attorney in several times in my life. Poor and middle income Virginian’s cannot afford a good attorney. With that, many become victims of the system. Statewide Indigent Defense would grant equal access to justice to all regardless of the size of their wallet or pocketbook.
Q.  How about divorce law reform
I am divorced twice. Raked over the coals once in New York State and once in Chesterfield County. Horrible experiences where I had to start all over from scratch. Unless you have been through a divorce where your best friend becomes your worse enemy, you lose your home, your child(ren). Renting a room because that is the only thing that you can afford. Plus the courts piling child support on you like you are a run away slave. The system doesn’t work. But, the people who make the laws never had to go up against the system. If you lost everything your worked hard in life for and you lose your child on top of it, how are people supposed to view the system? It it broken. It requires immediate reform. We cannot wait for a Republican Governor to come back or better yet a Libertarian Governor.
Q.  Have you consider whether you will caucus with the Republicans or Democrats and how will that affect your independence as a legislator
Libertarians support (from the left) personal freedom, non interventionist foreign policy, tolerance of others’ personal choices, civil liberties and privacy, separation of church and state, ending corporate welfare, (from the right) economic freedom, robust national defense, respect for others’ property rights, individuals rights to keep and bear arms, giving generously to help those in need and advancement based on individual’s ability.
I would welcome the ability to caucus with either party. However to date, on the GOP has reached out to me both in person, via email and my social media. They have been very welcoming to my campaign and my volunteers.
Q.  Do you plan to have town hall style meetings in your district if elected
I do indeed plan to have town hall style meeting when elected. This is to keep my finger on the pulse of the community in which I serve.
I also plan to continue to volunteer and help people in my community. Being active as a volunteer is the best way to give back to the people in the community in need. You do not have to be a member of the Government to help you fellow man.
Q.  Can you work with Mayor Stoney, the City Council and the School Board and how will you do so
I would welcome the opportunity to work with Mayor Elect Stoney, the Richmond City Council and the Richmond School Board. Many of them already know me because of my background as a community activist  with the various non profits that I have served since 2012. I have attempted to reach out to Mayor Elect Stoney through some Democratic friends however, I have not yet heard back from him. I believe that I can work with anyone who is willing to meet at the table to work for the people. I have not yet met a Democrat who is brave enough to stand up for right as US Congressman-elect Tom Garrett has. He was the first to endorse me. That was a very humbling experience. I met Tom while at Lobby Day Jan 2016. I had a group if Richmond Public School Students from Lucille Brown and Huguenot High School. Tom met me on the front steps of the General Assembly building. He advised that he was a fan of my music and wanted to teach my students about some Republican values. Since the students where hosted by the Democratic Party and brought out by a Libertarian, it was only right that I allow the young people to make their own decision and they spent about an hour with Tom talking about everything from the General Assembly, law, school, what they wanted to be when they grew up and sky diving. Tom and I have kept in touch since then.
Q.  If elected, you would be the first Libertarian state legislator in the South – how will you be able to use that fact to help the district
I have already made history. I am the first African American Communications Chair of the Libertarian Party. I again made history as the first person to stand up to a Democrat in a special election in over 60 years. Our district would have made history. I would want to help others get on the ballot or at least learn about what liberty is about. I would tell people regardless of how the odds may be stacked against you, always stand for right.
[This is my disclaimer:  Yes I am helping Corey with this campaign (Was that the libertarian activist with the VR blogger at a Chick-fil-A in Ashland today?  Yes it was.) and the only question is whether I will be asked to be a paid campaign worker – that would be a first for this blogger!]

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