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The Live Blog (Sort of) the Brat/Blackburn Rally

I was not able to get Internet access at the hotel so I am sort of live blogging but it will all be placed on the blog at one time.

Yes I am filling in for Tom White today and we have many who I do not know or know well. It started with one of the radio show hosts that is on AM 820 (I listen to this station in the AM when John Fredericks is on) Fridays from 3 to 6 PM. He warmed the crowd of maybe 250 or so with satire about how government seeks to regulate our lives down to the minutia.

Now Senator Sturtevant is speaking (it is 4:05): the senator called Dave Brat a “Paul Revere” for our times (I agree!) especially on the debt issue. Also Congressman Blackburn, too. (I really do not know her well as my commentators have shown! At least they read the blog!)

We have the Chesterfield Circuit Court Hughes – thanking those who are standing and respecting the national anthem and flag. (I blogged on this here!) Brat is super smart but can speak where the people can get it.

Now Senator Amanda Chase (who we endorsed right here at this blog) is speaking (it is 4:10) – she told the story about how Dr. Brat called her to advise her that he wanted to run against her old boss (Cantor) and she said – you’re crazy – BUT – go for it! (Chase was key in my view to the Brat primary win when she was in a prominent place in a Brat mailpiece and said – of course Dr. Brat is a true conservative! So many people lose their way in politics (Senator Chase is so right about this) “…they get caught up with the power…” But not Dave Brat. Chase honored Laura Brat (Mrs. Dave Brat) too. She finished up with the formal introduction.

Now Brat takes the stage – “I plan to go over the whole budget today…it’ll only take 80 minutes!” It is about 420PM. Maybe now 300-350 people.

  • Let’s get out the vote!
  • Offset NOVA, too!
  • Thanked Laura and all the other speakers!
  • Why to vote – a DC overview
  • At war – a spiritual war, a physical war with ISIS, “lone” wolves which are not lone at all.
  • Brat says – funding groups like the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Touts his book.
  • Built the nation on the Judeo-Christian tradition – the other two pillars are the free markets and rule of law.
  • Trump is much better on all three pillars than Hillary!
  • Immigration – Trump is better on this!
  • Trump: Let’s help the little guy!
  • Against TPP – 6000 pages!
  • No apology for the GOP nominee!
  • Trump can do a better deal with Iran – China, Russia, Middle East, etc.
  • Vets? Trump will fight for the vets!
  • Even the Dems know Trump is no racist etc.
  • Two more little points – growth – 1 percent – Trump will do better!
  • Brat’s NFIB (small business) score is 100! Chamber of Commerce is only a 55%
  • Senator Tim Kaine’s NFIB score is only 17! (Senator Warner is 34)
  • Even regs too – even the Dems are worried about Obamacare! The system is kicking people off the insurance system.
  • Two stories: Indian (the nation) – he spoke to 300 or so – Trump is not after Indians! Education – Indians are smart – they moved by choice into a GOP area! And small business, too! So vote your self-interest.
  • Last story: Sheriff Carl Leonard – 40 heroin addicts – extremely dysfunctional families – now they got Bibles out etc. They did not get help from the school system – no right and wrong/ambition – the politicians aren’t helping either. It is good that Cong. Brat is listening to them.
  • Introduced Cong. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee. She was vetted by Trump – short list. Pray for her! She has common sense. “You don’t need a decoder ring…” to figure out what she says on the Sunday talk shows! She came to help Trump win Virginia.

Now it is time for Blackburn! (About 435 PM)

  • After a standing ovation, and a short playing of “Rocky Top” she takes the stage:
  • “We are going to elect Dave Brat and we are also going to elect Donald Trump!”
  • Mentioned Laurel Mississippi (Jones County – The Free State of Jones) and touted the movie.
  • The American people have had it – the Buck Stops Here!
  • Best election year we have had in a long, long, long time!
  • The libs can’t figure out – why are the people so angry? Completely mystified.
  • Righteous anger – sometimes righteous anger is a good thing. Used the story about Jesus overturning the money-changers from the temple. We need to give DC a cleansing!
  • Budget is too big – over taxed and too much spending. 20 trillion dollars in debt is immoral and we cannot force this sort of thing on our children.
  • Reasons the American people are angry – fed up with DC!
  • “You are are the best basket of deplorables I have ever seen!”
  • The Founders – Constitution and the Bill of Rights
  • Jefferson went to Locke – the purpose of the law is not to abolish and restrain but is to preserve and enlarge freedom!
  • Today it’s on its head!
  • The Big Five: Faith, family, freedom, hope and opportunity
  • Blackburn cites Obamacare, open borders, debt and Syrian refugees.
  • We need to elect Trump, elect Dave Brat and keep the GOP majority in the House.
  • 70 percent do NOT believe the evening news!
  • Blackburn’s names for the Big Media: ABC is All ‘Bout Clinton, NBC – Nothing but Clinton, CNN – Clinton News Network and CBS – Clinton BS News Network!
  • Most important news acronym is YOU – people will listen to you!
  • In New Hampshire – 150, 000 doors – 800,000 voters and now Trump and Clinton are tied – Senator Ayotte will win again!
  • 50% of churchgoers are registered and only 50% of them actually voted!
  • Get the ground game – register new voters and encourage them to vote!
  • Couple of stories, too: Attitude – Ben Carson – we need a can do spirit! She was hired by a company – first woman on the sales force. No woman had ever done it! That summer – 80 hours a week/12 weeks! Over three grand check for the summer. So she bought herself a car – named it “Can Do”!
  • Second story: In the state senate – Blackburn left a four year fight in Tennessee against the state income tax! She defied her governor of her own party (she was in that governor’s cabinet) and it is now in the state constitution for no state income tax. (Should not be a federal income tax either!)
  • Get Virginia from blue to purple to RED! Registering, educating and getting the voters out!
  • “It ain’t bragging when you done done it!”
  • Lincoln (boo!) had a great quote – America will never be destroyed from the outside – we will do it to ourselves! (He’s right about that!)

Brat now thanks and honors his campaign staff! It is now 5 pm.

I will try to meet both Brat and Blackburn!

And I did!  I discussed the Laos act that I blogged about earlier this week with both Congressmen Brat and Blackburn.

This is my encounter with Senator Amanda Chase!  I discussed indigent defense with the senator and thanked her for her support.

I would like to thank the picture taker – my new friend and fellow Toastmaster Lisa Eget.  I happened to run into her and her daughter at the event – I met her last Saturday at the area speech contest.



About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

2 Responses to “The Live Blog (Sort of) the Brat/Blackburn Rally”

  1. ALL IN FOR TRUMP says:




    • Sandy Sanders

      Thanks for coming by and reading our leading conservative blog.

      I am also sorry you think because I covered a rally I am recreant to the constitutional cause. People ought to know I’ll restate what I just posted in the comments on the invitation:

      Two observations:
      1. I did not endorse Rep. Blackburn – Cong. Brat invited her and called her whatever she is called in the invitation.
      2. I also did not call her a constitutional conservative.

      I agree that TPA is wrong – I would not give any President that power (Even Reagan) and any putative President I admired such as Ron Paul would not ask for that authority. But let’s distinguish between Trade Promotion Authority and the TPP itself. If Blackburn is for TPP she is wrong. Some may have split the difference (not me) and voted for TPA but not TPP. Now I had a moment to speak with her yesterday and I elected to use that moment to tout my Laos act that I proposed at the blog and sent to my representative (Wittman) and to Cong. Brat.

      As to why Brat invited her – I do not know – ask him. She is a prominent Congressman who people might want to come see/hear and was on touted as a VP for Trump. She is also very pro-Trump, too and is from a neighboring state so the costs to bring her are not high.

      Since I have not heard otherwise, I assume she is pro-life, socially conservative, evangelical and otherwise a mainstream conservative.

      Hope this answers your concerns.



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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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