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It appears that it is clear that so-called “eurosceptic” caucus and their supporters in the United Kingdom will find out their friends and foes and one of those foes is the Liberal Democratic party – the Tories’ Coalition partner!

Exhibit A from this former trial lawyer is from the Express; the LibDems reveal it was their perfidy that helped brought the UK to the brink of the votes for prisoners scandal:

SENIOR Lib Dems provoked a furious coalition row last night by threatening to wreck David Cameron’s plan for overhauling European human rights laws.  *  *  * And Lord Ashdown said: “I worked very hard to get the incorporation of the Bill of Rights brought into this country and I would be ­absolutely dead ­opposed to weakening it or ­getting rid of it.”

He asked: “How on earth can we go in to places like Libya and elsewhere talking about preservation of human rights and then throw away one of the primary bastions that provide every ­European citizen with the equivalent rights in whatever country you’re in?”

And the peer predicted that the Tories will back down in their attempt to introduce a British Bill of Rights to replace the European legislation. He claimed Mr Cameron would not go “to the wall” because the law can only be changed “on the basis of a coalition”.

I am glad the LibDems are proud of their giving up of their sovereignty but please note that intervention abroad lead, once again, to loss of sovereignty at home!

Exhibit B is this headline:  “WE’LL STOP THE TORIES BACKING AWAY FROM EUROPE, SAYS CLEGG” in the Independent.  Here is the semi-quote:

Nick Clegg will veto any proposals by the Conservatives to repatriate powers from Europe if treaty renegotiations are needed to save the eurozone.

Try this admission, leadies of the gentlemen of the jury:

In a sign of Lib Dem ministers’ determination not to cede ground on the European issue, Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, used his speech to pledge that he would never let “anti-European isolationists frustrate our national interest”.

“As the eurozone seeks to deepen its integration they will need our support and they will get it,” he said. “Sadly, euro-sceptics still fail to understand that sharing sovereignty strengthens our influence and isolation weakens us.”

Are American neo-cons writing talking points for the LibDems?  Isolationists?  Sharing sovereignty?  NEVER!  Neither the USA nor the UK should share sovereignty with unelected foreigners and the US Constitution does not authorize it.  There is only one choice in the USA:  Ron Paul.  In the UK, the euroskeptics can go to the UKIP.



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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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