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The RINO’s Owe the Freedom Caucus a Debt of Gratitude for Killing RINOCare

bullet photoI am looking forward to missing the narrative from the left in 2018 had we passed this horrible RINOCare bill. The Democrats and media would all be talking about how the number of uninsured has skyrocketed as the coverage has grown worse and worse. People cannot afford the deductibles under RINOCare and many more than projected gave up their insurance because it never paid a dime. Instead, everything was applied to the $5,000 or $10,000 deductible as the monthly premiums continued to go up. It has actually become cheaper to stop paying the premiums and just pay out of pocket. Because that is essentially what is happening anyway.

We will see “Health Insurance Rich, Health Coverage Poor” bumper stickers on cars. And not just the Priuses. The 4X4’s will have them too.

We have already been told that premiums will continue to rise and in 9 or 10 years they may go down 10%. So premiums will continue to rise and we will not see a reduction until after the end of Trump’s second term, which would be unlikely had this monstrosity passed.

And of course we would have heard about the rich getting a break on insurance as the bill forces the poor and the elderly to pay more while the rich get richer.

From the point of view of the American people, there was no up side to this bill. Except that you can go back to being uninsured if you choose. Or life and finances choose for you.

Essentially, all we would get is a continued rise in premiums, a continued rise in the cost of health services and less affordable care.

And those on Medicaid would be shifted to block grants. We couldn’t even get 50 states up and running with the ObamaCare exchanges and now we are going to confiscate money from taxpayers and give some back to the states to care for the poor.

There is absolutely no positive impact of this bill for anyone in America. The only thing it would have accomplished was to transfer the blame from the Democrats to the Republicans.

The Democrats were accomplished salesmen 7 years ago as this government plan was thrust upon us. They eliminated pre-existing conditions, let you keep your kids on the policy until age 26, free stuff and wonderful care. And that perception still exists among many Americans.

Remember this?

Are you ready for another round of commercials like these? Only this time they will add children.

Americans won’t buy this repeal and replace without seeing some real, tangible benefits. Simply keeping some of the Democrat’s selling points for ObamaCare won’t do it. And Ryan’s policy wonk white board sales job looked more like the Shamwow guy than a serious politician. And his efforts fell flat.

Don’t blame the Freedom Caucus. Intentional or not they saved the stupid party from itself. With no upside and nothing but higher costs and empty promises from impotent politicians like Paul Ryan, we could have kissed the House and Senate majorities goodbye in 2018. And Trump dodged the one term presidential “honor” with the defeat of RINOCare.

Republicans need to do what the Democrats did. Sell a plan with front loaded benefits like immediately lower costs, lower deductibles and some tangible reasons to support a change.

Perhaps they can start with a bill to lower medical costs that doesn’t drag insurance into it before they try again to repeal Obamacare. Show that Republicans can at least do something to lower health care costs. Prove to the American public you know what you are doing.

And please don’t promise us a multi phase plan that does nothing now, but will be the bomb down the road. Your I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today mentality won’t work. Because we don’t believe you. Congressional approval is near single digits because you have lied to us time and again.

Would you buy a used car from someone that screwed you before? From a shyster? Shysters probably have a higher approval rating than Congress.

And what is up with the Planned Parenthood crap? Shame on Donald Trump!

I deplore abortion for any reason and believe Planned Parenthood should be torn down brick by brick and everyone that works there should go to jail for murder. But I would rather continue have my tax dollars fund this deplorable group than pass RINOCare.

Thanks to the Freedom Caucus for doing what we sent you there to do!

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

11 Responses to “The RINO’s Owe the Freedom Caucus a Debt of Gratitude for Killing RINOCare”

  1. Trump Watcher says:

    1) Let’s get this straight, this bill belonged to Donald J. Trump, and nobody else. Obamacare belongs to Obama. Paul who?
    2) There will be no Republican healthcare plan that is not flat out robbery as long as Wall St. is in charge in Washington. Wall St. is exactly why Obamacare sucks.
    3) Instead of front loading, how about competition? Oh, yea, those checkbook carrying lobbyists again, I forgot.

  2. CheeseHeads for Paul Nehlen says:

    Trump Watcher- once again YOU are WRONG. Ryan Care belonged to Paul Ryan alone.
    Ryan Care was written by the Insurance Lobby. After lying to the Americans for 7 years about a plan to Repeal and Replace Obamacare, Speaker Ryan had NOTHING so the Insurance Lobbyists wrote a 100 page bill for themselves so premiums and healthcare costs would never come down. Speaker Ryan and his fellow Cheesehead from Wisconsin and the RNC -where all Lobby money goes- Reince Priebus sold President Trump on the lie that Ryan and Priebus had the votes to pass it. Trump is as much a victim here as the American People.

    Rachel Campos Duffey- wife of another Wisconsin RINO Congressman and Fox News Babe- let the cat out of the bag when she stated on TV that the Democrats wanted RYAN CARE to pass so when the O’Care Lite collapsed this year or in 2018 the Dems could blame it on the GOP and run on that failure in 2018. Ryan was in on that deal-BLAME TRUMP.

    So the Uniparty continues under Speaker Paul Ryan in Washington. The Best thing that could happen to America is for Paul Ryan to be removed as Speaker and Louie Gohmert or Jim Jordan or Mark Meadows replace him. Trump needs a leader in the House NOT A LIAR and a TRAITOR and a RAT
    ( Republican Against Trump) like Paul Ryan.

    • Trump Watcher says:

      The insurance lobby did not put the nearly TRILLION dollar tax cut for the rich part in the bill, nor did they put the transfer of $880 BILLION of Medicare to he states part, to be able to claim the bill was revenue neutral in light of the tax cuts to the rich. That is on Trump. God help us because you people cannot see the truth. So far, Trump is a total, complete failure. He also plays 2-3 times as much golf, and runs up about 5 times as much transportation/secret service costs as Obama did.

      • Burke Tea Party Patriot says:

        Why is Congress EXEMPT from Obamacare? Enough said about Speaker Paul Ryan, The Democrats, and the RINOs.

        How did Barry and Moochelle amass wealth in the Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in 8 years in the White House? a disbarred attorney and a community organizer?

        • Trump Watcher says:

          You may want to reasearch the part about congress being exempt fro Ocare.

          • mr green jeans says:

            E pluribus unum

            OK get the facts on which government employees are exempt from ObamaCare.
            Congressman and staff….all government employees, military personnel etc.

  3. Frederick County GOP says:

    Read what Establishment Ed’s FOR $ALE Blogger Democratic Union Lawyer Brian Shoeneman (who lies about being a Republican) is saying about Dave Brat and the Freedom Caucus today:

    Hey Ed Voters: This is YOUR NOVA Republican Party blogger slamming ROVA’s Congressmen like Wittman, Garrett, and Brat who were all a BIG NO VOTE on Ryan Care.

    Vote Corey Stewart for Governor not EnRon Establishment Ed who will not support Brat or Trump.

  4. mr green jeans says:

    Editor Tom you were spot-on with the analysis. However another major benefactor was DJT! VPMP should have been able to see thru this trap.
    Freedom and liberty are preserved only thru limit self government. The “Freedom Caucus” members get it. The RINOS do not have the DNA required to lead a Free People. “We the people” know what just happened. If you doubt that just listen to all the gnashing of teeth.

    • Trump Watcher says:

      No, congressional staff is on Obamacare. Just call your Rep. office and ask, they will tell you. If I remember right, my congressman is on his wife’s employer insurance and paying about $600 per month for both of the them. Something like that, it was brought up during a townhall. Disinformation is running rampant in these blogs and on AM radio.

      Yes, members of congress and staff get a subsidy, just like private employers pay most of their employee’s group health insurance. My last employer paid all but about 10-15%. Keep in mind that companies with over 50 employees are not on Obamacare because the part requiring them to participate was never implemented. That is why the CBO figures were so far off regarding Ocare.

      No matter if one is a Republican or Democrat, how can things improve as long as Americans are to stupid or lazy to seek out the truth? You people are being lied to, and you like it.

  5. Robert Shannon

    Charles Krauthammer had it just right in his assessment of why the repeal effort failed.
    Charles said Thursday night that all 3 phases should have been rolled into 1 piece of legislation and voted on as one bill. Doing this in 3 phases encompasses all of the known dangers of a future Congress comprised with the majorities being different would surely doom any chance of passing phase 2 & 3.

    Republicans yet again show their lack of spine by worrying about the certain hellfire coming their way if they pass the repeal & replace simultaneously. If you know you are going to take a hit politically , then stand up and take it, be done with it. Move on to the next priority on your list. You cowards have the White House and majorities in both branches. If the legislation fails, then it fails but at least you stood on principles.
    The left knows how to fight, the right has no effective leaders outside of the Freedom Caucus.
    Bob Shannon King William ,,,,,,,,, Kudo’s to Mr Green Jeans comments

    • Trump Watcher says:

      Wall St. lobbyists with checkbooks are pulling this s–t out of a hat. If you do not believe that, then you are calling Republican Conservative Congressman Thomas Massie a liar.
      How much Wall St. stock do you own, Bob. Isn’t it time for you to come clean on this, Bob.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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