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The #SchumerShutdown Eroding Support for DACA “Illegals by Proxy”

Everybody knows that the #SchumerShutdown isn’t about Democrat compassion. They have none. It is about flipping some red states to blue by granting amnesty to the “poor little children” that were brought here by their parents through “no fault of their own”.

But thanks to a leaked Democrat memo, we know that this new found compassion is about votes. They want the DACA-Dems to be able to vote ASAP. This year is best. But 2020 at the latest.

And now they want to grant amnesty – which in the Democratic playbook is defined as Democratic Voters – to the parents that performed the illegal act of sneaking these “children” into this country.

These “children” that Chuck Schumer shed those crocodile tears for are almost all adults. Less than 1/2 of one percent (0.5%) are under 16. The rest range in age up to 36 years old. Most (80%) come from Mexico.

The Democrats favor calling them Dreamers. Or Dreamer Children. But they are pretty much all adults now. So they have taken to calling them DACA “recipients”.

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One recent poll makes the claim that 70% of Trump supporters want amnesty for DACA. I call BS on that. But that doesn’t mean that Trump supporters don’t have compassion for the plight of those that were brought here by their parents as children. They really know no home except the US. If they were deported, they would mostly be strangers in their birth country with no place to go.

And that is a terrible position to put anyone in. Even those here illegally.

But the truth is, this is the fault of the Democrats. When Ronald Reagan was president, the Democrats promised border security in exchange for amnesty for illegals to solve the problem “once and for all”. Reagan took the Democrats at their word and granted a massive amnesty to illegals. But the Democrats never delivered on their promise for securing the border. So the problem has now returned. Reagan’s good faith gesture was forgotten as soon as his signature was dry on the bill. And Democrats have been plotting and scheming to flood the nation with illegals to help them at the ballot box.

And now we hear calls for a “clean” DACA bill by some of the same people who promised border security in the 80’s. Reminds me of Charlie Brown and Lucy with the football. A clean bill granting amnesty to illegals will produce exactly nothing as far as securing the border and solving the problem. We will be back in the same place in a decade or so with some new name for the illegal border crashers. And we can’t allow that to happen.

But I see some movement on the right on social media. Among Trump supporters, Republicans and Independents who support Trump. Some of those who were more moderate on the plight of this group of people, who understand the harshness of dropping them in a country they have never known was not a good solution are starting to rethink that.

They have watched as Mexican flag waving illegals burn US Flags and utter vulgar hand signals and carry signs (in English) that demand amnesty and spew hatred to anyone that thinks they should be deported. Full Metal Democrat Entitlement. And I have seen comments by some that just a few months ago showed empathy for the plight of DACA recipients are now demanding we build a wall and deport ALL of them.

Schumer is nor garnering sympathy for illegals when he shuts down the government and defaults on payments to our Military in favor of a bunch of illegal aliens who have become belligerent and demanding. Instead of sympathy I am seeing resolve to send them back.

And the government shutdown over the Continuing Resolution, a bill Democrats have no problem with, at the expense of the US Military is hardening the resolve against any DACA deal. They are using a government funding bill that has absolutely nothing to do with DACA to blackmail Republicans and Trump into action on a totally separate bill that is not due until the end of March.

But Democrats know they have no leverage on DACA because granting citizenship to a class of entitled, ungrateful sniveling activists who do not want to assimilate isn’t something the American people really want.

And the longer the shutdown continues, the less sympathy and empathy Americas will have for

the DACA-Dems.


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

10 Responses to “The #SchumerShutdown Eroding Support for DACA “Illegals by Proxy””

  1. GeneThePopulist says:

    The Republican shutdown, because they never finished the 2018 budget that the Constitution requires of them. Republicans only did enough work on the 2018 budget to be able to pass their tax cuts for the rich in the senate with 50 votes instead of 60. And once the tax cuts for the rich was passed. Republicans quit working on the budget.

    Second, I would like to say that nobody would like to see illegals deported, and stopped from coming into this country more than me.

    But, it’s not going to happen under the Dems or Reps.. The Wall is a waste of money for to many reasons to list. But, the two most important being it will not be continuos and future presidents of either party could just open the gates. I believe you will find that Obama deported far more illegals than did Republican Bush 43’ during their 8 years.

    The way to stop illegals entering this country is to stop what they are coming here for. Plain and simple, a job. That’s not going to happen because Republicans will never give up their cheap labor. Never. And, in exchange Democrats get their votes. Tom neglected to tell you the Republicans want to keep their cheap labor, but take away their vote for Democrats.

    Tell us Tom, how many illegals actually work for Trump at his hotels, golf courses, winery? Where does Trump’s clothing come from? Suits, ties, shoes, etc..

    Just google “trumps hires visas” to see who Trump’s businesses actually hire.

    Didn’t limbaugh tell you these things Tom?

    • Tom White says:

      Gene, it is clear that you have no understanding of business and economics. Trump has a number of seasonal resorts. And at some of these resorts, he has no choice but to hire people with a special visa. The reason he has to do this is that the majority of jobs in his Florida and other warm weather jobs are highly seasonal. From late fall to early Spring. So while resorts in Virginia – Va Beach, etc. have their high season in the summer when there are plenty of college kids looking for summer jobs, the resorts in warmer places cannot hire college students, because they are in school. That cuts down on the pool of workers. And in Palm Beach there are around 5,000 unemployed people who would qualify to work as a maid, housekeeper or waiter, but they would have to give up unemployment benefits for a 3 or 4 month job. Most would lose their food stamps and Obama phones. Not to mention Section 8 housing. And the resorts are not on a bus line. And it is a long commute. As a result, workers are not easy to find because we have too much of a safety net. This season, Trump came up 70 short and had to increase his foreign hires from 64 last year.

      So you can listen to MSNBC and the liars at ABC or CBS or NBC and use these 70 workers as another dig on Trump. But the real question you need to ask is why is unemployment compensation more attractive than a short time – part time job?

      And each year Trump must prove he is unable to find the workers he needs. Even under Obama.

      This is a perfect example of fake news. And the mush heads who repeat it without doing a bit of research. Or simply using common sense. If you actually knew the truth, or endeavored to find the real truth instead of spewing some Democrat talking points so twisted with spin and lies that they are laughable, you would understand how brainwashed you are.

      And I’m not sure why you think I am a Rush Limbaugh listener. I work. I don’t have 3 hours to listen to anyone. And when I drive between my business locations, I listen to Pandora. I am a musician and love music. But I have listened to Limbaugh and he explains things (that I already know) so slower people can learn the facts. You might want to actually listen to him instead of believing the MSNBC garbage that he is a Trump shill. You would learn that fairly quickly. And although you have a nasty case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, the cure is to listen to the facts and decide for yourself.
      Tom White recently posted…The #SchumerShutdown Eroding Support for DACA My Profile

      • GeneThePopulist says:

        What you have done Tom is to reason in your own mind the justification for the hiring of legal and illegal cheap foreign labor in this country. This is precisely the same method those who hire illegal and legal cheap labor use to justify their hiring in their own mind. Regardless of the laws on immigration.

        You have provided no reasoning for the keeping of the laws. You apparently cannot comprehend that living in this country requires a livable wage. A livable wage that is not only high enough to live on, but also results in the paying of enough taxes to support the police, military, government, schools, and infrastructure to name just few things.

        Your limited reasoning is one reason that we are over $20 TRILLION in debt, and why anyone in this country even is having a discussion about keeping illegals here.

        The billionaires who are supporting the Republican Party are never going to give up their cheap labor. You sir, are being played.

      • Wesley Stavely says:

        Mr. White-

        The Visas you are referring to are H2B Visas. Most are agricultural and seasonal workers on visas working at resorts and in landscape industries. Although in Virginia the Dept of Forestry takes most of the allotment of H2B so employers can’t hire them. The US employers pay a lot of money for each of these – one business I know pays as much as $8K annually per employee. The employer must provide the visa holder with insurance and provided housing. Travel must be also be provided. The employee may work 9 months in the US and must go back to country of origin for 3 months. Nannies often come on H2B Visas.

        Food doesn’t come from the grocery stores. Food comes from Agriculture (FARMS for Gene the Populist) and if America didn’t use H2B visa workers for seasonal picking especially in California and the Deep South, there would be no Berries, Apples, Almonds, lettuce, cucumbers, oranges, peaches, etc. in the grocery stores. Because years ago the Democrats decided that keeping poor people unemployed and ON WELFARE for LIFE at taxpayers expense was better than giving workers dignity and a job and a liveable wage.

        Gene is Ignorant. Please Block his comments. He has no place on VA Right and contributes nothing to the conservative narrative. Blue Virginia is a site for him to troll.


        • GeneThePopulist says:

          Wesley, I am going to assume that you do not stick your hand in a fire? Why? Because it is uncomfortable, it causes you pain. Is that correct?

          So, if my comments cause you mental pain and discomfort, why on earth do you keep reading them?

          Tom, you are a smart guy sometimes. Since people like Wesley continue to read my comments when they apparently cause them mental pain and discomfort, I suggest that you start charging them a monetary fee for reading them since they apparently cannot do without them. A win win.

      • Jake Thielen says:


        An FBI Agent told me that more than 50,000 Unaccompanied Minors crossed the border in that massive wave from Central America a few years back. Those kids brought diseases and were parachuted into public schools across America unvaccinated and posing a public health threat.
        Fairfax County Virginia estimated their cost in the tens of millions to take these SPEAK NO ENGLISH kids and adults into their school system. Tax Payer funded of course.

        Obama did this to America. The FBI and DOJ and Homeland Security just stood by and allowed these “so called” children to migrate and many were nothing but MS13 gang members.

        DACA? HELL No!

  2. Dean Armentraut says:

    Illegal Aliens are modern day slaves.

    Rosa the Housekeeper and Jose the landscaper who work 12 hour days seven days a week for less than minimum wage and above the 40 hour work week ARE Slaves in America for the Rich and Chambercrats who are pushing the GOP to pass DACA.

    Why don’t the BLACK Democratic voters see this for what it is? Modern Day Slavery?

    When an alien pays a mule thousands of dollars to transport them across the Mexican border from Sh*T Hole Countries like El Salvadore and into the US- that Illegal Alien is in Bondage ( women and children raped in trucks or worse)

    The Democratic Party and its voters have lost their collective minds- Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are their poster children.

  3. Rob Hunter says:

    Connie Stevens from 5th District posted rant below against Dave Brat on Virginia Freedom Caucus FB page: Since Brat has no money for his 2018 campaign is he caving to Ryan and RINO Scott Taylor on Amnesty for a little payola? seriously people call Brat and tell him Goodlatte is bad news and not worth destroying one’s political career for:

    “In the spirit of compromise” – Congressman Dave Brat gleefully stabs Americans in the back by supporting Goodlatte’s version of DACA amnesty. 😫 Not only is Brat supporting DACA, he’s helping lead the charge. And patting himself on the back too for his (misplaced!) compassion. ILLEGALS are paramount; to hell with American Dreamers.
    How very sad to see – looks like the swamp swallowed a formerly good one. 😢
    We WON! We got the Democrats to blink. The Republicans had the ball and were just about to cross the goal line for a touch down. And Brat caves. On the 1 yard line, he turns and gives the ball to the Democrats for THEM to score.
    THAT’s the Republican way – purposeful LOSING. Craven appeasement. Wanting to be liked. Wanting to be thought compassionate. Not having courage of conviction.

  4. R. Stanton Scott

    Immigrants that eventually become citizens become Democratic voters only to the extent Republican Party racism drives them to support the opposition. I don’t see any evidence that only social liberals come here illegally, and many of these people are religious Catholics who believe in family and other traditional values. You may find that treating them fairly and applying Christian values to their plight might attract their political support and make them less automatically Democratic than you seem to expect.

  5. Sue Dover says:

    Why do people who protest carrying & waving a Mexican flag so afraid to go back to the Mexico they are showing such strong support for?


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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