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THE SEATTLE TIMES FAILS its READERS by not informing its readers that the TROTSKYISTS are trying to TAKE OVER SEATTLE!

The Seattle Times has an otherwise nice article about the organizing efforts of the Socialist Alternative Party in Seattle.

The Socialist Alternative party, fresh off a surprise win in November, is setting up an office in Seattle and hopes to triple its membership by early next year.


While Sawant hires staff for her City Hall office, Locker is dreaming big about his organization. A recent recruiting event drew 35 people, and hundreds of people have expressed interest, he said. The party has about 80 active members in Seattle.

This is of course part of the aftermath of the stunning victory of the Trotskyist Kshama Sawant to the City Council in Seattle over a long-time Democratic pol.  Maybe people wanted a real choice and did not much care who she was or what radical party she is affiliated with.  But the Times ought to have better investigated this party and perhaps its prize candidate.  For the Trotskyists are plotting to take over the town!

He wants to elect a slate of Socialist Alternative candidates, taking on housing, wages and health-care issues.

At a recent Sawant news conference, representatives from the faith community, the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) and SEIU (Service Employees International Union) Local 775NW stood alongside Socialist Alternative activists.

Now I am happy to see democracy in action – it’s fabulous to see left and right and even the center exercise its freedoms to make things better.  But the people of Seattle ought to be informed just how radical the party is that is organizing in the city.  But there is nothing about Trotsky or the party of his sympathizers:

The Socialist Alternative organization, which has a presence in 20 cities in the United States, tries to appeal to voters who are not socialists. Their candidates take up tangible issues facing the working class. They sometimes have faced criticism from other left-wing groups for aligning too closely with the Green Party and other groups, but that is part of their strategy — they want to be the catalyst for a new umbrella party of left-leaning groups.

Tangible issues?  Be the catalyst for a new umbrella party of left-leaning groups?  Since when did the Seattle Times not research its material?  That is the classic strategy since the 30s – the Popular Front movement!  The Popular Front is coming to Seattle!

Since the Seattle Times have abdicated its responsibility, I feel I must call it out.  If I am butting in – forgive me – but your local media did not serve you well.

PS:  The Libertarians ought to also go to Seattle and increase their numbers as a true alternative, too.  Here’s the website of the LP in Washington State.  (Note their slogan is almost identical to that so-called false libertarian Robert Sarvis:  Open-minded and Open to Business!)  Here are the FB page and the meetup group and another event site for King County libertarians.   Ditto for the GOP!  Here’s the Washington State and the King County GOP and a Republican group in Seattle.  Even the Constitution Party is seeking new members in Washington State.  Don’t let all the lefties have all the fun!  Give people a real choice in Seattle.

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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