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I was concerned when I read about the UKIP poster campaign.  They were condemned as racist.  What did UKIP do?

Here they are courtesy of a tweet that I (and 9 million others) got from UKIP Leader Nigel Farage.

Here is the diatribe from a Labour MP.

Labour MP Mike Gapes said he hoped the ‘racist posters encourage all decent British Commonwealth and EU citizens’ to vote for another party next month.

He added: ‘It is time for all democrats to expose lies and hatred being peddled by Ukip and defend British values of tolerance and respect for others.’

How is a poster that tells the truth about EU immigration policy begin imposed upon the UK hateful?  Maybe MP Gapes is looking over his shoulder and seeing his base moving toward UKIP.  I am sure the Reagan Democrats did not warm the hearts of the party leaders of its day.  (For my UK readers, the Reagan Democrats were those Democratic voters, mostly union members in the Midwest of the US, who voted for Ronald Reagan due to a strong national defense and social conservatism.)  Today, we may well have UKIP Labourites.  If UKIP can get disaffected Tories and UKIP Labourites to vote for them, we have political realignment.

These ad tells a hard truth in a dramatic and truthful manner.  Farage says something very similar:

But Ukip leader Nigel Farage said the posters were ‘a hard-hitting reflection of reality’ and only the ‘chattering classes’ would object.

Here is a LibDem member of the House of Lords’ comment:

Senior Liberal Democrat peer Lord Oakeshott said the posters were ‘extreme even by the standards of the Front Nationale’, the French far right party Mr Farage has tried to distance Ukip from.

Again, I do not believe immigration is a strong card to always play.  But you have to make the point that the UK is no longer a sovereign nation as long as it remains in the European Union.  Jobs are critical.  But UKIP has never allied with racist parties – it forever bars anyone who was a member of various English and British racist parties such as the BNP and recently refused to ally with the National Front in France, even though there is some needed changes for the good by the Front.

It remains to be seen if the posters are a turning point in the European election campaign but I strongly suspect they will.  Can’t wait until May 22.

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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