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Seems like every Thursday there is an election somewhere in the UK (Maybe too many elected officials!) and this Thursday’s offering is significant:  The Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner.  Results not out from yesterday’s voting yet!

Here is it from the Sun newspapers (It’s a pay site and watch for the girls!):

UKIP are on the verge of causing a major upset in Ed Miliband’s backyard. The party could today seize the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner post following the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal. Voters went to the polls across the Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster districts after 2012 winner Shaun Wright resigned over the scandal.

The two leading candidates are polar opposites:  UKIP has a retired police officer and Labour has a priest – right – a retired  Anglican priest (from the Daily Mail – not a pay site but watch for the girls there, too!):

Ukip’s candidate for the position is the retired police officer Jack Clarkson. Labour has chosen retired Anglican priest Alan Billings as its candidate – in a bid to distance itself from the Rotherham scandal.

The turnout will be about ten to 15 percent.  In another show of how the major parties feel about popular sovereignty, both Labour and the LibDems want to end elections for police commissioners:

The Lib Dems have branded the coalition experiment with directly-elected commissioners a failure and pledged to scrap them. The party decided not to field a candidate in the by-election for this reason.

Considering how the LibDems have been faring at the polls lately, I can understand their unwillingness to face voters!  (The party almost was wiped out in the Euro elections and have lost their deposit in almost all the recent by-elections – lost their deposit means they did not get enough votes to retake their election deposit of 500 pounds for a MP seat) But Labour feels the same:

Labour has declared it is committed to scrapping them if it wins power in 2015.

 But here is a contrary view on UKIP’s chances at the Market Oracle.  He says the voters will vote Labour regardless:
What the political pundits have apparently forgotten is that Labour over many generations has built up a vast pool of vested interest voters who by virtue of what they are personally in receipt of in terms of benefits and services with hopes to further gain from the expansion of Labour socialist policies or to be blunt voter bribes, are just not going to contemplate giving all of that up to effectively vote for a right wing party that apart from a few policies that many may agree with would never be willing to sacrifice the baby with the bath water so no matter how inept and incompetent Labour governance has been in places such as Rotherham, nevertheless most voters will continue to vote Labour zombie style at each election.
The problem with that analysis is how does that explain the recent surge in UKIP voting in Labour dominated areas:  Heywood and Middleton, the local elections in Rotherham, Euro turnout in places like Wales and Scotland.  No, UKIP can win (if the English Democrats do not take enough votes to give Labour the win!) and we’ll see  in a few hours.  As Jimmy Buffitt says, It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!




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