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TOM DeWEESE, one of my HEROES, is starting a PETITION DRIVE – GET ICLEI OUT of US!

Report from Tom DeWeese:
Get ICLEI Out of American Cities!

Hello Sandy,

Will you please sign the enclosed GET ICLEI OUT OF AMERICAN CITIES Petition to House Speaker John Boehner.

What is ICLEI? A front group called “International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives” (or ICLEI).

ICLEI has already infiltrated over 500 American cities (a list is enclosed for you). And EVERY ONE of these American cities are actually paying dues to this totalitarian U.N. front group!

That’s right. Not only are your FEDERAL tax dollars going to the United Nations.

The U.N. front group, ICLEI, is now raking in Americans’ LOCAL tax dollars to fund its socialist schemes as well!

In exchange for this dues, ICLEI brings in a team of activists who start issuing new rules for YOU to follow.

ICLEI creates policy to strictly regulate the use of YOUR private property, right down to mandating how homes can be built and the materials with which they are built.For example, in Oakland, CA — under ICLEI direction — officials just passed regulations forcing many homeowners to replace their windows, roofs and appliances, costing each homeowner an average of $35,000.

ICLEI also works to make it difficult to own and operate your own car — using policies that eliminate the building of new roads; placing higher taxes on gasoline; issuing fees for parking (in fact, in some communities ICLEI home building policies ban the building of garages). Some ICLEI communities are now even banning fireplaces and outdoor grills.

These are just a very few examples of the kinds of policies ICLEI brings into your community once your local elected officials sign a contract with them.

ICLEI has already infected more than 500 cities and towns in America, and its goal is to infiltrate 1000 U.S. cities and towns in the next few years!

American Policy Center (APC) has been working to educate local leaders — who are frequently unaware of the threat to American sovereignty posed by the U.N.’s ICLEI agenda. And APC’s message is getting through in some areas!

For instance, five county comissioners in Carrol County, Maryland recently kicked ICLEI out of their county. As one commissioner proudly proclaimed, “The U.N. blames capitalism and private property ownership for most of the environmental ills of the world. It advocates controls that will arrest private property rights. Two weeks ago, your Carroll County Board of Commissioners drew national attention when we became the first County in the United States to withdraw from the ICLEI. We are resolved to retain county decisions at the county level, so we say ‘GOODBYE I-C-L-E-I.’”

Now, a full-blown national battle has broken out between ICLEI and other planning groups (backed by the Obama Administration leftists) and pro-freedom forces (led by APC) who want to save our localities from being turned into Soviet-style satellites run by top down government control.

House Speaker John Boehner could deliver a decisive blow for OUR side by halting all funding for ICLEI’s agenda. That would stop the ICLEI’s socialist policies from infiltrating more American cities and towns.


Will you join the fight to save American localities from infiltration by ICLEI by signing and returning your enclosed GET ICLEI. OUT OF AMERICAN CITIES Petition?

I want to deliver tens of thousands of these GET ICLEI OUT OF AMERICAN CITIES Petitions to Speaker of the House John Boehner.

As you know, the House of Representatives controls all spending bills. Speaker Boehner and the House can simply vote to cut off all U.S. taxpayer funding of the United Nations’ ICLEI agenda.

Right now, Barack Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is actively supporting the ICLEI agenda — WITH YOUR TAX DOLLARS — through the “Sustainable Development Challenge Grant Program”.

In my opinion, it’s an outrage that our American tax dollars are being used to fund the United Nations’ front group as it attempts to infiltrate America’s cities and towns and counties. But that’s exactly what is happening!

House Speaker John Boehner has the power to put a stop to it RIGHT NOW …

And I believe he WILL, if he believes enough Americans want this issue put near the top of his busy agenda.

What you decide to do with your GET ICLEI OUT OF AMERICAN CITIES Petition could very well help to decide whether House Speaker John Boehner acts to rein in ICLEI’s assult on American cities and towns.

So please sign your enclosed GET ICLEI OUT OF AMERICAN CITIES Petition to me at APC today.

APC is the recognized leader in the fight to get us out of the U.N. Our ongoing fight against the U.N. has been recognized internationally. In fact, I recently traveled to Cambridge University in England to debate the U.N. issue with the former UK Ambassador to the U.N. It was quite an evening.

APC’s Action Alert System, called “Sledgehammer,” is one of the most effective in Capitol Hill. APC’s articles and reports have been published in hundreds of newspapers and magazines. Through the Internet we are reaching millions of people around the world. I regularly appear on radio and television shows and speak at conferences across the nation.

APC is a fierce, effective voice in the fight for the principles of liberty.

Will you help me lead this vital effort to stop the U.N. from taking control of America’s cities by sending APC a contribution to help me pay for the cost of reaching Americans nationwide with our GET ICLEI OUT OF AMERICAN CITIES Petition?

Remember, ICLEI’s goal is to infiltrate 1000 U.S. cities and towns. And it was more than halfway to it’s goal when APC stepped in to fight them!

Now, thanks to American Policy Center’s campaign, we’ve knocked them out of more than 60 U.S. cities and towns. But ICLEI is fighting back like the hardened socialists that they are, and we’re going to need Speaker Boehner’s help to win this battle and kick ICLEI out of all 500+ U.S. cities and towns!

Your gift for $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 or even $1000 will help me print more GET ICLEI OUT OF AMERICAN CITIES Petitions for Speaker Boehner, and help me crisscross the country to raise the alarm about ICLEI and bring vital information to local officials trying to get their cities and towns out of ICLEI.

Individual contributions like yours are APC’s ONLY source of income. We receive no grants or large corporate donations. Your support is vital to APC’s work.

So, whatever amount you can send, please do it today. I believe the time is very short for America’s independence if the U.N. is not stopped. If we do nothing we will lose.

Or we can stop ICLEI’s takeover of America’s cities and towns now – if we demand it! Please let me hear from you TODAY.

Sign your petition to get ICLEI out of American cities!


Tom DeWeese

P.S. I intend to keep fighting ICLEI’s scheme to take over our cities and towns. But I can only win this battle if I have your signed GET ICLEI OUT OF AMERICAN CITIES Petition for Speaker Boehner and your financial support. Will you help me?

Prefer to make a donation over the phone? Call us at (540) 341-8911


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