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Trump Must Learn. Paul Ryan Does Not Want To Make America Great Again

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It is hard to know if the apparent demise of the Paul Ryan RINOCare bill that fails to repeal ObamaCare and does little but tweak the existing law around the edges truly has Trump’s support, or if Trump’s support of this failure of a bill is a plot to replace Ryan with a speaker that is on board with Making America Great Again.

This bill fails to repeal Obamacare and does not meet that campaign promise. Nor does it actually do anything to stop or even slow down the rapidly rising cost of Health Care. Mainly because it only addresses the symptom – the high and rising cost of insurance, and not the disease – the high and rising cost of health care itself.

Health Insurance is not health care. That is an important statement. Under Obamacare, being able to afford health insurance – a dubious claim in itself – does not mean you can afford health care. With deductibles and out of pocket expenses, the insurance doesn’t pay a dime until you have spent $5,000 or more out of your own pocket. And then you have to add in the cost of the monthly premiums.

Not only does RINOCare fail to change that, it also will cause costs to continue to rise. For several years.

And recent efforts to appease enough Republicans to get the votes to pass this lipstick augmented pig have only served to lessen the deficit reductions touted with the bill. Which is proof that Ryan and company are sweetening the deal for the liberal Republican vote and failing to appease the Freedom Caucus who are the only ones with the right ideas on the health care issue.

Passing this bill would be a disaster for the Republican Party. And it won’t be the Freedom Caucus that suffers at the polls. It will be the RINO’s who will lose the support from the grassroots. Costs will continue to rise, millions will lose their insurance, the deficit will continue to grow and the press and even many on the right will rightly cast blame at Trump and Paul Ryan.

Donald Trump has demanded a vote. All indications are that this bill will fail. Most Speakers would have pulled the bill rather than vote on it.

I am hoping that Trump demands Ryan step down as soon as this bill fails and asks for a Speaker to replace him that understands that full repeal means full repeal. And that it is not the federal government’s place to provide health insurance or health care for the country.

Of course Obamacare was designed to inflict irreparable damage to the insurance business and nudge the country into government provided single payer health care, so it’s tentacles must be unwound carefully and precisely. And it will take laws and government action to reverse the damage Obamacare inflicted. But the final goal should be to return health care and health insurance to the free market. Not perpetual government involvement.

At this point we must defeat this Obamacare band-aid that the big government Ryan devised in his office, reminiscent of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid seven years ago.

I am incensed, but not surprised, that the stupid party has failed to have a plan ready. For seven long years they have raised billions of dollars from us promising to repeal Obamacare. And when we gave them the House, they failed to defund it as promised. And when we gave them the Senate because they said they couldn’t do anything with just the House, they again failed to address the problem. So we gave them the entire government. And they are on the precipice of failure with absolute power.

We should have known when the “Repeal” battle-cry became “repeal and replace” that we were about to get screwed. We never asked them to replace one government health plan with another. We wanted Obamacare gone. Not a simple substitution.

And as we listen to the Republicans whining that there is only so much they can do because of Senate rules – a Déjà vu reminding us all that they feigned impotence every step of the way – they now have the power to change the rules and make everything in the Senate a simple majority. God knows Harry Reid already blazed a path down the nuclear highway. Reid has already irrevocably diminished the Founder’s vision of a House close to the people complete with knee jerk legislation and the deliberative body called the Senate that would slow down or stop emotional laws that were bad for the nation. When Reid went “nuclear” with cabinet picks and federal judges, all pretense of the Senate as the vaunted deliberative body the Founder’s created is gone. (And we see the results of this decision with the asinine rulings from liberal activist Federal Judges Obama and Reid put on the bench every time a Trump Executive Order goes to court.)

The only things the Senate has left of it’s once deliberative nature is the approval of Supreme Court justices and budgetary votes.

And with the promise from the Democrat’s mental midget brain trust Chuck Schumer to filibuster Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch, coupled with the Republican’s promise to “go nuclear” to kill the filibuster, why do Republicans even pretend that Obamacare can’t be repealed because of Senate rules? The Senate is but a shell of it’s former self relegated to nothing more than the knee jerk legislation that the Founder’s wanted to keep in check. So why even pretend that it is something more? Whatever is left of 60 vote thresholds and 2/3 majority requirements when the Democrats take over the Senate will be deleted from the rules post haste. Only Constitutional restraints like Impeachment will retain the high bar to make sure there is at least some speed bump in the road to keep emotions in check.

It only takes a simple majority to change the rules. And the way things are going with this Obamacare repeal, the Republicans are running out of time as the holder of all the power.

Go back to the drawing board. Do this right. Ram it through and accept the inevitable reality that the Senate Rules are forever changed. And give us something that will actually take government out of health care and lower prices. You already know the path. Tort reform. Patient involvement. Knowing the prices in advance. Defensive medicine is killing us. Literally. The ideas are already well known.

Now approve Gorsuch. It only takes a simple majority because you make the rules. Get busy appointing the 50 or 60 Federal judges Obama left vacant. We need them. Especially in the 9th Circuit.

And kill Obamacare. Or the only thing being replaced will be you.

Below is a reminder of how Ryan really feels about Trump.


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

12 Responses to “Trump Must Learn. Paul Ryan Does Not Want To Make America Great Again”

  1. Montross Tea Party says:

    2016 Republican Casualites who drank the Kool Aid of Speaker Paul Ryan’s #Never Trump campaign:
    Senator Kelly Ayotte R- New Hampshire
    Congressman Tim Huelscamp R-Kansas

    Both were defeated thanks to Paul Ryan’s stupidity

    The future of the GOP is for this bill to FAIL after Ryan and his “Young Guns” ran for 7 years on “Repeal and Replace ObamaCare” and for them to be replaced with Freedom Caucus Fighters in 2018.

  2. Trump Watcher says:

    When you say “return healthcare to the free market”, just how far back are you barking about? I agree if you will go back at least 50 years. But, you can forget going back to 2008. Bush’s Medicare drug payout to drug companies needs to be flushed down the toilet also. Nothing but vending machine legislation.
    The problem with you and Bob, you just do not seem to understand just how tight a grip Wall St. has on Washington. They are not going to let go without bringing this country to it’s knee’s and then some.

    Trump, Ryan, both should resign for this fiasco. Neither can make American anything but worse.

    • Ryan is a Cuckservative says:

      You are Correct Trump Watcher. It was Senator Bill Frist (R-TN) who along with George W. Bush who gave Americans Medicare Part D unfunded for the Pharma Lobby. Frist, a cardiac surgeon and heir to America’s first “for profit” Nashville TN based health care system called HCA is a crook of the highest magnitude. His chief of staff was involved in the Abramoff scandal. He should never have been elected to the US Senate with his Conflicts of Interest. Proving that you can indeed buy a US SENATE SEAT. To think he planned to run for PRESIDENT should send chills down your spine.’s-corruption

      And all of this Republican Corruption during the 8 years of George W. Bush ( Ed Gillespie as Advisor and Counsel to “W”) led to Trump being elected to “Drain the Swamp.”

      You didn’t see that one coming, Did you?

    • Paul Thiel says:

      This response is directed specifically to whoever you are “Trump Watcher” ? I love the way you Trump watchers never want to identify yourself ! I have a name for it-chicken S— ! All criticism and never a solution ! You love government and think it has all the answers.

      You deserve to have only one gas station in the state to fill up your Prius !

      Try watching Nancy Pelosi and your man Chuckie !

    • Paul Thiel says:

      Again Trump watcher the alleged solution you say is in your posts could be placed on the head of a piñ !
      Walk it on back a little and show me where you propose competition in any form !

      In my household we are on our third insurance provider in three years-one of the previous three no longer writes insurance and this year the deductible is up three thousand dollars !

      One of my sons who is a contractor now has a deductible for wife and three children of 12K with monthly premiums up to $900.00. I provided health insurance fo over 50 employees in the 80’s and 90’s for nowhere near what prices are out there today !

      The more government encroaches, interferes, mandates and gets into health insurance the worse it all gets,
      both in care and pricing !
      Free market solutions offering incentives to insurance companies for picking up people with pre-existing conditions can be worked out. Why should 15 to 20 percent of people without Health Ins. run care up for the other 120 plus million people.

      Competition-Competition-across state lines and everywhere will bring price and availability way down !
      Come on in Wal Mart-Paul Ryan is no longer afraid of you !

  3. Robert Shannon

    Charles Krauthammer last night made the most practical of suggestions on Bret Baiers program.

    Combine all 3 Phases into 1 bill. Separating these was a bad idea to begin with, only done to try and appease the whiners in Congress who spent precious time and political capital worrying about how many will be without coverage.

    Each time a reporter shoved a mic into a Congressman’s face and asked ” CBO has estimated 24 million will lose coverage under your plan”…….a Congressman with half a brain could have easily dismissed this assertion with a simple response ” how many are losing their coverage under ACA as we speak, how much damage has this hair brained ACA done to our economy, how many fewer jobs were created by the mandate that an employer provide coverage, how much have premiums gone up, 25% last year alone” ?

    Another equally effective strategy would be to sit idle for another year. The ACA wheels are coming off the bus. In another year half of the counties in the entire country will have no insurance companies offering any plans. Let the Dem’s who dreamed this up answer for the mess they made.

    Free market principles will only be embraced after enough Americans have felt sufficient levels of pain. The battle isn’t really about health care or health insurance, the battle is about a majority of citizens who automatically turn to government for a solution to any problem. This current mindset is the result of 50 years of politicians who have lent to this supposition. Lying self serving politicians tell citizens ” I’m going to take care of you”….and the ignorant line up like the sheep they are. We all know what awaits the sheep at the end of the day.
    Bob Shannon

    • Trump Watcher says:

      The reason we don’t have free market Heathcare is because the 50% of the population that you represent is Wall St. greed based. It is your 50% that has lobbied congress via checkbook for over at least 30 years, to little by little make healthcare unaffordable by purchasing vending machine regulations and legislation from government to rob Americans of affordable healthcare.

      Free market principles can only be established after your 50% of the population stops being greed based bloodsuckers, in love with Wall St. and it’s current corruption based PAC and campaign finance system.

      Once again you write about things with absolutely nothing to back up your claims. It is clear that you and Trump get you info from the same source.

      You lie about Obamacare. If it is imploding, then fix it. What really imploded? Trumpcare, just yesterday. And that is a fact.

  4. Ryan is a Cuckservative says:

    If you call Speaker Paul Ryan what he is- a “Cuckservative” for selling out to the Insurance Lobby- the GOPe will label you a racist and demand your resignation.

  5. Tea Party Commando says:

    It was the very FREEDOM CAUCUS who elected Paul Ryan Speaker and then voted against RyanCare. IF they had defeated Ryan for Speaker when they had the opportunity instead of taking his PAC Money Bribes for re-election and committee appointments, the nation they purport to represent wouldn’t be in this situation.

    • CheeseHeads for Paul Nehlen says:

      The dirty little secret in Washington is that the Democrats SECRETLY WANTED RyanCare to pass so ObamaCare wouldn’t really be repealed and its imminent failure would be placed at the FEET of the GOP just prior to the 2018 elections.

      With regards to Speaker Paul Ryan- remember when the FREEDOM CAUCUS removed Speaker John Boehner and EVERYONE in the Republican Party was THRILLED yet they had no replacement for Speaker? PAUL RYAN DIDN”T WANT THE JOB and had to be talked into it. He didn’t want to travel beyond home each weekend to Wisconsin and SAID SO. The GOP begged Ryan to take this job he didn’t want.

      Well now there is a void in leadership in the GOP. Clearly Ryan is unfit to be Speaker- he’s a Policy Wonk who has never achieved ANYTHING in 18 years of Congress. He belongs in a think tank in Washington not Speaker of the House. He was the Vice Presidential pick of a Failed Republican Presidential bid. Clearly America voters rejected HIM and ROMNEY.

      Time for the Freedom Caucus to MAN up and Step up and do the real work of the Majority and lead the Republicans out of the Minority “Do Nothing” mindset they have been in steeped in for the last 8 years.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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