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In New Rochelle, New York, in the shadows of the Big Apple, we have this brave activist, Robert Cox, who is going around to speak in his ICLEI-infltrated community about the threat to liberty and sovereignty.  Here’s the blog entry and some highlights:

I was asked to give a presentation on the above topic to the Reform Club tonight about 830 PM at the American Legion Post 8. I believe that this subject matter is little understood in New Rochelle and that GreeNR was passed by CIty Council without educating the public on the far-reaching implications of the City’s decision to “partner” with ICLEI. I believe that properly understood, this partnership is the most significant change in New Rochelle since the City was incorporated in 1899.

And this:

As noted previously, it may well be that New Rochelle residents support a green, internationalist agenda but before our elected representatives start to hand over power to a group of unelected interlopers who believe they know what is best for us, we might want to make a more fundamental decision regarding whether we wish to retain local control over our day-to-day lives.

Now we have a brave, determined citizen of Grapevine, Texas stands up at his council meeting to ask this question:  Why is my community in ICLEI?

Last fall, Grapevine resident Carl Young, who says he represents the NE Tarrant Tea Party, questioned the city’s continued involvement with [ICLEI]  *  *  * Young told the City Council in October that he had a problem with the city’s membership in ICLEI and said the organization had a tie to the United Nations. “This is not a good group of people to be involved with,” he said.  *  *  * Later, Young explained his belief that ICLEI is an “outside group of individuals trying to control our development without the community having some say.” He asked, “Are we giving up our rights?”

The response from ICLEI, which I am sure the Roanoke Times will accept without question, begs the question:  IS ICLEI running a misinformation campaign to keep its members?

Don Knapp, spokesman for ICLEI-USA headquartered in California, said last week that there are many cities, counties and other local governments that belong to the organization.  *  *  *  “…according to Knapp. “Sustainability,” he said, “means meeting the needs of the present without sacrificing the future.” That includes the environment, economy and equity, he added. “All three need to be in balance and looked at together, not separately.”  *  *  *  As for ICLEI dictating what the local governments should do, Knapp called that notion “absurd.” He said “ICLEI is not a conspiracy theory to take any private property or anything like that.”   (emphasis added)

Knapp wrote a letter in the Roanoke Times that said something similar.  But in this letter, he slipped up.  He said equity.  He admitted that ICLEI fights for “equity”, not equality, in the fight for sustainability.  Equity implies a fair result:

the quality of being fair or impartial; fairness; impartiality:  (

Who decides what is fair?  What is a fair result?  I believe that individuals should decide a fair result.  Not a confederation of US and foreign communities that may not share our values as Americans.

But let’s say RAH to Robert Cox and Carl Young for taking that stand.  If you live in New Rochelle, NY or Grapevine, TX, help them get the word out!


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