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Two FBI Officials Reviewed FISA Abuse Memo and report ‘No Inaccuracies in Memo’

The Democrats are so devastated by the contents of the Memo that is about to be released that they wrote their own, claiming that the Nunes Memo is all lies.

Sorry, Dems. The Memo has been reviewed by two FBI Senior Officials who compared it to the underlying documents that were used to write the Memo and found no inaccuracies.

Democrats also complain that releasing the Memo reveals “sources and methods”. But the purpose of the Memo was to disclose the wrongdoings by Democrat deep state operatives during and after the Obama Administration and what is in the Memo has been verified as the absolute truth and that there are no National Security issues with it’s release.

According to FoxNews:

Two senior FBI officials have now reviewed a controversial Republican staff memo alleging abuses of government surveillance programs during the 2016 presidential campaign, a source familiar with the matter told Fox News – adding that the officials “could not point to any factual inaccuracies.”

The two officials – one from the bureau’s counterintelligence division and the other from the legal division – followed up after an initial review of the memo during a rare Sunday trip to Capitol Hill by FBI Director Christopher Wray.

The House Intelligence Committee voted late Monday along party lines to release the memo, prompting a backlash from Democratic lawmakers. Top Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff called it a “very sad day.” President Trump has five working days to review the contents but is widely expected not to block its release.

After the contentious committee vote Monday night, the source confirmed that House staffers physically took the memo over to the White House for the president.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

12 Responses to “Two FBI Officials Reviewed FISA Abuse Memo and report ‘No Inaccuracies in Memo’”

  1. Cate B. says:

    McCabe is going to prison. And the Virginia connection to Governor Terry McAuliffe and his $700,000 payoff to McCabe and his wife for her state senate campaign in return for Clinton’s free pass by Peter Strzok should not be lost on Gene Lefty.

    Sedition. Firing Squad.

  2. GeneThePopulst says:

    It’s no longer the “Nunes Memo” but now the “Trump memo”. Nunes being Trump’s water boy. See Article in The Daily Beast.

    • Tom White says:

      Technically it is the House Intelligence Committee FISA Abuse Memo. Trump had not seen it or had anything to do with it until they brought it to him after the vote to declassify. Trump has not been working on the Obama FISA abuse and has not seen the documents upon which the Memo was written. Daily Beast is a left wing fake news propaganda site. Who wrote the Memo has absolutely no bearing on the now verified content of the Memo. I am sure staffers, committee members and perhaps FBI or Intelligence people had a hand in it. And lawyers.

      Stupid stories like this are completely irrelevant and designed to give the willfully ignorant some reason to doubt the content of the Memo. This is fake news because it has no bearing on the Memo.

      It is coming out, it has been verified and it will be devastating to the Democrats. And I keep telling you, this is just the first of 10 massive scandals that will destroy the Democrats and the deep state.

      We are also going to find out that not only is the dossier fake, but the entire Mueller investigation is based on fake stories and testimony that was altered by the FBI at the direction of McCabe. Who was under orders from the liar Obama.
      Tom White recently posted…Two FBI Officials Reviewer FISA Abuse Memo and report ‘No Inaccuracies in Memo’My Profile

    • mr green jeans

      Weaponization of the Federal government against American citizens has been a practice and pattern of the democrats lead by BHO during his entire term. The unfished business of Benghazi, IRS scandal, the Tarmacgate meeting in Arizona between EX US president Bill Clinton and US AG Lynch was so unethical and illegal. Why would you say ? Because Hillary was under investigation by Justice Dept which Lynch was head. I am sure the conversation was about the “family matters”. The corruption in all major depts. of the federal government was rampant during this democrat administration with Kaine and Warner in lock step with this corruption. VA,GSA,IRS,NAS,CIA,FBI,JD,SD,IRS and another dozen. We can add the sale of uranium to the Russia. What say you Lefty Gene? Let the Sunshine in.

  3. Bob Shannon

    It takes an engaged fired up citizenry to make a lasting difference. We know the corruption, the lying, the falsification being used daily in DC.

    My fear, damaging as this document may be is that in 6 months the American people have forgotten about it, and go back to their Dancing with the Stars and ball games.
    I often ponder what it will take to get the apathetic citizens engaged ? I wish I was that smart. Will the revelations that government officials at the very highest levels of the FBI, the Justice Department and or the White House be enough ? Makes for good news, interesting analysis for a few weeks ,maybe even a few months, but what then ? Was it Franklin that warned us , this new government can only last if it is led by God fearing men , and a honest citizenry ? He was/is correct. We clean this group of snakes out, only for the new snakes to move into the den.

    Bob Shannon King William

    • GeneThePopulist says:

      1) The Trump administration writing a memo about corruption in what is now Trump’s own FBI and Justice depts., is akin to a bank robber writing a memo about a shoplifter at a 7-Eleven. If Trump’s FBI and Justice is so corrupt, then why is both congress and Trump at a taxpayer funded party in West Virginia instead of in Washington fixing the alledged corruption problem?
      2) If this Trump memo is really secret, how come both the left and right already know what’s in it? If they do not know what is in the memo, why is the right making these massive claims about how big a game changer the memo release will be? Why is the left squirming? Secret, eh? BS
      3) Isn’t this memo just Trump’s lawyers trying to save Trump’s ass from the Mueller investigation?
      4) Bob, you answer your own question “what will it take to get apathetic citizens engaged”? Just take away their Dancing with the Stars and ball games. Those “apathetic citizens” voted in the majority to elect both Gore and Clinton. Just look what corruption gave us.
      5) “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” — John Adams Adams never owned a slave, he appears to be very credible in my eyes.
      7) You people are so easily manipulated.
      8) The ONLY truth is the Word of God.

  4. R. Stanton Scott

    An anonymously sourced Fox News report is pretty weak tea in support of the veracity of this memo, especially given that quite a few intelligence and law enforcement officials have gone on the record saying that it selectively omits pertinent facts. It seems to me that the majority on the Committee could release both the GOP and Democratic Party versions and let citizens decide whom to believe.

    I expect events will demonstrate that the Steele Dossier contains some speculation and bad data but some information that will prove factual. Who paid for this research matters less than whether its findings turn out to be accurate – and much of it has already been verified.

    Further, it appears that a loose-lipped drunk Papadopolous triggered the Russia collusion inquiry rather than this dossier. At a minimum, the FISA warrant application the memo discusses depended on more than Steele’s findings. So I would advise the Committee to be careful not to make claims in this memo that subsequent information proves incorrect. Compromising intelligence sources and methods for no good reason – or to spread misinformation – is not a good look during an election year.

    In any event, I predict that while Trump campaign officials almost certainly interacted with Russians during the campaign (Manafort comes to mind) they probably broke no laws doing so beyond failure to register as foreign agents or campaign finance law violations. His efforts to launder funds plundered from the Russian state by oligarchs is what will eventually bring him down, if anything does. This is what they really have on him, not urinating prostitutes, and to the extent he is helping them it’s not about foreign policy – it’s about becoming an oligarch himself.

    This of course requires destroying American’s faith in law enforcement and media institutions, and this is what the Nunes memo is really about. Since Congress won’t provide the checks and balances Madison designed into the system, as least as long as Republicans control both houses, exposure of Trump’s corruption through other means is all we have.

    • Tom White says:

      That has now been confirmed by many sources including the White House. 5 more FBI agents were also involved. As far as what may or may not be omitted, I am sure everyone named in the Memo would say that.

      It has been over a year since the dossier was made public, and who knows how long the FBI had it before that. According to Newsweek – hardly a Trump friendly source – it has been confirmed that Carter Page, a businessman who has a lengthy history as an international businessman in the Oil and other businesses. Page was about a low level a person in the Trump campaign as I was – I was a Congressional District Campaign Chair. A couple of meetings and not much else. It probably didn’t occur to Trump that he should bring on foreign policy advisor volunteers who had never heard of Russia. Seriously, wouldn’t you expect some expertise in Russia to advise a political campaign?

      The dossier also claims that Russia targeted Americans with disinformation, but there are not even allegations Trump knew or was involved. This is considered verified, but not relevant.

      They also claim it is verified Trump has ties to a rich guy from Azerbaijan. Ok. I bet he knows a lot of rich people around the world.

      And that is it. This Newsweek article is 3 weeks old, so I would say it is pretty current.

      Papadopoulos said Russia had hacked Hillary’s email and had a lot of dirt on her. From her open server. I think everyone knew that. We won’t know for sure until this claim by the NYTimes from unnamed anonymous sources is examined and the FISA details are known.

      Manafort has a history of what I consider shady dealings. He was hired on because the Establishment GOP was hammering Trump that he needs a “real” campaign manager to run a legitimate campaign. Trump would have been better off listening to his instincts.

      I think the IRS, EPA, BLM, FBI, DOJ, and others were weaponized and the faith and confidence was eroded by Obama’s weaponizing the government agencies. Cleaning house is just a first step in restoring this confidence.

      And the real reason behind this Memo is to force a Special Counsel. Which will likely happen.

      As far as the Democrat’s memo, it is on the same track as the Nunes Memo. The Committee will vote on allowing the full House to read it and they will then vote on declassifying it and then send it to the president. With Schiff demanding that process be followed again with the Nunes Memo because it was altered, why would we expect the Dem memo to follow some different track to release?
      Tom White recently posted…Dems Spend 8 Years Hating On Law Enforcement – Now Worry Memo will Harm Law EnforcementMy Profile

    • Paul Thiel says:

      Mr. Scott,
      “Weak tea” is you Trump haters still believing that Mr.Bill just coincidently met Loreta Lynch on the Tarmac !
      Or possibly Bengazi was due to a film.

      Mr. Scott keep drinking your fake tea and possibly you can wake up and smell the roses- or did some truth telling Democrat like Hillary tell you roses only smell good to Democrats !

  5. Sue Dover says:

    Apparently Lefty Genes isn’t familiar with Obama’s history with a bigoted pastor named Wright and extremist violent progressive named Ayers; his actions dividing us racially by inserting himself in local crimes (Trayvon could be my son, commenting on police action BEFORE KNOWING FACTS AND BEING COMPLETELY WRONG, politicizing the DOJ racially by refusing to prosecute blacks for voter intimidation, and on and on); dividing us politically. by weaponizing the IRS, DOJ, FBI, FISA Courts and CIA; dividing us by class by loading our country with ILLEGAL immigrants and doing nothing to prevent them coming, even sending planes for them; dividing us by religion by denying Christians their rights while protecting Islamic terrorists, failing to do anything to protect the Christians in the mid east from persecution and adopting policies and rules of rhetoric to keep people from speaking out against Islamic terrorists. The man is corrupt and arrogant and devoid of ability to promote and protect the very people and country he was elected to protect and promote. The criticism of Obama has nothing to do with his race, though race baiters immediately go there, and everything to do with his lack of character and principles. Don’t you dare try to claim Obama was one to respect the justice system, the rule of law or the constitution. I’d hate to have to fill Mr. White’s blog with the multitude of examples. I’m done now.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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