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Here’s two more reasons (thanks to the UKIP website) for the UK to leave the EU superempire once and for all.

The first one is silly (but probably more climate change tyranny) but now all vacuum cleaners in the EU can be no more than 1600 watts!  Don’t take my word for it – it’s in a major UK newspaper:

Then there was the story in yesterday’s paper about how as from next year the EU is going to ban powerful vacuum cleaners – reducing their maximum permissible output from 2,000 watts to 1,600 watts.

Here’s the story in the Express the previous day (May 30) on the EU vacuum cleaner ban:

Regulations due to come into force next year to cut energy usage will see the cleaners graded on an energy efficiency scale similar to the one used on fridges and freezers.


There is even a potential health risk because lower powered cleaners will not pick up allergy-provoking dust properly.

The move, part of an European Union drive for energy efficiency, has been branded “utter guff”.

Utter guff is probably the holy way to respond to it.  This is my friends and readers what will happen when the USA is completely under the thrall of the Agenda 21 apostles.  What business is it of the EU what power vacuum cleaners have?  It’s also what happens when an expansive commerce regulation power can lead to.  But that is probably harmless compared to the next item:

Brussels says UK is already discriminating against EU nationals – never mind Cameron’s tough, new proposals

That’s right.  The European Commission (another part of the EU superempire) is threatening to take the UK to court (their court of course, the ECHR) over not allowing new immigrants from other EU nations immediate government benefits!  Again, read it in The Week with The First Post:

Now, the BBC is reporting that, never mind the PM’s new proposals, the EU Commission is launching “infringement proceedings” against Britain at the European Court of Justice over a “right to reside test” that has been place since it was introduced by Labour in 2004.

The Commission believes this test makes it more difficult for EU nationals to access social security than for UK nationals and is therefore illegal under EU law.

And to defy this decree is probably illegal, according to the Express!

This has been ruled unlawful by the EU – and unfortunately under the terms of our EU membership it is.

Never mind all the bluster we’re now hearing from the coalition about how this is an injustice we’re going to resist with all our might. It’s not negotiable: free movement of labour (which includes people who’ve come to scrounge) is one of the cornerstones of the EU project.

Now immigration policy must not be used as an excuse to be mean and hateful to foreigners or anybody else.  But we can put our nation and its people first and so should the UK.  There only one solution:  The UK must get OUT of the EU right away.  And there only one British political party that can be counted on to do right for the British people:  UKIP.
Let me state again (to paraphrase the old hymn:  “Twill be my theme in glory!”); what is happening in the UK is what could happen in the US if we continue to bind ourselves in bad UN (Redundant oxymoron!) treaties and listen to the globalists and the Agenda 21 disciples.  Stand for what’s right – whether in the UK or here in the colonies!  UKIP is fighting our fight.

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