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I made my point clear several days ago and I’ll keep making it:  The USA men’s basketball team is not representative of the USA I know and thus I cannot support it.  I won’t do it.  It’s chosen of pro NBA athletes chosen again and again in a smoke-filled room.  I’ll openly root against them against most if not all the other teams in the games.  Especially Puerto Rico.  The Dream Team was sentimental sports imperialism that rigged the game so no one else could win.  Nothing has changed.  I think other Americans should do the same.  Root for the other teams.  Let’s go to a Richmond sports bar and do it en masse!  Go Argentina!  Go France!

Well, sports’ enfant terrible, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, weighed into the “Olympic pros ought to be paid” controversy and processed to cause a supernova explosion of controversy:  He thinks his TEAM ought to be paid for lending their players to the Olympic Team.  Read it for yourself:

Now Cuban seems to want to be paid, too, for turning over his players?


If the Olympics weren’t about profit, he said, then he would be fine turning over his players for the Games. Then, he said, it might be about the right things.

All that money that gets guilted out of people throughout the USA with teary commericals can be paid to the NBA pros and the TEAMS too?  But Cuban makes a serious point in his discreet comments:

“It’s the biggest mistake the NBA makes,’’ he said. “If you look up stupid in the dictionary, you see a picture of the USA Dream Team playing for free for corporate America so the U.S. Olympic Committee can make millions of dollars. If you come up with something that you own, that you give it to me for free so I can make billions of dollars, I want it.

“And it has nothing to do with patriotism. It’s all about money. You don’t see the Olympic Committee saying, ‘Oh we made so much money. Let’s give it to people.’ ”

I agree.  The men’s basketball team and many of the other professionals in the Olympics are designed to make millions for the Olympics, NBC, The US Olympic Committee and it has nothing to do with patriotism.  It’s about money and revenge for 1972 and 1988 again.  Well, my refusal to root for the USA team has nothing to do with patriotism, either.

Here’s the clarification from Cuban – which I agree actually.  He calls for a return of sorts to the old days:

The truth is, Cuban is not ripping the Olympic ideal, but rather saying that it is total BS at this point. He’s saying that the Olympic spirit has been hijacked by, well, the Olympics.

Either return the ideal or give everyone else a cut.

So, if the players were paid, you’d be OK with that?

“No,’’ Cuban said. “I think it should be 21 (-year-olds) and under, 22-and-under. That’s it. I can’t think of anything more ridiculous and stupid than giving away the best assets from a for-profit business to somebody else to make hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars.

It doesn’t get any dumber than that.’’

The Olympic spirit has indeed been hijacked by the Olympics.  Please give me a team I can root for in good conscience again.  I cried when the 1972 USA team was robbed of their gold by politics.  But today?  I won’t cry if Lithuania wins.  I’ll cheer instead.  If several other true patriots who agree will go with me, I’ll go to a Richmond sports bar and bring the Lithuania flag and root openly for them!  Go Tunisia!  Go Puerto Rico!  Go UK!  I’ll stay quiet when PRC plays and maybe if a team like Russia makes it.  At least the women’s team offered a chance to the Baylor superstar to play for her country.  Sorry Serena Williams, there’s no way I can root for you, either.  Let’s restore the Olympics to what it was:  Amateurs representing their nation and maybe winning and maybe not winning but the vast majority were honorable in playing the game.

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