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This new article by the Guardian has some nuggets for UKIP supporters like me:

First, the BNP once drew 10%+ in an election and UKIP is certainly skeptical on immigration and non-racist like BNP:

Nick Griffin’s party polled 10.4% of the Rotherham vote in the 2010 general election. Immigration is a big issue in the town, which has been hit hard by the recession. On Friday the Indian-owned Tata Steel announced that 110 more jobs were to go from the constituency, which has become a popular place for eastern Europeans to settle since EU enlargement in 2004. When the 2001 census took place, just 4.3% of the constituency were born outside the UK, with 5.4% of respondents (about 4,700) saying they were Muslim. Local estimates suggest both percentages have probably now doubled as a result of EU enlargement and natural growth.

While Tory strength is not enough to put UKIP over (It’s only 16.7% according to this article!) the top, it also benefits from the Labour MP mired in scandal:

On the doorstep, she (Jane Collins, UKIP hopeful) emphasised her grassroots credentials. Knocking on a door just around the corner from MacShane’s constituency house – where he claimed £125,000 over seven years for an office that turned out to be his garage – she asked 74-year-old David Evans what he thought of MacShane. “I daren’t say what I think of him – I’m a Labour voter,” said Evans. “He’s a waste of space, isn’t he? But he’s not alone.” He knew of Ukip, having seen the party leader on Have I Got News for You? the previous week. “What d’you call him? Le Fage? I saw him on the telly. He should be a comedian.”

UKIP appears to have the momentum in what is described as a “turnout” election:

But it is the Ukip campaign that appears to have the most momentum. Collins – who used to be an aide to Ukip’s MEP for Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire, Godfrey Bloom – felt she had a headstart. As Ukip’s Yorkshire regional organiser, she is always on the stump: “We don’t start campaigning when there is an election on. People see us all the time.”

Keen to prove that her party appeals not only to white Britons, Collins has roped in two Asian restaurateurs, Amjad and Mujeeb, to help. “They can speak Urdu,” she said.

This election will be decided by those who turn out.  Certainly the children should be returned to their foster parents right away.  No one should use kids as a pawn.  (This incident also shows why CRPD should not be enacted:  Every foster parent should call their senators tomorrow on this bad UN treaty!)

I think UKIP will do the best it has ever done.  Will it be enough to win?  It’s tough in a Labour district.  I do not know if there are the equivalent in the UK of the “Reagan Democrat” but if so, let’s hope they get out to vote Thursday.

There are also by-elections in Croydon North and Middlesbrough as well on November 29.  Here’s UKIP’s side of it for each riding.

We’ll see Thursday about 5 or 6 pm!  Go UKIP go!


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