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URGENT, URGENT, I need Ten Minutes with President Trump: DO NOT Attack Syria!

Mr. President, Mr. President, Please, another ten minutes, please sir!

Please do NOT attack Syria over the alleged gas attacks.  Here’s why:

  1.  We do not know WHO ordered it – could be the Assad regime or it could be rebels trying to lure us in against Assad – it could even be ISIS (in keeping with their character).  Don’t help ISIS.  Why would the Syrian regime do it?  If we act we could be in error.
  2. We do not know if it is gas or chemical weapons.  Need detailed toxicology to determine if it is gas or a chemical weapon.  Not symptoms.  Lab reports.  I read in an article I cannot find now that there needs to be a careful investigation first.
  3. It’s none of our business to police the world.  it is not consistent with America First.  America First means men and women are only placed in harm’s way when it is in the interests of the US to do so.  Human rights?  NO.  Stop evil?  ABSOLUTELY NO!

Let’s do this instead and I am deliberately compromising myself here.

Let’s suggest a trial or series of trials.  Speak to the American People and propose this:  First, let’s get a new Syrian government.  Find out if gas or chemical weapons were used and then determine in a trial who did it and then punish the appropriate parties.  Do it like the Nuremberg trials – in the name of the new Syrian government.  Have international prosecutors, defense counsel, investigators and judges.  I bet a distinguished jurist like say, Judge Merrick Garland, for example, would be an awesome judge for one of these cases or the prosecutor and maybe a few Dems might feel a bit better about the SCOTUS thing if you proposed it.   Anybody can be on SCOTUS but who gets to be his generation’s Robert Jackson!

I hate it.  I hate the entire idea.  But if trials prevent another dictator or rebel group from using chemical weapons it will be worth it.

Now about North Korea?  That is, unlike Syria, a imminent threat to the US.  But how about that, Mr. President, my ten minutes are nearly up.  Why am I speaking out?

When I was Appellate Defender, the US attacked Serbia for no real reason and every day I would listen to public radio and one day I realized:  Clinton (President) and Albright were leading us to war with help from folks like Senator McCain.  But the Appellate Defender must be above politics (my position) I kept silent.

Not again.  Please do not attack Syria.  There is a better more fair way to take care of this.  Get the war over and a new government in Damascus and then set up the trials.  I won’t agree with you all the time but I will have your back.  Thanks for your time, again, Mr. President.

UPDATE:  Too late.  Already done.  Let’s hope and pray this is right.


About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

4 Responses to “URGENT, URGENT, I need Ten Minutes with President Trump: DO NOT Attack Syria!”

  1. Robert Shannon

    Sandy raises very legitimate points–all of them. If I may allow me to add a few other considerations that I feel certain played into this decision.
    North Korea is the bigger problem and we have only two choices. The first is to convince China they must exercise the considerable leverage they have with NK to slow down their desires to take the nuclear weapons we now know they have and succeed in attaching these weapons to long range missiles. While we may have some time ( it is estimated NK won’t have the ability to do this for another 24 months) it must be done. Any political leader willing to sit idly by and allow hundreds of thousands of it’s own citizens to starve to death each winter will have no compunctions on using these weapons against others.

    President Trump certainly had that as part of his decision in this instance of launching ballistic missiles in a very limited and calculated way as to send the message..America will use military force if all other diplomatic measures fail to yield the desired results. I have often lamented how silly it is to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on a military we refuse to use, in this instance effectively.

    I am onboard with not wanting the U.S to play the worlds policeman, but I am also aware of the significant number of materials and weapons that disappeared as the former Soviet Union fell apart, and we have yet to determine just who’s hands these weapons are now in. The same scenario played out as Iraq fell into chaos 16 years ago and little doubt exists some of their weaponry fell into some bad actors hands. These weapons have the potential to ultimately end up in the hands of some folks who may very well make their way onto our shores.

    When you have an enemy that will intentionally weaponize a car or truck to kill innocent civilians , when you have the indiscriminate use of chemical or biological weapons against civilians then the world ( and who besides the U.S ) must step in and say NO, we won’t allow this.

    My late father fought in Korea in 1953, my younger brother served in Iraq and later in South Korea as an American Soldier. Now with grandsons in high school I pray that they are spared having to repeat the service of my other family members. Prayer alone however isn’t sufficient to keep order. Sometimes it requires brute force because we know the world has some very bad actors.

    Our military should not be used indiscriminately, but their are times when we must act, and act decisively. Efforts to corral these weapons and halt any potential spreading of them must be done. Efforts to make it crystal clear to the bad actors that they can expect the U.S to act …..that message was sent Thursday evening, and everyone around the globe heard it. What was Teddy Roosevelt’s philosophy……….walk softly but carry a big stick.

    Bob Shannon

    • Sandy Sanders

      Thanks again for coming by my friend Bob Shannon. I can only hope and pray it does some good.


    • Trump Watcher says:

      It’s time someone told the truth about N. Korea, Japan, and probably many other places in the world. The United States can no longer defend allies halfway around the world against multiple threats coming from China, Russia, and terrorists all over the world. As screwed up as Washington is, how can they possibly supervise a war????
      You mention that the United States has two options, but you only talk about the option that no other President has been able to accomplish. That option being getting China to stop N. Korea. Presidents far smarter than Trump could not do this, and the odds are that Trump cannot either. The second option is unacceptable. To many S. Koreans live close to the DMZ. Firing one cruise missle into N. Korea will no doubt provoke an immediate attack on S. Korea. The America people do not have the stomach for anymore wars, and they love their cheap Chinese junk supplied by Wall St. greed. Remember this Bob, China made Wall St. what it is, and in return, Wall St. made China what it is. China created the Wall St. billionaires in this country who purchase politicians as if they are a pack of cigarettes. American greed made China the superpower that it is today. N. Korea is what it is. It’s all about greed.
      As far as Syria using gas? I do not believe they are that stupid. After the SOS said Assad could stay? It just doesn’t add up. I ain’t buying it. One of these days you people may figure out who is really behind the Egypt, Libya, and Syria overthrown governments.
      As far as $60 million in cruise missles thrown away on an airfield in Syria? A waste of time. Jets were flying from the field the same day or the next day. I doubt Russia or China were impressed. It was “cute” that N. Korea “lit a candle” while Trump was eating a $1000 steak with the Japanese prime minister, and so Trump lights 59 candles while having a $1000 steak with the Communist Chinese leader. But in the end, what does it change? Well, it helps Trumps sinking ratings. Little else.

  2. Monica Sanders says:

    I agree with Sandy and Bob Shannon. It was proved in the past that Obama regime got gas to ISIS to use to blame on Assad. It makes NO sense he would use it on his own people. The prisons were so full of ISIS people that he “eliminated” them. Why would you ever turn them loose? The real reason Deep State is wanting to take out Assad is because they are not members of the IMF and the dinar is backed by gold. I hope Trump has a back door agreement with Assad.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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