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Va Governor Bob McDonnell Billing State for Sunscreen, Dog Vitamins and Colon Detox Cleanser


Those that read my posts with any regularity will know two things:

  • I supported Bob McDonnell in his 2009 bid for governor
  • I wouldn’t support him again if he ran for dog catcher.

Governor Bob McTaxHike said all the right things in 2009. He called the last 8 years under tax and spenders Kaine and Warner irresponsible. He laughed at Tim Kaine’s $2 billion tax hike as Kaine ran out of the door and 3 short years later McTaxHike turned a state legislative body that voted 0 – 100 against Kaine’s $2 billion into a body where 42 Republicans and most of the Democrats voted for a $6 billion tax hike.

Conservative he ain’t.

It is my opinion that a politician that lies to voters is not to be trusted – with anything. McDonnell lied to Virginians and raised our taxes anyway.

And then we found out that one of his top donors paid for his daughter’s wedding and in return, McDonnell appears to have done some things and granted extraordinary access that favored the donor’s business. The FBI and a Federal Grand Jury are still investigating this one.

And the Washington Post, using a Freedom of Information Act request asked for the expenses of the Executive Mansion. You see, it turns out that McDonnell was reprimanded about 6 months into his term for billing the taxpayers for deodorant, shoe repairs and dry-cleaning their kid’s clothing.

Ok. Anyone can make a mistake and assume that your employer has no problem paying for deodorant and cleaning for your kid’s clothes. (But most of us that make that type of mistake would probably be fired.)

So Governor McTaxHike was ordered to pay back $300 and he was set straight.

Only he continued to charge these things to the taxpayers. After all, it is clearly his view that milking us taxpayers is the right and privilege of the elite in government.

“Let them eat cake.”

But while McDonnell and family were giving taxpayers the shaft Bob and his elite family were c lensing their colons at taxpayer expense.

It seems that with Bob McDonnell running the state it is the taxpayers who need the colon cleansing.

And it looks like McDonnell only let the WaPo have a few receipts – mostly from 2011. Seems the Obama Administration are not the only ones stonewalling the taxpayers who are looking into corruption. Bob McDonnell is hiding things as well.

But we do know the family and the Governor are well protected from the sun by the sun screen they charged to us. And their dogs should be as healthy as their colons with the taxpayer paid vitamins.

But the former chef at the mansion is accusing McDonnell of pilfering. According to the WaPo story:

In court filings submitted as part of his defense, chef Todd Schneider has said that the McDonnells’ five children raided the mansion kitchen and liquor cabinet, taking large quantities of food and alcohol to their own homes or college dorm rooms. He also said that Maureen McDonnell had given away mansion pots and pans to her three daughters. McDonnell has declined to respond to those accusations, noting the ongoing criminal case against the chef.

And McDonnell’s spokesman Tucker Martin is beginning to sound a lot like Obama spokesman Jay Carney these days trying to defend against these accusations:

“Every Administration strives to balance private family life with the official state functions that are all occurring under the same roof, at the same time,” Martin said in an e-mail. “It is a balance and there is a constant effort to ensure that it is appropriately managed. The McDonnell Administration has adhered to precedent in reimbursing the state for items meant for personal use.”

Yes, I am sure it is hard to determine if giving away state owned property and allowing your kids to have Dorm Parties with liquor taken from the supply purchased by the state is appropriate or not. And the “we’ll reimburse the state if we get caught” excuse is as dishonest as they come. (And I’ll wager my bottom dollar that Tucker’s dog ‘Blue’ never took government provided vitamins.)

Ah, it’s good to be king.

Except that Bob McDonnell is not a king.

Former Illinois governor Blago found out the hard way that he was not a king. It seems under Bob McDonnell’s reign that Illinois and Virginia are starting to have a lot in common.

Perhaps before this is all over Bob will have the opportunity to occupy a room at state expense just as Blago does.

I am sure then that the differences between what is ethical, legal and proper will be explained to him in more detail.

With any luck America will be ready to move beyond elitist politicians who forget who they work for once they are elected. I pegged Bob McDonnell as a bad seed long ago and he completely lost my respect and support forever.

We just have to be more careful in who we elect.

My gut feeling is that we have another elitist as bad as Bob McDonnell running for Governor here in Virginia. There is absolutely no doubt that Terry McAuliffe would be as bad – probably worse – than Bob McDonnell.

Elitists are elitists no matter the party.

UPDATE: Rolex-gate

Now comes word that Bob McDonnell has actually accepted gifts and is not reporting them.

During a January 2012 interview with The Times-Dispatch, McDonnell was asked about the Rolex watch on his wrist. The governor responded that it was a Christmas gift from his wife.

But sources recently told The Times-Dispatch that Williams had purchased the men’s watch for Maureen McDonnell. According to The Washington Post, the first lady solicited the gift from Williams in August 2011 — shortly before she helped set up a meeting with Williams and a health department official to discuss Anatabloc and the same month that she held a luncheon at the Executive Mansion for the launch of the supplement.

On Wednesday, McDonnell spokesman Tucker Martin said that when the governor “learned of a gift he knew had to be reported, he reported it,” raising the issue as to whether McDonnell was aware that the expensive jewelry came from Williams. As a gift from Williams, the watch would have to be reported on the governor’s disclosure forms.

On Thursday, McDonnell said: “I think I’ve said all that I can say given the fact that there’s reviews being done of statement of economic interests at this time, and it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to comment at this time any further.”

During his radio show, however, McDonnell did say the state’s financial disclosure laws may need amending to clarify definitions of gifts that public officeholders must report.

This now makes at least 3 investigations into McDonnell’s improprieties in office.

Many in Republican circles are starting to wonder when his resignation will come. It seems to be a race to the finish line to see if the scandals will force him from office before the end of his term in January, 2014.

(In Virginia, a Governor may not run for reelection.)


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