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Video: Dr. Alveda King Visits Virginia for Pro Life Gathering

Dr. Alveda King

Dr. Alveda King, niece of the late Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King visited Virginia and spoke at a No Excuse Ministry PAC press conference at Calvary Christian Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Dr. King is a Christian woman who has a complete love and trust in the Lord and her every word is guided by this belief. And when you hear her speak, there is no doubt. She is a positive and uplifting person who spends her time spreading His word and the Christian morals that she and her family have lived for generations.

It is quite amazing to find out that when her Mother found out she was pregnant with Alveda, her first thought was to terminate the pregnancy. Of course, abortion was illegal then, but times were tough and another mouth to feed was a great concern. Dr. King’s father said “absolutely not! this is a girl and she has bright red hair and bright skin. I saw her in a dream 3 years ago.”

So, it seems Dr. King’s famous Uncle Martin was not the only family member to have a dream!

Alveda King is a very race conscious person. You might say it is in her genes.

Her red hair comes complements of her Great-Grandfather, who was Irish. She is Native American by way of her Mother’s genetic line and African as well. So, to say Alveta King is race conscious seems an understatement. But she is only concerned with one race – the Human Race.

And she is an outspoken leader in the fight for life, especially those not yet born. And the disproportionate number of African-American babies that are killed each year is nothing short of Black Genocide. This press conference did not sugar coat the hard, cold facts of the anti-black hatred that has driven the abortion industry. And the fact that most of the Planned Parenthood abortion mills are in inner city areas with high concentrations of Black folks is no accident. People like Margaret Sanger planned it that way.

Dr. King played trailers for two important films that are worth watching. Blood Money was narrated by Dr. King and will change your thinking on Abortion. And Maafa 21 will absolutely make you ashamed to have sat back and allowed 53 million human beings to be murdered in this country since 1973.

Dr. King is also a firm believer in the sanctity of marriage and that marriage is between one man and one woman.

In this video, Dr. King recalls speaking at a gathering against homosexuality and was told she might want to tone it down because there were gays in the audience. She said better now than when they reach the fires of Hell – they’re hot!

Dr. King is not advocating anyone vote for Republicans or Democrats. She has far more lofty goals.

In closing, she said:

With Great fear and trembling, approach the polling booths and vote for life, traditional marriage, good education and an economy that’s going to be rich because we are not killing the babies and the Earth is vomiting up the blood.

Let’s do the right thing. God bless you, I love all of you. Amen.

After the meeting, I introduced myself to Dr. Alveta King and told her I plan to do a post on her testimony. And I asked her if I could ask he a couple of questions.

She patted the chair beside her and said “Sit on down, let’s talk”.

Nothing pretentious. Nothing fancy. Just a good, down to earth Christian mother and grandmother willing to have a friendly chat.

We spoke a bit about the fact that she has lost 30 pounds, and she has a ways to go,m according to her.

But what I wanted to know most was, how do her Christian values and beliefs and her outspoken clarity on issues like Abortion, Homosexuality and other matters that conflict with the liberal mindset sit with other African Americans who think Blacks should just sit down, shut up and vote for whoever they are told to vote for.

“It’s getting better,” she said.

But there is no hatred for those who advocate the killing of innocent children. Her answer is simple. She will pray for them. It is her belief that we have already won the abortion battle, and it will manifest itself in time.

Watch this video of her talk. You will learn how a woman who has had 2 abortions, yet has 6 living children, has come full circle by the Grace and Love of God.

This was truly an inspiring 20 minutes. And Dr. Alveda King is truly a servant of the Almighty.


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    Eloquently done and well said, Tom!

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