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Virginia Blog Rankings for 6-19-2001

Introducing Blog Ranking 2.0!

Since January Virginia Right! has compiled a weekly ranking of the top political blogs in Virginia. This was just the first version, and as I wrote at the time. Shortly after I started, I began working on the next version, a far more complicated endeavor that took some time. I had always planned to be totally transparent and released the methods, but it was going to take a bit more work to compile and output the collected data in table form.

I have been testing and debugging the software I wrote to collect the data each Sunday and finally have everything debugged and cranking out the data for the day pretty efficiently.

I am working on an FAQ that will be published in the next few days, but to give you an outline of the data and how I compile the results and calculate the rankings.

The FAQ will have the reasons and logic behind the methods, but here is a quick overview of the process.

First, counters like Sitemeter are flawed and any designs I had on using this site were discarded rather quickly when I began looking at how to accomplish this project. Not everyone agrees with me on this, but they are simply wrong. I documented the findings of an experiment in this post.

The best method to use to rank blogs turns out to be the method that the search engines use to decide how high to rank your listings.

In reviewing the best ranking engines, there was one glaring problem that took some time to overcome. Not all ranking sites rank individual sites on “Community Blogs”. By Community Blogs, I am talking about places like Typepad, and Blogger. When you look up the rank for a particular “sub blog” (which have addresses like you either get the ranking for the entire site, or none at all. That is a real problem.

With Version 2.0, I decided on four of the top ranking engines, the reasons behind each one will be in the FAQ. The four I selected are Technorati, Alexa, Compete and WebArbiter. The software I wrote visits each of the 4 sites for all of the blogs in the ranking, which is now 63 as I pruned out 11 that had no updates in 6 months (which will probably be the threshold from now on). For Technorati, I grab the US Politics standing.

After visiting each site for each blog’s numbers, the data is stored in an SQL database. For any sites that are not listed, or part of a Community Blog, the ranking is assigned. And it is a draconian number – 100 million. There are two reasons for this number. First, some sites list rankings into the tens of millions, and if you are not listed, you should be ranked below them. The number is also a penalty for not taking the time to get your blog listed. The reason that matters is that if you link to me and you are not listed on the ranking engines, they will never “crawl” your site and see the link to me. It is like a tree falling with no one to hear. But if you are listed in all 4, then the link is pretty valuable and helps me far more. Also, when I publish your ranking in this post, the bots will crawl Virginia Right! and look in their database for your site. If you are not there, you get no love from them, which means your post will probably be listed on the 100th page on Google. Your being listed helps you and anyone that links to you. Trust me on this.

So, how is 100 Million fair if my blog is on a Community Blog? Do I expect you to move to a pay site? Absolutely not! Here is how the ranking averages work:

As I complete all 4 sites for each blog I calculate the average of the top 3 listings. In other words, if you are given a 100 million for a Community Blog, it is tossed out. We only use the best 3 out of 4. On the other hand, if you are not listed in 2 or more, well, that is the penalty part. And there is simply no reason not to get listed. It takes five minutes and costs nothing. Details will be in the FAQ.

After I get the average of the top three for all of the blogs, I sort the blogs based on that average. Sort of a Real Clear Blog Rankings type of average. The order in the sort becomes this weeks standing. That rank is also saved to the database so I can compare your ranking next week to this week. That number is in the table to let you know how much improvement you make week to week. Getting listed in all of the engines will help and it will bring you more readers. Guaranteed!

As I write the FAQ and get it published, if you follow the advice in there, you will see results. And that is what this project is all about. Promoting Virginia Blogs.

Here are the rankings. It is rather pointless to examine the changes from last week, as the way things are rated has changed. So, here are just the tables with all of the data. If you see a zero (or a -1) in one column, go there and get listed, or wait for the FAQ. But either way, do it. (They will all be -1 instead of 0 next week.)


The Overall Standings:

RankBlogNameWeekly TrendLast WeekWebTrendsAlexaTechnoratiCompeteAverage
1Bearing DriftUpwards 70.64%1241562246763204146984129583
2Vivian PageUpwards 49.30%222204922392017821068973149250
3Virginia Right!Upwards 42.89%326354720917498739022157606
4Not Larry SabatoUpwards 45.70%54189063953523870271548
5NoVa Town HallUpwards 47.34%76607335627291202539318367749
6BarticlesDown (16.90%)46529963539830258627421868
7Blue VirginiaUpwards 19.47%64550094907190330824425517
8Snapped ShotUpwards 103.53%10144559510907622429691828595006
9On The Right in VaUpwards 169.38%142176117718559165828239145700296
10Too ConservativeUpwards 92.37%121358525173222725161424510928517
11Black Velvet Bruce LiUpwards 171.26%19236907625508863893626096999688
12Va VirtuconUpwards 60.67%131604684173451965201113285
13Citizen TomUpwards 245.83%2727308044113928170710481161260209
14Waldo JaquithUpwards 152.86%222509857258295673013493761286654
15VB DemsUpwards 24.04%1510280001990553016824081566987
16Nova Common SenseUpwards 30.71%182213584282604805822031873945
17Fishersville MikeUpwards 55.32%2129420792726291333101890567
18Bacon's RebellionDown (0.66%)1640477012013303196302020989
19SWAC GirlUpwards 118.94%281686556456030133702082398
20Cat House ChatUpwards 56.98%2424858943898855010317862472178
21Project VirginiaDown (14.55%)1723379382478073031302862648765
22Crystal Clear ConservativeUpwards 177.52%444805126682943368534167612740857
23The Green MilesUpwards 62.74%3140470624650031460402900565
24Shaun KenneyUpwards 52.77%3321174415282442021385163179466
25Moon HowlingsUpwards 6.19%236385864392839104235713579275
26The RichmonderUpwards 30.63%3227205324884205033862413663659
27Schilling Show BlogUpwards 179.02%5117910651022987201491064056681
28Red NoVaUpwards 30.27%3562644015600957022382744701210
29From On HighUpwards 57.81%468213437747016652705228043
30United ConservativesUpwards 37.58%4397896495953638365305248980
31Scott's Morning BrewDown (21.99%)25103449323706848019616365337805
32The American Civil WarUpwards 25.59%398696475674174905824975340240
33Deo VindiceUpwards 89.17%50599601010170147280105389652
34I'm Surrounded by IdiotsUpwards 24.72%4180202766273912022733135522500
35Virginia DemUpwards 235.93%66513141915281685251606805206
36The Right Wing LiberalUpwards 128.63%6186204861211982960606913640
37Skeptical ObserverUpwards 19.59%5421773325104447704314010740803
38What IS Right for VirginiaUpwards 24.75%592499163293885974096011461441
39Shad PlankDown (98.20%)85862496022220033729490
40Armchair GeneralistDown (95.55%)11110590615249540034210286
41Disrupt the NarrativeDown (96.69%)9209755911312150034409591
42Virginia ConservativeDown (86.98%)29226192043665070035542809
43Yankee PhilDown (80.35%)42180950250433680035617623
44Mason ConservativeDown (91.98%)20432276826142800035645682
45Mosquito BlogDown (88.16%)26391290136960460035869649
46Va Social ConservativeDown (80.92%)40153761962386990035925439
47Rick Sincere ThoughtsDown (86.99%)30370633842814100035995916
48ProgressiveDemDown (82.16%)37349955350187020036172751
49X CurmudgeonDown (75.86%)48783770243757110037404471
50Tidewater LibertyDown (59.36%)60464509978326420037492580
51J's NotesDown (73.47%)49575927069030790037554116
52The Contemporary ConservativeDown (84.95%)34960064453381470038312930
53Rappahannock RepublicDown (83.76%)36868950965270980038405535
54Off K StreetDown (80.46%)451078166168742200039218627
55Roanoke Valley RepublicansDown (71.28%)521269526296905040040795255
56Right Side VaDown (79.53%)471745547175075180041654329
57The Bulletproof MonkDown (43.10%)6710201643154463620041882668
58Roanoke SlantDown (69.42%)5819498138107546480043417595
59The Farm TeamDown (63.99%)6221300293120860530044462115
60The Recovering PoliticoDown (46.50%)7019449247154883940044979213
61SW Va Law BlogDown (55.97%)6421233696141093400045114345
62Tertium QuidsDown (71.78%)5728901659106272810046509646
63Strictly VaDown (49.93%)6928655487154883840048047957
64Va 5th DistrictUpwards 39.73%711470083000071566943


Left Leaning Blogs:

RankBlogNameWeekly TrendLast WeekWebTrendsAlexaTechnoratiCompeteAverage
1Vivian PageUpwards 49.30%122204922392017821068973149250
2Not Larry SabatoUpwards 45.70%34189063953523870271548
3BarticlesDown (16.90%)26529963539830258627421868
4Blue VirginiaUpwards 19.47%44550094907190330824425517
5Waldo JaquithUpwards 152.86%82509857258295673013493761286654
6VB DemsUpwards 24.04%710280001990553016824081566987
7The Green MilesUpwards 62.74%1140470624650031460402900565
8Moon HowlingsUpwards 6.19%96385864392839104235713579275
9The RichmonderUpwards 30.63%1227205324884205033862413663659
10I'm Surrounded by IdiotsUpwards 24.72%1480202766273912022733135522500
11Virginia DemUpwards 235.93%20513141915281685251606805206
12What IS Right for VirginiaUpwards 24.75%182499163293885974096011461441
13Shad PlankDown (98.20%)55862496022220033729490
14Armchair GeneralistDown (95.55%)6110590615249540034210286
15Mosquito BlogDown (88.16%)10391290136960460035869649
16ProgressiveDemDown (82.16%)13349955350187020036172751
17X CurmudgeonDown (75.86%)16783770243757110037404471
18Off K StreetDown (80.46%)151078166168742200039218627
19The Farm TeamDown (63.99%)1921300293120860530044462115


Right Leaning Blogs:

RankBlogNameWeekly TrendLast WeekWebTrendsAlexaTechnoratiCompeteAverage
1Bearing DriftUpwards 70.64%1241562246763204146984129583
2Virginia Right!Upwards 42.89%226354720917498739022157606
3NoVa Town HallUpwards 47.34%36607335627291202539318367749
4Snapped ShotUpwards 103.53%5144559510907622429691828595006
5On The Right in VaUpwards 169.38%82176117718559165828239145700296
6Too ConservativeUpwards 92.37%61358525173222725161424510928517
7Black Velvet Bruce LiUpwards 171.26%12236907625508863893626096999688
8Va VirtuconUpwards 60.67%716046841734519652-11113285
9Citizen TomUpwards 245.83%1727308044113928170710481161260209
10Nova Common SenseUpwards 30.71%1122135842826048-15822031873945
11Fishersville MikeUpwards 55.32%14294207927262913331-11890567
12Bacon's RebellionDown (0.66%)9404770120133031963-12020989
13SWAC GirlUpwards 118.94%1816865564560301337-12082398
14Cat House ChatUpwards 56.98%1524858943898855-110317862472178
15Project VirginiaDown (14.55%)1023379382478073-131302862648765
16Crystal Clear ConservativeUpwards 177.52%304805126682943368534167612740857
17Shaun KenneyUpwards 52.77%2121174415282442-121385163179466
18Schilling Show BlogUpwards 179.02%35179106510229872-11491064056681
19Red NoVaUpwards 30.27%2362644015600957-122382744701210
20From On HighUpwards 57.81%3182134377470166527-15228043
21United ConservativesUpwards 37.58%29978964959536383653-15248980
22Scott's Morning BrewDown (21.99%)16103449323706848-119616365337805
23The American Civil WarUpwards 25.59%2686964756741749-15824975340240
24Deo VindiceUpwards 89.17%345996010101701472801-15389652
25The Right Wing LiberalUpwards 128.63%43862048612119829606-16913640
26Skeptical ObserverUpwards 19.59%3821773325104447704314-110740803
27Disrupt the NarrativeDown (96.69%)420975591131215-1-134409591
28Virginia ConservativeDown (86.98%)1922619204366507-1-135542809
29Yankee PhilDown (80.35%)2818095025043368-1-135617623
30Mason ConservativeDown (91.98%)1343227682614280-1-135645682
31Va Social ConservativeDown (80.92%)2715376196238699-1-135925439
32Rick Sincere ThoughtsDown (86.99%)2037063384281410-1-135995916
33Tidewater LibertyDown (59.36%)4246450997832642-1-137492580
34J's NotesDown (73.47%)3357592706903079-1-137554116
35The Contemporary ConservativeDown (84.95%)2296006445338147-1-138312930
36Rappahannock RepublicDown (83.76%)2486895096527098-1-138405535
37Roanoke Valley RepublicansDown (71.28%)36126952629690504-1-140795255
38Right Side VaDown (79.53%)32174554717507518-1-141654329
39The Bulletproof MonkDown (43.10%)471020164315446362-1-141882668
40Roanoke SlantDown (69.42%)411949813810754648-1-143417595
41The Recovering PoliticoDown (46.50%)501944924715488394-1-144979213
42SW Va Law BlogDown (55.97%)452123369614109340-1-145114345
43Tertium QuidsDown (71.78%)402890165910627281-1-146509646
44Strictly VaDown (49.93%)492865548715488384-1-148047957
45Va 5th DistrictUpwards 39.73%5114700830-1-1-171566943

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

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