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Virginia Political Blog Rankings for 7/17/2011

The Virginia Political Blog Rankings for 7/17/2011 are out!

Virginia Right! moved into the #1 slot for the first time. Yes, I do the rankings, but this is an average of 4 ranking sites, so the results are posted by each ranking engine. We simply average the results. The past few weeks have been very active on Virginia Right! with links on Politico, the 700 Club, and as well as featured links from and Freedom’s Phoenix. Fellow blogger Sandy Sanders has been busy exposing ICLEI which has caused quite a stir on the internet, as have the exposure of the Virginia SOL’s and their bias towards Islam. So we do expect Bearing Drift and Vivian Paige (All Politics is Local) to return to dominance soon (unless we have another Anthony Wiener episode to exploit expose).

I also made an adjustment to the “penalty” charged by not being listed on a ranking engine. As I have accumulated more data with the Blog Rank 2.0 version, the penalty has been reduced to reflect a ranking just below the worst ranking possible. The thought here is that a non-ranking will be just a bit lower than the lowest ranking. This penalty was too large and has been reduced which means that blogs not listed on two engines (ie – Compete AND Technorati) do not suffer more of a penalty than simply being ranked low by that particular outfit. Since the worst ranking on any engine is thrown out and not averaged, this change only effected the lowest ranked blogs. None of the higher ranked blogs were effected.

In addition, a second change was implemented based on the data compiled to date. It seems that some blogs are listed on some of the search engines without the “WWW” in front of the Blog URL. ProgressiveDem was one such blog. With the “WWW” in front, Compete did not find the Blog. But without the prefix, it ranks. I removed the “WWW” from ALL of the blogs in the lookup table and it helped a number of blogs with more complete data.

This week’s Most Improved Blog Award goes to ProgressiveDem  who is ironically “taking a break” for a couple of weeks. So it looks as though the vacation won’t hurt their rankings, so enjoy the break!

This week, 29 out of 45 Right Leaning Blogs improved (64%) while 12 out of 20 Left Leaning Blogs improved (60%). Overall, 41 out of 65 Virginia Blogs improved (63%). Note that the changes we made improved almost all of the blogs in the lower half of the rankings.

Barticles moved to a new home last month and I just noticed the announcement on the blog today, so the rapid drop of Barticle is due to the move. It may take a while for the ranking over there to recover.

Here are the new standings!

The Overall Standings:


RankBlogNameWeekly TrendLast WeekWebArbiterAlexaTechnoratiCompeteAverage
1Virginia Right!Upwards 29.56%326354720268699164842122542
2Bearing DriftDown (0.40%)1241562254237147148535130081
3Vivian PageDown (1.43%)22320272288491880549120154252
4Not Larry SabatoUpwards 2.08%44189063695563504-1263988
5Blue VirginiaUpwards 1.94%7455009475655-1336333422332
6NoVa Town HallDown (10.06%)56607336681611826723513443573
7Too ConservativeUpwards 44.96%10135852517345113504559731640586
8Snapped ShotDown (25.90%)8144559511168011541337810818255
9Black Velvet Bruce LiDown (9.03%)112369076232083238518820181068900
10Shaun KenneyUpwards 24.65%1521174414881907501512955721139342
11Va VirtuconDown (1.20%)12160468420662843174-11224714
12On The Right in VaDown (47.82%)9217611771798360598821142301306192
13Citizen TomDown (5.83%)1327308044764019121112822581338091
14The RichmonderUpwards 50.51%1927205323524405109613366341352754
15Waldo JaquithDown (20.47%)14250985723111732382-11607804
16Fishersville MikeDown (2.74%)1729420792681231691-11874667
17Bacon's RebellionUpwards 2.62%18404770117935102331-11947847
18Crystal Clear ConservativeUpwards 29.35%2548051265976656334815482922118922
19SWAC GirlDown (0.03%)2116865564800822279-12162552
20Project VirginiaUpwards 15.59%2323379382542294-119653392281857
21Cat House ChatUpwards 15.09%2424858943956199-15233742321822
22Mosquito BlogDown (2.50%)22391290135033572455-12472904
23Nova Common SenseDown (17.22%)2022135843429109-118769852506559
24The American Civil WarUpwards 18.84%2786964754538539598832668002603775
25The Green MilesDown (9.87%)26404706255759244114-13209033
26Moon HowlingsDown (8.59%)2863858643063865-113292803593003
27Schilling Show BlogDown (8.72%)2914051538650943-115370513864382
28From On HighDown (1.95%)31821343747701971015-14328216
29DemRulzDown (8.77%)30294804219204967178640938004433517
30Virginia DemUpwards 37.33%36513141997974192138-14976992
31Red NoVaDown (9.61%)3262644015105141-135881314985891
32I'm Surrounded by IdiotsUpwards 3.86%3380202765244176-117363065000252
33ProgressiveDemUpwards 606.04%4570603197060319-116053235241987
34Deo VindiceDown (0.11%)34599601010225040661-15407237
35Scott's Morning BrewDown (13.28%)35103449326935111-126037316627924
36Shad PlankUpwards 224.45%38586249608510-1-110398253
37The Right Wing LiberalDown (24.09%)37862048623301038592-110640705
38Skeptical ObserverUpwards 310.03%5521773325104737672853-110749981
39VB DemsDown (86.77%)1610280001520780-1-110849593
40Armchair GeneralistUpwards 213.27%3911059061711113-1-110939006
41Disrupt the NarrativeUpwards 210.36%4020975591158111-1-111085223
42The Farm TeamUpwards 543.99%65213002939323515-1374006411454624
43Virginia ConservativeUpwards 190.61%4122619204346964-1-112202961
44Mason ConservativeUpwards 454.87%6343227682501063-1-112274610
45Va Social ConservativeUpwards 186.68%4315376195955162-1-112497593
46Yankee PhilUpwards 184.25%4218095025919242-1-112576248
47Rick Sincere ThoughtsUpwards 182.78%4437063384455904-1-112720747
48X CurmudgeonUpwards 167.15%4678377024039469-1-113959057
49Tidewater LibertyUpwards 164.73%4746450997846177-1-114163758
50The Contemporary ConservativeUpwards 155.74%4996006445341290-1-114980644
51J's NotesUpwards 143.96%48575927010421814-1-115393694
52United ConservativesUpwards 151.18%5097896496510551-1-115433400
53Rappahannock RepublicUpwards 144.58%5186895098938906-1-115876138
54Off K StreetUpwards 137.10%521078166110271768-1-117017809
55Roanoke Valley RepublicansUpwards 137.95%53126952629566335-1-117420532
56BarticlesDown (97.68%)6883481615372976-1-118069264
57SW Va Law BlogUpwards 112.33%562123369611067194-1-120766963
58Right Side VaUpwards 110.92%571745547115625133-1-121026868
59What IS Right for VirginiaUpwards 110.89%58249916328128287-1-121039973
60The Bulletproof MonkUpwards 98.01%541020164323307490-1-121169711
61The Recovering PoliticoUpwards 107.52%591944924715625178-1-121691475
62Roanoke SlantUpwards 107.44%601949813815625134-1-121707757
63Tertium QuidsUpwards 100.63%612890165910650738-1-123184132
64Strictly VaUpwards 94.20%622865548715625162-1-124760216
65Va 5th DistrictUpwards 187.41%6414700830-1-1-124900276


Right Leaning Blogs:

RankBlogNameWeekly TrendLast WeekWebArbiterAlexaTechnoratiCompeteAverage
1Virginia Right!Upwards 29.56%226354720268699164842122542
2Bearing DriftDown (0.40%)1241562254237147148535130081
3NoVa Town HallDown (10.06%)36607336681611826723513443573
4Too ConservativeUpwards 44.96%6135852517345113504559731640586
5Snapped ShotDown (25.90%)4144559511168011541337810818255
6Black Velvet Bruce LiDown (9.03%)72369076232083238518820181068900
7Shaun KenneyUpwards 24.65%1021174414881907501512955721139342
8Va VirtuconDown (1.20%)8160468420662843174-11224714
9On The Right in VaDown (47.82%)5217611771798360598821142301306192
10Citizen TomDown (5.83%)927308044764019121112822581338091
11Fishersville MikeDown (2.74%)1129420792681231691-11874667
12Bacon's RebellionUpwards 2.62%12404770117935102331-11947847
13Crystal Clear ConservativeUpwards 29.35%1748051265976656334815482922118922
14SWAC GirlDown (0.03%)1416865564800822279-12162552
15Project VirginiaUpwards 15.59%1523379382542294-119653392281857
16Cat House ChatUpwards 15.09%1624858943956199-15233742321822
17Nova Common SenseDown (17.22%)1322135843429109-118769852506559
18The American Civil WarUpwards 18.84%1886964754538539598832668002603775
19Schilling Show BlogDown (8.72%)1914051538650943-115370513864382
20From On HighDown (1.95%)20821343747701971015-14328216
21Red NoVaDown (9.61%)2162644015105141-135881314985891
22Deo VindiceDown (0.11%)22599601010225040661-15407237
23Scott's Morning BrewDown (13.28%)23103449326935111-126037316627924
24The Right Wing LiberalDown (24.09%)24862048623301038592-110640705
25Skeptical ObserverUpwards 310.03%3721773325104737672853-110749981
26Disrupt the NarrativeUpwards 210.36%2520975591158111-1-111085223
27Virginia ConservativeUpwards 190.61%2622619204346964-1-112202961
28Mason ConservativeUpwards 454.87%4443227682501063-1-112274610
29Va Social ConservativeUpwards 186.68%2815376195955162-1-112497593
30Yankee PhilUpwards 184.25%2718095025919242-1-112576248
31Rick Sincere ThoughtsUpwards 182.78%2937063384455904-1-112720747
32Tidewater LibertyUpwards 164.73%3046450997846177-1-114163758
33The Contemporary ConservativeUpwards 155.74%3296006445341290-1-114980644
34J's NotesUpwards 143.96%31575927010421814-1-115393694
35United ConservativesUpwards 151.18%3397896496510551-1-115433400
36Rappahannock RepublicUpwards 144.58%3486895098938906-1-115876138
37Roanoke Valley RepublicansUpwards 137.95%35126952629566335-1-117420532
38SW Va Law BlogUpwards 112.33%382123369611067194-1-120766963
39Right Side VaUpwards 110.92%391745547115625133-1-121026868
40The Bulletproof MonkUpwards 98.01%361020164323307490-1-121169711
41The Recovering PoliticoUpwards 107.52%401944924715625178-1-121691475
42Roanoke SlantUpwards 107.44%411949813815625134-1-121707757
43Tertium QuidsUpwards 100.63%422890165910650738-1-123184132
44Strictly VaUpwards 94.20%432865548715625162-1-124760216
45Va 5th DistrictUpwards 187.41%4514700830-1-1-124900276


Left Leaning Blogs:

RankBlogNameWeekly TrendLast WeekWebArbiterAlexaTechnoratiCompeteAverage
1Vivian PageDown (1.43%)12320272288491880549120154252
2Not Larry SabatoUpwards 2.08%24189063695563504-1263988
3Blue VirginiaUpwards 1.94%4455009475655-1336333422332
4The RichmonderUpwards 50.51%727205323524405109613366341352754
5Waldo JaquithDown (20.47%)5250985723111732382-11607804
6Mosquito BlogDown (2.50%)8391290135033572455-12472904
7The Green MilesDown (9.87%)9404706255759244114-13209033
8Moon HowlingsDown (8.59%)1063858643063865-113292803593003
9DemRulzDown (8.77%)11294804219204967178640938004433517
10Virginia DemUpwards 37.33%13513141997974192138-14976992
11I'm Surrounded by IdiotsUpwards 3.86%1280202765244176-117363065000252
12ProgressiveDemUpwards 606.04%1670603197060319-116053235241987
13Shad PlankUpwards 224.45%14586249608510-1-110398253
14VB DemsDown (86.77%)610280001520780-1-110849593
15Armchair GeneralistUpwards 213.27%1511059061711113-1-110939006
16The Farm TeamUpwards 543.99%20213002939323515-1374006411454624
17X CurmudgeonUpwards 167.15%1778377024039469-1-113959057
18Off K StreetUpwards 137.10%181078166110271768-1-117017809
19BarticlesDown (97.68%)3883481615372976-1-118069264
20What IS Right for VirginiaUpwards 110.89%19249916328128287-1-121039973

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Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

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