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Virginia Political Blog Rankings for 8/7/2011 – Left Leaning Blogs Win the Week with 59% Improving

The Virginia Political Blog Rankings for 8/7/2011 are out!

The rankings have been trimmed down to only the top 50 most active blogs. If you are the owner of a blog that has been removed from the top 50, please let me know if you return to actively blogging. While there is no hard and fast rule (yet) on what constitutes an active blog, certainly more than one per month is in order. When I began to weed out inactive blogs, I used a 90 day guideline to declare a blog inactive. What I have found is that there were a number of blogs that may post once every couple of months. While time restraints take a toll on most people, and a blogging hiatus is sometimes necessary, one of the goals of these rankings is to encourage and promote blogging in Virginia. If there are new posts only on rare occasions, there is really nothing to promote and sending readers to a mostly inactive blog diminishes the value of the rankings and is a waste of time for readers.

So, if you were removed from the rankings, sorry about that. But please let me know if you jump back in the fray.

The bragging rights for Most Improved Virginia Blog goes to RightSide VA  up 30.2% for the week and rose from 47th place to 36th in the overall ranking, apparently due to one sweet post!

10 out of 17 Left Leaning Blogs improved (59%).

17 out of 33 Right Leaning Blogs improved (52%).

Overall, 27 out of 50 Blogs Improved (54%).

Here are the rankings: (Hint – The default view of to can be expanded to show all of the lines.)

The Overall Standings:

RankBlogNameWeekly TrendLast WeekWebArbiterAlexaTechnoratiCompeteAverage
1Virginia Right!Upwards 0.49%126354719722494164842120720
2Bearing DriftUnchanged224156224668459148535130052
3Vivian PageUpwards 0.64%32220492181891440-1147226
4Not Larry SabatoUpwards 1.10%44189063574041567-1259292
5Blue VirginiaDown (0.83%)5455009451910-1336333414417
6NoVa Town HallDown (2.63%)66607336806161518723513447622
7Too ConservativeDown 0.00%7135852514489702637559731640297
8Snapped ShotUpwards 0.79%814455959792421251337810772392
9Black Velvet Bruce LiUpwards 0.28%9236907620156743474882018967055
10Va VirtuconUpwards 5.65%10160468417910833145-11132970
11On The Right in VaUpwards 6.59%1118180961857947597621142301227339
12Citizen TomUpwards 0.00%122730804406180598412822581338015
13The RichmonderDown 0.00%132720532356358548913366341352551
14Waldo JaquithUpwards 0.22%1425098572259222561-11589880
15Bacon's RebellionUpwards 0.01%15404770119139321885-11987839
16Fishersville MikeDown (3.12%)17294207933727912717-12105862
17Crystal Clear ConservativeDown 0.00%1848051266641555295915482922118792
18SWAC GirlDown (5.82%)1616865564728792338-12138562
19Nova Common SenseUpwards 3.09%2022135843182357-118769852424308
20Project VirginiaDown (2.27%)1923379383040738-119653392448005
21The American Civil WarDown (2.43%)2186964754478280597632668002583685
22Shaun KenneyUpwards 0.79%2321174414499377-112955722637463
23Mosquito BlogDown (6.32%)22391290144197972093-12778263
24Schilling Show BlogDown (0.69%)2514051535752462-115370512898222
25Cat House ChatDown (6.87%)2424858945754011-15233742921093
26Moon HowlingsDown (0.27%)2663858642699485-113292803471543
27Virginia DemUpwards 7.30%27513141962705482637-13801534
28From On HighUpwards 0.23%28821343741997671154-14138119
29DemRulzDown (0.73%)29294804219374842271740938004490453
30Deo VindiceDown (0.60%)3059960108250929612-14749183
31ProgressiveDemUpwards 4.04%3270603195983512-116053234883051
32Red NoVaDown (0.34%)3162644014991678-135881314948070
33I'm Surrounded by IdiotsUpwards 3.73%3380202765133477-117363064963353
34Scott's Morning BrewUpwards 5.14%34103449328220189-126037317056284
35Shad PlankDown (0.01%)35586249593337-1-110393195
36Right Side VaUpwards 30.15%4717455471140416744177-110500440
37VB DemsUpwards 0.11%3710280001268022-1-110765340
38The Right Wing LiberalDown (0.93%)36862048623843465519-110821490
39The Farm TeamUpwards 1.85%39213002937482410-1374006410840922
40Armchair GeneralistDown (0.32%)3811059061989414-1-111031773
41Disrupt the NarrativeDown (1.87%)4020975592556950-1-111551503
42Skeptical ObserverUpwards 26.53%4921773325140417091777-111938937
43Va Social ConservativeUpwards 4.25%4415376194985815-1-112174478
44Virginia ConservativeUpwards 0.17%4122619204493803-1-112251907
45The Green MilesUpwards 5.79%4640470623028731-1-112358597
46Mason ConservativeUpwards 0.29%4243227682821934-1-112381567
47Rick Sincere ThoughtsDown (0.11%)4337063384019750-1-112575362
48Yankee PhilDown (0.18%)4518095026598912-1-112802804
49United ConservativesUpwards 0.69%4897896494450630-1-114746759
50BarticlesUpwards 4.79%5080317497899211-1-115310320


Left Leaning Blogs:

RankBlogNameWeekly TrendLast WeekWebArbiterAlexaTechnoratiCompeteAverage
1Vivian PageUpwards 0.64%12220492181891440-1147226
2Not Larry SabatoUpwards 1.10%24189063574041567-1259292
3Blue VirginiaDown (0.83%)3455009451910-1336333414417
4The RichmonderDown 0.00%42720532356358548913366341352551
5Waldo JaquithUpwards 0.22%525098572259222561-11589880
6Mosquito BlogDown (6.32%)6391290144197972093-12778263
7Moon HowlingsDown (0.27%)763858642699485-113292803471543
8Virginia DemUpwards 7.30%8513141962705482637-13801534
9DemRulzDown (0.73%)9294804219374842271740938004490453
10ProgressiveDemUpwards 4.04%1070603195983512-116053234883051
11I'm Surrounded by IdiotsUpwards 3.73%1180202765133477-117363064963353
12Shad PlankDown (0.01%)12586249593337-1-110393195
13VB DemsUpwards 0.11%1310280001268022-1-110765340
14The Farm TeamUpwards 1.85%15213002937482410-1374006410840922
15Armchair GeneralistDown (0.32%)1411059061989414-1-111031773
16The Green MilesUpwards 5.79%1640470623028731-1-112358597
17BarticlesUpwards 4.79%1780317497899211-1-115310320


Right Leaning Blogs:

RankBlogNameWeekly TrendLast WeekWebArbiterAlexaTechnoratiCompeteAverage
1Virginia Right!Upwards 0.49%126354719722494164842120720
2Bearing DriftUnchanged224156224668459148535130052
3NoVa Town HallDown (2.63%)36607336806161518723513447622
4Too ConservativeDown 0.00%4135852514489702637559731640297
5Snapped ShotUpwards 0.79%514455959792421251337810772392
6Black Velvet Bruce LiUpwards 0.28%6236907620156743474882018967055
7Va VirtuconUpwards 5.65%7160468417910833145-11132970
8On The Right in VaUpwards 6.59%818180961857947597621142301227339
9Citizen TomUpwards 0.00%92730804406180598412822581338015
10Bacon's RebellionUpwards 0.01%10404770119139321885-11987839
11Fishersville MikeDown (3.12%)12294207933727912717-12105862
12Crystal Clear ConservativeDown 0.00%1348051266641555295915482922118792
13SWAC GirlDown (5.82%)1116865564728792338-12138562
14Nova Common SenseUpwards 3.09%1522135843182357-118769852424308
15Project VirginiaDown (2.27%)1423379383040738-119653392448005
16The American Civil WarDown (2.43%)1686964754478280597632668002583685
17Shaun KenneyUpwards 0.79%1721174414499377-112955722637463
18Schilling Show BlogDown (0.69%)1914051535752462-115370512898222
19Cat House ChatDown (6.87%)1824858945754011-15233742921093
20From On HighUpwards 0.23%20821343741997671154-14138119
21Deo VindiceDown (0.60%)2159960108250929612-14749183
22Red NoVaDown (0.34%)2262644014991678-135881314948070
23Scott's Morning BrewUpwards 5.14%23103449328220189-126037317056284
24Right Side VaUpwards 30.15%3117455471140416744177-110500440
25The Right Wing LiberalDown (0.93%)24862048623843465519-110821490
26Disrupt the NarrativeDown (1.87%)2520975592556950-1-111551503
27Skeptical ObserverUpwards 26.53%3321773325140417091777-111938937
28Va Social ConservativeUpwards 4.25%2915376194985815-1-112174478
29Virginia ConservativeUpwards 0.17%2622619204493803-1-112251907
30Mason ConservativeUpwards 0.29%2743227682821934-1-112381567
31Rick Sincere ThoughtsDown (0.11%)2837063384019750-1-112575362
32Yankee PhilDown (0.18%)3018095026598912-1-112802804
33United ConservativesUpwards 0.69%3297896494450630-1-114746759

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

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