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Virginia Political Blog Rankings (Including Dollar Value of Blogs): 2011 Week 1 Standings

One of the things that has been missing from the Virginia Political Blogosphere for a while is a method of ranking the political blogs. The now defunct blog aggregator BNN had a weekly ranking, but many questioned the validity of the weekly rankings, their objectivity and exactly what was being considered in these rankings. There have been no head to head measurements by which to gauge the impact and reach of political blogs.

Until now!

After digging around to find a fair way to measure blogs, I looked a a number of free websites that attempt to do just that. On problem with most of these sites is the fact that they fail to calculate a value for the blogs that are not self hosted. Those using, or are rated on the ranking of the entire hosting site, not the individual blog.

I ran across WebAribiter and this actually gave rankings and dollar values for almost all of the Political Blogs tracked at Old Dominion Blogs aggregator, which has about 75 blogs that it tracks. Only two of those failed to track individually. This site actually gives a pretty good synopsis of each blog (or site) you enter.

I wrote a bot to fetch the data for each of the 73 Virginia Blogs, enter the data in a database (right now it is an access database, but it will be moved to a MySQL soon) and wrote a front end program to mine the data. The result is, I am able to rank blogs by Political leaning by Dollar Value, Local and Global ranking and order them in a head to head way so a comparison is now possible.

I believe the dollar ranking to be the best overall measure as to the reach of a blog. I also believe the dollar values should be taken with a grain of salt as to the actual monetary value, but if taken as “points” as opposed to dollars, it looks to be a pretty good measure.

Any Virginia blog ranking that fails show Not Larry Sabato and Bearing Drift at the top of the charts is, in my opinion, suspect, and fails the sanity check.

These rankings are not intended to offend anyone and are simply reflective of measurements and algorithms developed by someone with no interest in Virginia Politics and completely objective in their calculations.

I intend to put these rankings up on a weekly basis, hopefully on Sunday. How much variation there will be week to week remains to be seen, but these statistics will likely not change by any great amount week to week, but as I collect data, we shall see.

Below is a list by the three category groups: All Virginia Political Blogs, Right Leaning Blogs and Left Leaning Blogs. These use the dollar value and there ARE TIES!

First, the All Virginia Political Blogs for Week 1 – January 2, 2011:


All Virginia Political Blogs Ranked By Dollar Value

Rank Blog Name Blog Value Blog URL
1 Not Larry Sabato $210,787.00
2 Bearing Drift $109,500.00
2 Vivian Page $109,500.00
3 Virginia Right! $65,700.00
3 Barticles $65,700.00
4 Shad Plank $45,990.00
4 Blue Virginia $45,990.00
5 Too Conservative $45,168.00
6 Armchair Generalist $41,062.00
7 Va Virtucon $19,710.00
7 VB Dems $19,710.00
8 Snapped Shot $11,497.00
9 Va Social Conservative $9,855.00
9 SWAC Girl $9,855.00
9 Schilling Show Blog $9,855.00
9 NoVa Town Hall $9,855.00
9 Project Virginia $9,855.00
9 Yankee Phil $9,855.00
10 Rick Sincere Thoughts $7,665.00
11 Black Velvet Bruce Li $6,898.00
12 Tertium Quids $5,748.00
12 Fishersville Mike $5,748.00
12 Bacon’s Rebellion $5,748.00
12 The Green Miles $5,748.00
12 What IS Right for Virginia $5,748.00
13 Citizen Tom $4,599.00
13 Cat House Chat $4,599.00
13 Mosquito Blog $4,599.00
13 Virginia Conservative $4,599.00
14 ProgressiveDem $3,449.00
14 Waldo Jaquith $3,449.00
15 Crystal Clear Conservative $2,682.00
15 Mason Conservative $2,682.00
15 From On High $2,682.00
15 Rappahannock Republic $2,682.00
15 Red NoVa $2,682.00
15 Virginia Dem $2,682.00
16 Delmarva Dealings $2,463.00
17 J’s Notes $1,533.00
17 I’m Surrounded by Idiots $1,533.00
17 Deo Vindice $1,533.00
17 Roanoke Slant $1,533.00
17 X Curmudgeon $1,533.00
17 Shaun Kenney $1,533.00
17 Tidewater Liberty $1,533.00
17 The Contemporary Conservative $1,533.00
18 Disrupt the Narrative $1,149.00
19 Moon Howlings $919.00
20 Va Patriot $876.00
20 Tim Boyer $876.00
21 The Toxic Mud Pit $769.00
22 Coarse Cracked Corn $767.00
23 Right Side Va $732.00
24 SW Va Law Blog $725.00
25 Strictly Va $724.00
26 The Bulletproof Monk $690.00
27 United Conservatives $674.00
28 The Recovering Politico $618.00
29 On The Right in Va $617.00
30 The 28th Amendment $598.00
31 The Right Wing Liberal $549.00
32 The Lee Brothers $527.00
33 Dogwood Pundit $525.00
34 Roanoke Valley Republicans $500.00
35 Off K Street $497.00
36 PW Conservative (Verticalis) $491.00
37 Skeptical Observer $490.00
38 Scott’s Morning Brew $450.00
39 The Farm Team $406.00
40 Va 5th District $219.00
40 Without Supervision $219.00
40 The American Civil War $219.00
40 The Richmonder $219.00


And the ranking of the Right Leaning Blogs:


Virginia Conservative Blogs Ranked By Dollar Value

Rank Blog Name Dollar Value Blog URL
1 Bearing Drift $109,500.00
2 Virginia Right! $65,700.00
3 Too Conservative $45,168.00
4 Va Virtucon $19,710.00
5 Snapped Shot $11,497.00
6 SWAC Girl $9,855.00
6 Va Social Conservative $9,855.00
6 Project Virginia $9,855.00
6 NoVa Town Hall $9,855.00
6 Schilling Show Blog $9,855.00
6 Yankee Phil $9,855.00
7 Rick Sincere Thoughts $7,665.00
8 Black Velvet Bruce Li $6,898.00
9 Bacon’s Rebellion $5,748.00
9 Fishersville Mike $5,748.00
9 Tertium Quids $5,748.00
10 Virginia Conservative $4,599.00
10 Cat House Chat $4,599.00
10 Citizen Tom $4,599.00
11 Red NoVa $2,682.00
11 From On High $2,682.00
11 Crystal Clear Conservative $2,682.00
11 Mason Conservative $2,682.00
11 Rappahannock Republic $2,682.00
12 Delmarva Dealings $2,463.00
13 Deo Vindice $1,533.00
13 Shaun Kenney $1,533.00
13 Tidewater Liberty $1,533.00
13 J’s Notes $1,533.00
13 The Contemporary Conservative $1,533.00
13 Roanoke Slant $1,533.00
14 Disrupt the Narrative $1,149.00
15 Va Patriot $876.00
15 Tim Boyer $876.00
19 The Toxic Mud Pit $769.00
17 Right Side Va $732.00
18 SW Va Law Blog $725.00
19 Strictly Va $724.00
20 The Bulletproof Monk $690.00
21 United Conservatives $674.00
22 The Recovering Politico $618.00
23 On The Right in Va $617.00
24 The Right Wing Liberal $549.00
25 The Lee Brothers $527.00
26 Dogwood Pundit $525.00
27 Roanoke Valley Republicans $500.00
28 PW Conservative (Verticalis) $491.00
29 Skeptical Observer $490.00
30 Scott’s Morning Brew $450.00
31 The American Civil War $219.00
31 Va 5th District $219.00


And the Left Leaning Blogs:


Virginia Liberal Blogs Ranked by Dollar Value

Rank Blog Name Dollar Value Blog URL
1 Not Larry Sabato $210,787.00
2 Vivian Page $109,500.00
3 Barticles $65,700.00
4 Blue Virginia $45,990.00
4 Shad Plank $45,990.00
5 Armchair Generalist $41,062.00
6 VB Dems $19,710.00
7 The Green Miles $5,748.00
7 What IS Right for Virginia $5,748.00
8 Mosquito Blog $4,599.00
9 Waldo Jaquith $3,449.00
9 ProgressiveDem $3,449.00
10 Virginia Dem $2,682.00
11 I’m Surrounded by Idiots $1,533.00
11 X Curmudgeon $1,533.00
12 Moon Howlings $919.00
13 Coarse Cracked Corn $767.00
14 The 28th Amendment $598.00
15 Off K Street $497.00
16 The Farm Team $406.00
17 The Richmonder $219.00
18 Without Supervision $219.00

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

13 Responses to “Virginia Political Blog Rankings (Including Dollar Value of Blogs): 2011 Week 1 Standings”

  1. J.R. Hoeft says:

    Very interesting. It appears we at Bearing Drift, and the conservative blogosphere in general, still have some work to do!

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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