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Virginia Public Schools Using SOL’s to Indoctrinate Children in Islamic Theology and Purge Christianity – Part II

Part 2 of a 3 Part Series:

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This is part II of a three part expose’  on the Virginia Department of Education’s attempt to push Islam while purging Christianity and even Capitalism from our children’s classrooms. In Part I of this story we looked specifically at the extraordinary amount of indoctrination the Standards of Learning place on Islam and the Muslim Culture and Theological History. In this section we will take a close look at the purging of Christianity and Capitalism and the concept of government as your lord and protector. To accomplish this goal, the DoE has revised, altered and selectively edited words, paragraphs, historic events and entire civilizations.

We mentioned the B.C. – A.D. purge in the first section. There is a lot more.

Students used to study nine Eastern Hemisphere Cultures and only three Western Hemisphere Civilizations. Apparently, the Euro-centric elitists at the DOE decided three from this side of the world would diminish the importance of the Eastern Hemisphere, so The Mayan Empire was deleted allowing more valuable time to be spent on another subject – say Islam. (Section 2a)

In Section 3a, they decided to add England’s Queen Elizabeth I, a seemingly worthy historic figure to study, right? But when you look at what they want the students to know about QE1, the points they emphasize are:

  1. The Anglican Church (Church of England) – Perhaps an example of why religion needs to be purged from government???
  2. Tolerance for dissenters – Especially the Christian Socialists
  3. Expansion and colonialism – Seen as a bad thing these days
  4. Victory over the Spanish Armada – 1588

This obviously gives teachers ample opportunity to explain to the children why America is so bad what with her roots in an Imperialistic, State controlled Church, bellicose Motherland. Yet they loved Dissenters.

Next stricken was the Reformation and how Reformation gave rise to Capitalism, that nasty and unfair system that benefits the rich. And they also rename Reformers. They are now called Dissenters. And students were previously taught that the Reformation led to Democratic thought. That no longer happened. And the “growth of religious tolerance” seemed too fast for the DOE, so the children are now taught it was an “eventual” growth of tolerance.

Section 6d seeks to change the way children think about an all powerful government that has complete control over it’s “subjects”. No longer are kids taught:

Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan – The state must have central authority to manage behavior. Now they are told Humans exist in a primitive “state of nature” and consent to government for self-protection.

And making the same “correction”:

John Locke’s Two Treatises on Government—People are sovereign; monarchs are not chosen by God. And just so the children understand why government should control their every move, they added “and consent to government for protection of natural rights to life, liberty, and property.” So now, what was “endowed by their Creator” according to the Constitution is a “natural right” given by government. Absolute propaganda.

Section 6e now strikes the role the American and French revolution had on encouraging independence in Latin America. We couldn’t have America doing anything worth while, could we?

In Section 6f, the concept of Enlightenment was deleted. Perhaps it smacked of Divinity?

Section 7 completely rewrites Latin American History. For the purposes of this post, there is a lot of revisionist history and political correctness going on here, but essentially more of the same. And a lot of it.

Jumping forward to section 11a, we find:

The mandate system• The system was created to administer the colonies of defeated powers on a temporary basis.  France and Great Britain became mandatory powers in the Middle East.

was a bit too harsh for Virginia’s SOL masters. What we find is that these formerly defeated powers were not defeated at all, and the problems of today are all because of the horrible treatment the English thrust upon these formerly defeated powers.  Now, the kids learn:

During World War I, Great Britain and France agreed to divide large portions of the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East between themselves.
• After the war, the “mandate system” gave Great Britain and France control over the lands that became Iraq, Transjordan, and Palestine (British control) and Syria and Lebanon (French control).
• The division of the Ottoman Empire through the mandate system planted the seeds for future conflicts in the Middle East.

Now, there was no defeat, only planted seeds of violence and turmoil. Those darn French and Brits. They caused all of the problems in the world. Now we know.

Apparently, section 12 gives General Dwight D. Eisenhower a new title. He is no longer a US General, but the Allied Commander in Europe. Must be that one world government thing.

Section 12c makes sure the kids know about the documents that have replaced the US Constitution:

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was issued in 1948 to protect the “inherent dignity and the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family….”

Still with the one world government, new world order theme. Somehow I doubt American soldiers returning from WWII would have seen it that way.

And of course, there is heavy indoctrination involving the new rulers pf planet Earth, The United Nations, The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Warsaw Pact.

Section 13d teaches kids that Margaret Thatcher didn’t oppose Communism after all. We also learn the wonders of Communism as the kids are now taught that Deng Xiaoping reformed communist economy to market economy leading to rapid economic growth as Communist control of government continued. That sounds so wonderful when they put it that way.

Now the part on terrorism should make you want to pull your hair out, if you have any left at this point. Section 16 states:

Both developed and developing nations of the world have problems that are brought about by inequities in their social, cultural, and economic systems.

Some individuals choose to deal with these unequal conditions through the use of terrorist activities.

Terrorism is the use of violence and threats to intimidate and coerce for political reasons.

A major cause of terrorism is religious extremism.

How’s that for politically correct? Terrorists are not bad people. They are just tired of things not being equal. If only we were all completely equal there would be no terrorism. This is absurd.

And they had to make sure that only “extremism” is blamed for the World Trade Center, not Islamic Terrorists. Terrorist attacks in the United States (9/11/2001) – motivated by extremism (Osama bin Laden).


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