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Virginia Right! 7th Congressional District Endorsement!

We have three candidates running for Virginia’s 7th Congressional District seat. Incumbent Republican Eric Cantor, Democrat Rich Waugh and Independent Green Candidate Floyd Bayne.

After listening to Waugh several times, the scoop is if you think government is too small, spends too little money and we are taxed not nearly enough, Waugh is your guy. He favors more debt, fewer jobs and is convinced Social Security works because his wife receives Social Security disability payments. He lacks basic maturity and seems to have a bit of a chip on his shoulder when it comes to protecting the pet liberal beliefs. Waugh represents policies that have put America at the door to bankruptcy.

Bayne, on the other hand, claims to be the only true conservative on the ballot, but his advocacy for the Socialistic American Health Care Plan is troubling, indeed. Take a look at our analysis of this plan Floyd Bayne Health Plan: Subsidies, Mandates and Rationing – Oh My! There was so much not to like this required a second post to fully expose it’s sinister side.

Other than favoring Health Care subsidies, mandates and rationing, Bayne says a lot of things that are hard to disagree with. Return to the Constitution, returning the Federal Government to only those powers enumerated in the Constitution, ending the IRS, Income Tax and the Federal Reserve System. He wants to bring the military home and use them only for defense.

This resonates with Patriotic Americans everywhere. How could it not? The problem is in implementing these ideas. Bayne talks about returning to the founding father’s vision, but has no idea how to actually accomplish these goals. If he were elected to Congress and voted only as he says he will, the way the founding fathers intended, it would be like the Redskins deciding to return to the original NFL rules of decades past. Reality will soon set in and Bayne will hit a brick wall, antagonize the other members of both parties and will not see the inside of a committee meeting or introduce – let alone pass – a single bill.

And Bayne has backed himself into a corner. His thoughts on Income Taxes?

The Congress once again went beyond the intent of the founding fathers and the Spirit of the Constitution when they created a tax on our labor. The founders were against what they would have called theft of man’s labor. (From Bayne’s Campaign Site)

Unconstitutional. Perhaps so, but this means Bayne will be forced to vote against extending the Bush Tax Cuts or risk going back on his word. How could he justify authorizing tax cuts to be collected by an IRS he wants to end on a tax that is unconstitutional?

And how about funding our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan? Bayne believes that using the Military in any situation other than a Defensive War declared by Congress is unconstitutional. So he would be forced to vote against body armor and ammunition or fund an unconstitutional activity.

So, Bayne is running on platitudes and bumper sticker slogans with no plan to implement his platform and no thought as to how his refusal to “play nice with others” will simply marginalize him and disenfranchise Virginians in the 7th District.

Bayne is also attacking Cantor going so far as to team up with Democrat Waugh stalking Cantor at book signings and parades. These incidents are embarrassing and not up to the standards of conduct Virginians expect from candidates or representatives.

If you recall, Obama ran on pretty much the same platform. Bumper sticker slogans and platitudes like hope and change, and Bush bashing. It is like Déjà vu all over again.

Cantor has cast some votes that we know were not helpful to the Country. Tarp, Medicare Part D, No Child Left Behind and a few others, which Bayne and Waugh use as the basis of their stalking expeditions.

As the country moved to the left, President Bush responded by moving the Republican Party to the left to stay in the mainstream. Should Cantor have moved to the left with the country and the party?

Consider the feedback we gave him. Cantor has won election by an average margin of 68%. In the elections in 2006 and 2008, after many of those votes were cast, Cantor was rewarded with 64% of the vote in 2006 and 63% in 2008.

Did any of us use bullhorns and make pretty signs then to tell Cantor to move right? Did we even call or email his office? No. We gave him a landslide victory, a pat on the back and said “Carry on!”.

But in 2009, we did make the signs. We did pick up bullhorns and we did call and write Cantor’s office. And how did Eric Cantor respond?

As minority whip he managed to convince the entire Republican Party to vote against Pelosi and the massive wasteful spending. He listened to the voters. He fast became the favorite target of Obama and the Democrats because the voters told him to turn to the right, and he did as he was told to do.

Eric Cantor has proven he will represent the people of Virginia. And if we let him know he is moving against our collective will, he will change course to properly represent the will of the voters who put him in office.

Cantor will work within the system and has moved up the leadership ladder to the point he will be making the rules. He has proven he listens to the voters, no matter how fickle we may be. As we swerve left and right, he will follow our direction and represent us just as we would vote ourselves.

Do I blame Cantor for the votes I now dislike? To some extent. But I blame my silence and failure to provide feedback mostly. And we all need to man up and admit our mia culpa and further, to never again remain silent about the direction of our country.

Congressman Eric Cantor has proven himself to be a leader and one who actually listens to the voters. If we change our minds, and we let him know, he is with us.

Too many politicians take an election win to mean they can now go vote however they want, that the voters have given up the right to speak until the next election. Cantor has proven his victories were mandates to listen to the people and do their bidding.

We like that in a Representative.

Virginia Right! enthusiastically endorses Congressman Eric Cantor and we look forward to him working with Virginians to return America to prosperity and fiscal responsibility.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

7 Responses to “Virginia Right! 7th Congressional District Endorsement!”

  1. Eesjresquire

    I ditto Tom White. while I admire Bayne for running for office on constitutional principles, I endorse Cong. Cantor as well.

    Sandy Sanders

    • Mike Wallace says:

      why do you endorse Cantor? Do you like his voting record? You don’t have to vote the party line in November, vote for the Constitution and Limited Government. Isn’t that what the Tea party is all about ??????????????

  2. Cooldude2know says:

    How is Cantor representing the American people by voting for the Patriot Act, TARP, FISA, Real ID, Pepfar TWICE, etc… And who is Tom White to talk for everyone saying we didn’t disagree with Cantor on those issues earlier? I’m voting for Floyd Bayne this November, Cantor won’t even debate!

  3. Lisa Jackson says:

    Eric Cantor DOES NOT deserve to be re-elected. Go to and look at his voting record!!! I’m not stupid Tom, I think FOR myself and won’t let you brainwash me with your Republican establishment rhetoric. I’m voting for FLOYD BAYNE

  4. Matt London says:

    How could Tom say that Eric listens to the voters when he refuses to debate his opponents? So much hypocrisy here…

    • Tom White says:

      Matt London, Lisa Jackson, Cooldude2know, jeking55 and Mike Wallace are the same juvenile person posting from ip address using different names. The jeking55 would be Joseph E. King of Chesterfield.

      Joe, do you still hang out at Bailey’s Pub?

      Please tell the readers why you are posting under fake names and what your position is with the Bayne campaign. Full disclosure please.

      Stop the fake posts or your IP address will be banned.

  5. Kirby Harris says:

    Tom you said: Bayne has backed himself into a corner because he believes, like the founding Fathers, that a tax on a man’s labor is theft and unconstitutional, so that means he must vote against the Bush Tax cuts to not go back on his word because he would be justifying
    “authorizing tax cuts to be collected by an IRS he wants to end on a tax that is unconstitutional?”

    Not to go all Mr. Spock on you, but ‘that is illogical’. If one is against a tax on a man’s labor, then as long as you have the rouge Labor Tax and IRS system, then you would vote for as many tax cuts as possible to get a man as much of his money back as you can, as you work to abolish the system.

    Next you say if he opposes us being in Iraq and Afghanistan because its unconstitutional, “then he would be forced to vote against body armor and ammunition or fund an unconstitutional activity.”

    Again Spock says ‘illogical’. Just because you believe that Undeclared wars as Afghanistan and Iraq are unconstitutional and that we shouldn’t be there does not mean that you would not fund their body armor, ammunition or the mission once they are there. And to vote to fund it once they are there isn’t going back on the principle of being against it in the first place. It is once again doing what is right by voting to best protect the citizen (soldier in this case) from the unjust actions of the government until you can change the system.

    And finally, the Health Care plan Bayne supports doesn’t advocate socialism through subsidies, but just explains that until you get rid of the socialist system we have now, and have had for many many years now, that their are smarter ways to use current subsidy systems until you can dismantle all the socialism in the system we have.

    Tom, from reading many of your articles I believe you know better than this and are deliberately trying to create issues to justify your abrupt turn around from fawning over Mr. Bayne as a great Constitutionalist few weeks ago to stabbing him in the back just recently.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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