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Virginia Right! Endorses State Senator Tom Garrett in the 5th Congressional District

Sandy Sanders and Tom White don’t always agree on endorsing a candidate. And when we do not agree, we often personally endorse candidates. But Tom Garrett was an easy choice. Garrett receives Virginia Right’s endorsement as well as personal endorsements from Sandy and Tom.

Sandy Sanders’ Endorsement

Tom White agreed to write this together with me and we both agree:  For Congress in the Fifth District we support and thus the Virginia Right blog endorses:  State Senator Tom Garrett.  So this is my part and Tom (White not Garrett!  He’s not that kind of politico!) will write the rest.

I met Tom Garrett when he and Rusty McGuire were assistants in the AG’s office.  They had audacious goals:  Garrett was going to run for Louisa Commonwealth’s Attorney and McGuire was going to run for Hanover prosecutor.  Of course I supported Rusty and he lost the primary!  (Maybe this is not good for Senator Garrett…)  But Garrett ran against the incumbent and beat him.  Rusty McGuire became his deputy.  Now McGuire is the CA in Louisa and he’s doing an awesome job catching Internet predators.

This is the blog post about the time Tom Garrett ran for state senate in 2011.  People said:  Tom can’t win the primary and he won’t win the general election – he’s too conservative.  Well, he won the most exciting election I have ever live blogged and then crushed his opponent in the general by a 58% to 42% margin.  (And the opponent was a principal of a well-known pest control company with signs all over the place and who outspent Garrett! nearly 2 to 1!)

Garrett will beat to his own drum – not the establishment in the House!  Don’t take my word for it – ask Senator Thomas K. Norment.  Garrett boldly challenged Norment not to have both the Finance Chair and Majority Leader and even though he lost, it showed political courage.  Here’s my comment:  Garrett’s got guts!

Tom told me recently and it was for publication that he WILL join the Freedom Caucus if elected.  That ought to be a question for everybody running for Congress this year.  And NO is not an option.

So walk through a gasoline fire (if that is necessary!) this year in the Fifth and vote Garrett in the primary/convention and in the general election, too.


Tom White’s Endorsement

The 5th District is fortunate to have several good people who have stood up and offered to uproot their lives to represent their friends and neighbors in Washington DC. And anyone who stands up and offers to make that sacrifice is to be commended. But when Republicans face each other in primaries, especially in conservative districts, they all try to “out-conservative” one another. And my research into the candidates shows that is true in this 5th District race for the Republican nomination. So in a race with 5 candidates running for the Republican nomination all claiming to be more conservative and the better choice than the others it is hard to know who to believe. And it is even more difficult to know which candidate, if elected, will be a true conservative and which will be a patsy of the big spending, big government establishment that have gone hand in hand with the Democrats to create a $19 trillion debt.

But only one of the candidates stands out from the field because only one candidate has a voting record. That is Virginia State Senator Tom Garrett.

Garrett was elected to the Virginia State Senate in 2011 after serving as the Commonwealth’s Attorney of Louisa, Va. I have known Tom Garrett for 7 or 8 years and I can honestly say there is not a single vote he has cast as a State Senator that I have disagreed with. And I have applauded his tenacity as a Senator who has earned a reputation for doing the right thing from a Conservative’s point of view.

There is one thing that I detest in any elected official. And that is someone who puts the leadership of his party first, before the people he represents. Tom Garrett will face down anyone in order to do what he knows is right. As Sandy mentioned above, Tom will take on anyone to do the right thing.

Just the Right Amount of Experience

The mood of the electorate for the last couple of years has been one of anger towards the establishment and incumbent has become a dirty word. Tom has just enough experience to be able to hit the ground running and yet he is still one of us. His opponents have tried to paint him as a political insider, but nothing could be further from the truth. And I have yet to hear a single opponent criticize Tom Garrett on his voting record.

And Tom Garrett will make a welcome addition to the House Freedom Caucus to help Dave Brat combat the Republicans who have forgotten that they work for us.

Tom and I have kept in touch regularly. I have been impressed at how open and honest he is. He carried his mandate to do the right thing for the people of Louisa (NOT the criminals) into the State Senate. He is one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet and a rock solid Conservative with the voting record to back it up.

I do not hesitate to give Tom Garrett my enthusiastic personal endorsement and the endorsement of Virginia Right!

I trust Tom Garrett because he has earned it!

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

7 Responses to “Virginia Right! Endorses State Senator Tom Garrett in the 5th Congressional District”

  1. Sweet Tea and Jesus says:

    Good Lord, Jesus and God Almighty-

    You two are up to your knees in the cow patties now.
    You Alls at VA Right is contradicting yo selves like the Drifty Boys you is so fond of.

    Last year You Alls endorsed Amanda Chase for State Senator against the Incumbent Republican Steve Martin who HAD a CONSERVATIVE VOTING RECORD just cause you don\’t like Steve Martin. Well that ain\’t no reason to take out a perfectly good Republican and replace it with someone who once worked for Eric Cantor like Miz Chase did. She just loves her some Tom Garrett in the state senate when no one else do and won\’t sit with him and his big mouth.

    Ya\’lls up to your eyeballs in Stink now.

    • Georgia Peach says:

      Dear Sweet Tea:

      Honestly, Tom Garrett lives 2 inches inside the 5th District and no one in Hurt’s old district gives a Rip about VA Right endorsing Garrett. We are holding a Convention and Michael Del Rosso is going to win it.

      But your concern is “Sweet.”

      Love ya- Georgia

  2. Venus Fly Trap says:

    Senator Tom Garrett is like Amanda Chase ( His BFF in the state senate) – you can’t be the Tea Party darling and an Eric Cantor Republican at the same time. They are both Establishment GOP candidates using the grassroots to get elected. Both endorsed Cantor in the 2014 Primary against Dave Brat.

    You fell into the Venus Fly Trap

  3. GOP Gal says:

    Middle Resolution got Tom Garrett elected to the state senate in 2011 using the Tea Party volunteers- Bob Bailie, founder of the Middle Resolution, was one of Cantor’s biggest allies. Tom Garrett endorsed Eric Cantor in the June 2014 primary.

    Now someone wants to move Tom Garret up and out to open that Senate Seat for WHOM? Why is Ben Slone the new 7th District Chair working for Garrett’s Congressional race? Middle Resolution and Ben Slone are up to something…..

    You’ve made your deal with the devil.

  4. FED UP in Goochland County says:

    Goochland GOP Chairman Ben Slone was responsible for Delegate Peter Farrell becoming the \”annointed one\” when Bill Janis relinquished his Henrico Delegate Seat. HIs reward for being a good soldier for the Eric Cantor Mafia? JUDGE in Louisa County.

    Do you know Delegate Peter Farrell? the biggest conflict of interest in the General Assembly? as son of Dominion CEO Tom Farrell and nephew of the CEO of McGuire Woods – home to the consultants for Cantor et al and employers to the Virginia Conservative Network operatives?

    Ben Slone supporting Tom Garrett for Congress? Can\’t be good for Conservatives, Mr. White.

  5. Ruger says:

    What deal did Ben Slone make with the RPV Chairman Whitbeck and Peter Farrell to run unopposed for 7th District Chairman? or for that matter with Senator Sioban Dunnavant who got Cantor backer Eddie Whitlock elected to the Henrico GOP Chairman position?

    Who\’s being played here? To get Mike Wade to drop out of the congressional race so Brat can run unopposed? As long as the Establishment gets to keep control of the State Central Seats?

    Who brokered that deal?


Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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