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Virginia Right! Lt. Governor Picks

My fellow blogger Sandy Sanders and I discussed possibly endorsing a candidate for Lt. Governor and while we had the same candidates in mind for our top choices, we were not in agreement on a single candidate.

In the Attorney General race we had a split decision I endorsed Mark Obenshain and Sandy endorsed Rob Bell.

In order for Virginia Right! to endorse a candidate, Sandy and I must agree on a single candidate.

When I asked Sandy Sanders to write at Virginia Right! it was because he often has a different viewpoint from me and I thought it would be a good dynamic to have two bloggers that come from the same political spectrum who were not always necessarily in lock step.

And when we agree on a candidate, it says something about that candidate that they were able to win both of us over.

But the number of really great and qualified candidates running for Lt. Governor on the Republican ticket is almost an embarrassment of talent. And narrowing the field down to just one is no simple task. All 7 are qualified and each would do a good job as Lt. Governor.

So we came up with a list of our top 3 choices, combining the “average” of our favorites.


E.W. Jackson and Pete Snyder share our top spot as favorite going into the Convention this weekend.


Susan Stimpson


Scott Lingamfelter

And to be fair, there is so little separating these candidates that any of them could win my vote as a Delegate. They will each have to make their case at the Convention.

The three I did not mention: Martin, Davis and Stewart are not necessarily out of the running, but Corey Stewart, who has taken to attacking conservative bloggers, is a long shot to say the least. And I am no fan of the Stewart tactics.

E.W. Jackson:

Jackson is easily the most charismatic of the group. I have been a fan and admirer of Jackson and his work in the name of liberty and God for several years. He is being criticized for some financial and tax issues – bankruptcy and liens – but I believe these could work to his advantage. Working for the Lord seldom makes one a rich man and Jackson’s financial struggles are no different than a lot of the people who will be voting in November. Jackson knows how to work a crowd and has a heart of gold. Jackson lags a bit in fundraising bringing in only $140,848. This is my one concern with Jackson.

Pete Snyder:

Pete Snyder was the one I was least familiar with going into the run up to the Convention. He was on my list to catch up with and a few weeks ago he personally called me and asked me to come to a Meet and Greet in the West End of Richmond. I have since heard him speak several more times and like what I hear. Snyder has little government experience (which is a good thing) but a lot of experience running a business. And since the Lt. Governor slot is one step from Governor, executive experience is a plus. And far be it from me to see a lack of experience as a politician as a negative. Pete has raised $452,739 which is above the average mark ($360,000) of the 7 candidates and second overall in fundraising.

Susan Stimpson:

Stimpson is a solid conservative and has more “brass” than a Herb Alpert band. (And if you are too young to know who Herb Alpert is, check out this link.) I really like her and especially like the optics of a female candidate on the ticket. It will do a lot to counter the “war on women” campaign that Terry McAuliffe will run since the wheels came off his “jobs creator” wagon. My reservations with Stimpson come from her less than optimal performance at the Middle Resolution / TEA Party vetting a few weeks ago. I had only seen her giving stump speeches and in brief one on one Q&A occasions, where she did well. I feel Susan is the real deal but just a bit “green” (and not in the Terry McAuliffe sense). She may need a bit more seasoning for a statewide position. Perhaps a term or two as a Delegate or some CEO experience. Or even just more time on a BOS. He fundraising is a bit below the curve at $211,884.

Scott Lingamfelter:

Lingamfelter is a fellow Veteran and a great Conservative. He would make a splendid Lt. Governor. And the main reason I have him as low as third place is the same reason I have Susan Stimpson as high as second. Optics. And neither can do a thing about them. In Stimpson’s case, being female and shorter of tooth boosts her electability. And as a fellow “old white guy” Scott and I are a bit longer in the tooth and the Democratic attack machine will use everything they can get to win the Senate. I think Scott Lingamfelter is probably the most qualified and knowledgeable of the 7 candidates and I personally like him the best. He’s a nice guy. But I want to win in November and I am just being blunt and honest here. Could I see myself casting a vote for Lingamfelter? Absolutely. He’s the most qualified, but we all know the election will not focus on that. Scott was also under average on fundraising at $262,503.


As I said in the beginning of this post, any of the 4 candidates we have placed in the “Top 3” list are the best of the best. They have kept their noses clean and fought an honorable fight. All deserve to win, but we must pick only one at the end of the day.

Steve Martin has been unable to raise money and the likely Democrat Contender Aneesh Chopra has raised over $1.3 million. Martin has raised $55,920 and that demonstrates a definite lack of enthusiasm for his campaign.

Jeannemarie Davis has done well fundraising at $412,819 but over a fourth of her money came from Tom Davis ($120,000). But her performance at the TEA Party vetting could only be described as a “deer in the headlights”.  I really felt bad for her. And she has been very squishy on Second Amendment issues as well. And I can’t support a candidate that may be called upon to cast a deciding vote on gun issues as Lt. Governor.

Corey Stewart has managed to offend almost every activist in Virginia with his less than above the board campaign. And now a complaint has been filed with the State Board of Elections. The last thing we need is a candidate under investigation running against a Democrat with $1.3 million (and counting) in the pot. The “hit piece” ads running on Stewart’s behalf will not be enough to overcome the smearing a candidate Stewart will face from the Democrats and the Liberal Media. Should Corey Stewart win the nod this weekend, the Democrats will win control of the Senate. It is plain and simple.

I can say with 100% certainty that I will not vote for Corey Stewart.

The rest still have a shot.

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Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

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