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Guest post from Joe Enroughty who has his own Internet radio show (The Old Dominion Libertarian Radio Network – last week Joe had Judge Gray – the 2012 LP VP candidate!) and knows lots of Libertarian candidates and leaders.  He has a breaking story about someone I know and admire:

Robert Shannon, founder and past chairman of both the Mechanicsville and King William TEA Party groups in Virginia, has officially endorsed Robert Sarvis (L) over Mark Warner (D) and Ed Gillespie (R) in the U.S. Senate Race in Virginia.  Shannon also endorsed Sarvis when he ran for Governor in 2013 against Terry McAuliffe (D) and Ken Cuccinelli (R).

A large 4″ x 8″ Sarvis For Senate sign sits on Shannon’s King William property facing Route 360. Nearly 10,000 motorists pass and see that sign on a daily basis.

Below is Bob Shannon’s official endorsement of Robert Sarvis:

Over the last 5 years it has become clear that continuing to support insiders such as Ed Gillespie will only assist in the fiscal and economic decline of our Nation and lend nothing towards dismantling the “donor class” that Dr. Laura Ingraham referenced when she visited Glen Allen, Va. during the 7th District Primary Race a few months ago.
The notion that Ed Gillespie can raise a lot of money should set off alarm bells rather than be seen as some sort of benefit, since it only solidifies evidence of his insider status. Besides, we saw first hand in Virginia’s 7th District with Eric Cantor, the proof that money alone isn’t any panacea or guarantee of victory.  Warner or Gillespie – it doesn’t matter. They are two beltway insiders who have gone on record as big government types.  Both of these men have run the gamut of insider status, from building their personal wealth through government contracts and employment in the lobbying circus in between their stints as beltway boys. Only the most blinded  partisan ideologues would close their eyes to these facts. I am not in that group.  Warner and Gillespie are both part and parcel of the same problem, not a remedy.  
Robert Sarvis is a genuine human being running for public office for the right reasons. He has the 3 I’s:  Integrity, Intellect, and Independence . He has the personal fortitude and character to honestly tell you where he stands on an issue. I don’t agree with Rob on several issues, but it doesn’t diminish one iota the primary reason I have come to admire him and continue to support his efforts.  His calm, reasoned, and principled approach to the problems this Nation faces – from fiscal and economic to cultural and  personal liberty – is much more closely aligned with my own than the representatives of the oligarchs that control both major parties leadership.
If we as a Nation have any hope of arresting this decline then we must recognize the necessity to look at our problems through the eyes of someone who isn’t “owned” by these oligarchs . No one has their hooks in Robert Sarvis. He will represent us.  That matters much more to me than the differences I have with him on a few issues. Integrity matters, and should matter before anything else. Absent weighing the value of that quality, you end up with more of the same.

Bob Shannon may be reached for comment by sending an e-mail to: [email protected]

CORRECTION:  I got two stories mixed when I wrote this headline!  Shannon has not joined the Sarvis Campaign and I regret the error!

About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)


  1. Mark says:

    The other thing that is not mention in the story is that Shannon is no longer apart of any Tea Party group. So the title to the Story should have the words “Former Tea Party Leader” in it.

    • Sandy Sanders

      Not my understanding, Mark. Bob Shannon is deeply involved with tea party groups but I do not think he holds an office in any of them. I know he helps with the King William TP.

      Thanks for coming by!


    • Larnie says:

      I have sat in Tea Party meetings for six years and listened to Bob Shannon. At a meeting of the Mechanicsville Tea Party last year I told Bob his opinions were irrational and were damaging to the conservative cause. I see he is at it again. By following Bob all five Statewide offices are held by extreme liberals. After Bob brought Sarvis into our meetings attendance dropped by half. For a conservative the choice between Warner and Gillespie is a no brainer. Forget Sarvis. We must do the best we can with what we have.
      Larnie Allgood President Mech. Tea Party

      • Gene Lefty says:

        Are you saying that KW and Mechanicsville controlled the outcome of all 5 statewide offices? Are you also accusing Bob of putting Pres. Obama in office?

        If you look at the state budgets since the now indicted Gov. Bob McDonnell was elected to office, you will see that the Republicans are now the fiscal Liberals. How can you blame the Democrats for the about $21 billion increase in the state budgets over the four year period when Republicans had total control of all three branches of government? The Republicans locked the Democrats out of the current budget, and made sure that they completely controlled it. The Republicans own it!

        The FBI and DOJ seem to come to Richmond, Virginia every spring now like some sort of annual holiday, to investigate some fiasco that the Republicans have created. It’s become an annual event.

        Now, let’s talk about HB 2313, the largest tax increase on the middle class in the entire history of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Going to blame that on those liberal Democrats also? Who created HB 2313 and was its chief sponsor?

        Nope, not going to happen, it was the liberal Republican gang of three. McDonnell, Norment and Howell who rammed HB 2313 down the middle class throat. Nothing but another Republican created job killer, financed once again by the middle class

        I suppose you were all in for the nearly $11 billion increase in the just passed current operating budget? If you say you did not support the current budget, then prove it?

        Perhaps the problem is you have succumbed to the Nancy Pelosi/Barney Frank type spending platform that the Republican Party has come to love? In my opinion, the only problems that the Republicans have with the Democrats is that they don’t believe the Democrats spend enough taxpayer money? The Republican controlled Virginia budgets prove it. The Bush 43 administration proves it.

        Aren’t you just really jealous of the success of Bob Shannon? Why doesn’t the Republican Party stand up and take responsibility for their losses? In my opinion the Republican Party has abandoned the middle class.

        No, it wasn’t Bob Shannon who controlled the outcome of the five statewide offices, it wasn’t Bob Shannon who put Pres. Obama in office, it was people like me. We preferred Pres. Obama, Warner, Kaine, McAuliffe, Northham, and Herring to the alternative, the Republicans turned loose for four more years on the middle class taxpayer. We feared extinction.

        • That was well written, Gene. Really. Well done. But the Democrats ARE the party of big government and spending, debt, deficits, etc. I am troubled by some of what I see in politics today – on both sides of the aisle.

          It’s enough to make you join the Libertarian Party (which I am NOT a member of!) but generally they cannot win elections and can throw the election into the hands of the one I want to see win least.

          I do admire Sen. Rand Paul, Gov. Jindal, Ambassador Bolton, Sen. Cruz, Rep. Amash, and several others. There are Democrats I admire – Sen. Petersen for example. I was glad to see Del. Dance win this special election yesterday. And Robert Sarvis is an intellectual dynamo; he’s almost too good for politics.

          My recommendation to you is: Examine both parties and vote/support what your conscience lets you do. Maybe you should consider the LP after all.


  2. FRANK PAPCIN says:

    is the tea party willing to make Gillespie lose to senator Warner just to make a point, or are they so determined to keep Warner as a senator in Virginia to have something to fight against next year?
    –my question is can he win?
    –even Gillespie with the tea party support has only a marginal chance of winning, anything


    I can see only two choices–WARNER–GILLESPIE

    • Joe says:

      “Only the most blinded partisan ideologues would close their eyes to these facts. I am not in that group. Warner and Gillespie are both part and parcel of the same problem, not a remedy.”

      Stay home if you can’t bring yourself to vote for Sarvis. But don’t throw your entire State and Country under the bus by voting for one of those two ass hats – Warner or Gillespie. I have to believe you are better than that. For the sake of humanity.

    • Sandy Sanders

      I am for Gillespie but I am not sure he can win the election unless he makes radical changes in his campaign.

      Tea party people have to decide each one what to do.

      Thanks for coming, Frank, again to the blog. Sandy

    • Tom White says:

      The Virginia Senate seat is a safe Democrat seat this year. Warner will win by double digits.
      Tom White recently posted…A DEBATE on TACTICS in the SENATE CAMPAIGNMy Profile

  3. Robert Shannon

    I have always identified myself with my full name anytime I write anything, a personal e-mail or a article or blog for publication. I would expect the cowards who suggest I am no longer a person involved in the TEA Party to do two things, first check your facts before you run off at the mouth, second identify yourself and come out of the “tall weeds”
    Bob Shannon

    • Tom White says:

      Anyone that knows Bob Shannon would consider him a TEA Party leader. And at times I would have to say he is a TEA Party of one if need be. You may not like his methods but I can vouch for his results. If I were in a firefight, Bob’s the guy I would want to share a foxhole with. Visit the KWTP sometime. Or better yet, call anyone on the KW BOS and ask them which TEA Party member they fear most. They would be unanimous.
      Tom White recently posted…A DEBATE on TACTICS in the SENATE CAMPAIGNMy Profile

  4. FRANK PAPCIN says:

    I got a response from someone telling me if I can’t vote for SARVAS I should” STAY AT HOME? ‘
    WITH SO MANY PEOPLE NOT VOTING AT ALL a lot of people took his advice and stayed at home giving us a democratic government in Virginia


    so in conclusion
    –1]–never give up your right to vote, even if you vote for someone I personally don’t like–WARNER OR OBAMA
    –2]–never listen to anyone that tell you not to bother voting at all, they think you are too stupid to cast an educated vote, and that guy claims to be in the tea party?–none that I ever saw
    vote foe me or stay home is something OBAMA would say

  5. Jack Lee says:

    Bob Shannon is not only a TEA Party leader, he is THE TEA PARTY!

  6. Bob Shannon

    I want to directly address the comments by Mr. Allgood, the current unelected President of the MTP. Mr. Allgood is one of the low information voters , the republican party apologist types who has the rather ignorant notion that “winning” is progress.

    Principles apparently are a topic he neither understands or mean a thing to him. He walks into a voting booth every election cycle and robotically votes for whoever has an R next to their name.

    The 6 or so people who stopped coming to the meetings after Rob Sarvis spoke are of the same ilk. I started the MTP and have watched 3 successive changes in the Board . In 2013 we had growing attendance, growing donations and several well attended quality programs at Life Church. The group was regularly being featured in the Mechanicsville Local newspaper, raising it’s public profile and since my departure they can not even get their meeting topics announced in advance.

    Attendance dropped for all of these groups the last 3-4 years. In 2013 attendance at the MTP meetings began climbing once again.

    Mr. Allgood fails to mention that I started every meeting asking who was there that night for the first time. Rarely did we have a meeting that anywhere from 2-6 new people were in attendance , indicated by my question and a show of hands.

    The Patriot movement won’t make much progress with the likes of Mr. Allgood in charge, but I am certain the local republicrat party establishment enjoys having another water boy.
    Bob Shannon

    • Larnie Allgood says:

      Bob Shannon is correct about one thing. At the end of his term there were not enough members present to hold an election. Mr. Hill, Mr. Mansfield and myself stepped forward and agreed to keep the Mech. Tea Party going. Bob knows this he was one of the about five people present. Bob is right about 2013 and the many chances we had to make progress. Bob blew every chance we had. We have made more progress in the last six months than we did in the previous six years. The Patriot movement made little if any progress in the Shannon years. Personal insults do not change facts. Bob Shannon’s irrational belief’s and bad leadership was detrimental to the very organization he founded. He will never see the error in his ways
      Larnie Allgood
      President Mech. Tea Party

      • Bob Shannon

        Often times when someone can not make an intelligent coherent argument they fall back on lying and distorting the truth.

        In January of 2013 I immediately moved the meeting location of the MTP next door to a smaller, less expensive room. This was done reflecting that 35-40 people did not require a expensive room designed for 200. All agreed it was a reduction of some 50% in costs and would accommodate our needs , given the decline in attendance during 2012.

        Now, for the record, Mr. Allgood stated he had listened to me for 6 years ? Puzzling since the group will be 5 years old in March of 2015. I ran the meetings for 6 months April 2010–November 2010, until the members elected Gerry Baugh who presided over the group for 2011, 2012. I returned and was ELECTED by the members in December 2012, and presided for 2013. If I was such a poor leader why would Mr. Allgood stay around for the time he did ? Why does he embellish and state he “listened to me for 6 years” when the truth is I actually presided over the group for a grand total of some 19 months.

        I might also point out that membership/attendance in 2013 actually increased as any number of truthful members could attest to, and I illustrated (by as stated previously ) that I routinely asked at the start of each meeting in 2013 “who is here tonight for the first time” We had anywhere from 2-6 new people each meeting.

        As to trading insults—-not a particular subject someone like Mr. Allgood should bring up. SOME FACTS ARE IN ORDER.

        On January of this year I had to call KW County Sheriff Jeff Walton and ask he respond to Mr. Allgoods threat to come onto my property and remove against my wishes a sign I had retrieved from Mechanicsville after they took it down. It was the sign on Del Chris Peace’s YES vote on last years budget, essentially voting for the expansion of Virginia’s Medicaid program. It also warrants noting that Susan Stimpson and a number of other prominent political figures across the State essentially agreed that a YES vote was indeed, a vote to expand Medicaid. A point readily available to anyone who could read. Anyone could also ask why Bob Marshall and Ben Cline voted NO on the same budget ?

        The phone call I received the morning in January began with Mr. Allgood TELLING ME OF HIS INTENTIONS TO COME DOWN HERE ON MY PRIVATE PROPERTY AND REMOVE A SIGN AGAINST MY WISHES, hence the phone call to Sheriff Walton and subsequent e-mail to Mr. Allgood warning him not to come on my property. In that phone call after I refused to take the sign down Mr. Allgood said , and I quote

        “you need help Bob, you are mentally ill” For a moment I could not believe the words he had said to me. Insulting, yes indeed, so perhaps Mr. Allgood might reflect on his half truths and embellishments before he refer to “trading insults”.

        Mr. Allgoods statement that the Patriot movement “made little progress during the Shannon years”, well is almost humorous.

        Founded 2 groups, bith still functioning at high levels, both having had numerous changes in elected Boards, helped found the state organization in 2009, served on it’s Executive committee, have some 200 TEA Party signs across 9-10 Counties ( obviously my original idea ), have spoken around 75 occasions as an Invited Guest Speaker at 15 or so other TEA Party groups meetings around the State, been an invited lecturer at Georgetown University to speak to Government classes on the TEA Party, organized several protests at Congressional offices and written scores of published articles on the Patriot movement. I have collaborated with several others in building a public relations effort, so that both Mechanicsville and King William are/were regularly featured in the Tidewater Review , the Mechanicsville Local, the Country Courier, and on a few occasions local TV stations.

        Now contrast that if you would like with Mr. Allgoods assertion of how much progress they have made in 7 months since my departure. Note , Mr. Allgood has no specifics mind you, but just a general assertion on their progress.

        Again , the “rub” began when I invited Rob Sarvis to speak, and the ensuing outcome of last years Governors race, as if my invitation and endorsement of Sarvis was responsible for the outcome.

        It couldn’t have had anything to do with the Republican candidates own ethical questions, the 6 billion dollar tax increase passed by a republican governor and a republican controlled general assembly. It had nothing to do with the broken promises of a republican controlled House in DC that promised some 30 billion in FY2011 spending cuts that never materialized. It had nothing to do with the voting publics growing disdain for both political parties unyielding spending spree, growing violations of every citizens civil rights, no Bob Shannon did the republicrats efforts in all by himself.

        Odd how the facts never seem to get in the way of an old fool.

        Bob Shannon


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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