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Virulent ‘Pro-Choice’ Rhetoric, ADHD Drugs, Video Games to Blame for School Shootings

As the nation searches for answers to the senseless murders of innocent children in Newtown, Connecticut and liberals shamelessly use the tragedy and high emotions to go on a gun grab, we must not let political correctness interfere with the solutions.

What could make a young man do this?

And is there a connection with the other shootings?

Is there some underlying thread we are all missing that is behind this near epidemic?

Blaming the “pro-choice” zealots will undoubted not be received well by the proponents of abortion, but their high profile defense of a woman’s right to “choose” (to kill her child) is no doubt a factor.

Now before the threats and nasty comments and emails start, hear me out.

Because I am not wrong on this.

Prior to the growing and rampant “doping” of our children in recent decades, disruptive children were given large doses of discipline rather than amphetamines and powerful psychotropic drugs. My own brother was given the drugs back in the 1960’s, one of the early Guinea pigs of what was to become a multi-billion dollar cash cow for drug companies. While my Dad was never diagnosed, he probably would have been an ADHD kid today. Fortunately, my mother was wise enough that after only a couple of doses she rejected the concept of drugs for behavior problems and flushed the rest of the pills down the toilet (and right into the groundwater, ironically…).

And they worked with my brother and the school to instill the discipline he needed. And bought him drums to pound out the excess energy.

Today he owns his own business.

And my own son was diagnosed with ADHD early in middle school and the teachers wanted him on drugs. My wife and I fought the idea until the doctor asked if our son were diabetic, would we withhold insulin.

Jeesh. When you put it that way, how could you not go against your better judgement and give in to the “drug the children” culture?

We did. And at first they seemed to work. The grades came up and he said he could concentrate.

Was my Mother wrong?

No. She was absolutely correct and I should have learned from her instincts and found another doctor.

After a short while, the effects of the drugs lessened. So the dosage was increased. And when that stopped being effective, different amphetamine based drugs were tried. And he stopped growing, lost weight and his grades began to suffer again despite the massive amounts of drugs. And he couldn’t sleep.

So he was given the drugs in the morning and once during the day in school. And when he came home in the evening, drugs were withheld so he could eat and sleep. And he would “come down” from the high just in time to get home for the evening.

And he was an absolutely uncontrollable little monster, quite a contrast to the sweet, happy child we had before drugs.

And my wife took him back to the doctor, who advised her to take him to see a “shrink” who could prescribe more drugs to control the abhorrent behavior.

I had a better idea.

I tossed the drugs (not in the toilet) and ignored the doctors. And over the weekend, our happy, sweet – but energetic – child returned. And I won’t tell you the next few years were easy academically for him. They were not. And the teachers beat up on my wife so bad in the parent-teacher conferences demanding that he be put back on the drugs that she came home in tears. It was then that I took point on parent-teacher day and if anyone went home in tears from that point it was the teachers. My son was not disruptive, he just zoned them out. Not all of them, just the ones that didn’t have a clue how to deal with children like him. He did horribly in one class, but was an “A” student in others.

It doesn’t take drugs. It takes good teachers. Unfortunately, too many teachers are more interested in collective bargaining than in teaching the kids. They refuse the extra effort and demand that kids be zoned out on drugs.

So between the teachers, the Administrators and the doctors, parents often have no choice but to allow their children to go on these drugs.

And this drug use is accelerating at an alarming pace. This chart from the Wall Street Journal shows the increase.



Suffice it to say, the increase in the incidences of young people becoming mass murders has grown proportionately with the use of strong drugs as a staple in their daily diets.

And these murderers were all raised on these pharmaceuticals.

Remember Columbine?

It all started in Columbine, Colorado, when Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold massacred their way into the history books on April 20, 1999 by killing 12 and wounding 23 people. The mainstream media virtually glorified the event, yet utterly failed to report the connection between violence in young men and treatment with psychiatric drugs. (Both Harris and Klebold were taking antidepressant drugs.)

(Note: The article cited above has a LOT of information on the links between suicide and violence and ADHD “medications” and is well worth reading in it’s entirety.)

And remember the horror story that also happened in Connecticut where a 26 year old Joshua Komisarjevsky broke into a house and raped an 11 year old girl, his accomplice raped her mother and the father, the lone survivor, was severely beaten with a baseball bat? They then set the house on fire and the mother, 11 year old daughter and her 17 year old sister died. Joshua Komisarjevsky was raised on ADHD meds.

The Colorado killer James Holmes was on these drugs.

And Jared Lee Loughner who shot Congressman Giffords was a “More Science High” Alumni on these drugs.

And the Virginia Tech shooter Cho, yep. He was on these “wonder” drugs as well.

And the latest (but not the last) mass murderer Adam Lanza was on these drugs too.

And the list goes on and on.

And liberals insist that guns are to blame. Go figure.

So what happens when you add in video games that are so realistic and so incredibly violent that most people are repulsed by them? And a year’s worth of campaign ads with “hero’s” like Sandra Fluke and Planned Parenthood and the entire Democratic Party bombarding America with the virtues of killing unborn children?

“Normal” people who are not chemically altered like the ones being treated for depression, ADHD and whatever else they can think of to add the word “syndrome” to have a hard time seeing the line between reality and fantasy. The kids who grow up in a medically induced alternative reality are not so discriminating.

And most play these violent video games and are inundated by “pro-choice” ads and radio commercials that even the children see worthy of “targeting”.

Can one on these drugs be expected to see a difference between killing children after they are born when they are told numerous times a day that abortion is a good and wonderful thing.

If you want to stop these killings, you will need to follow the money. The drug companies are making billions and billions on these drugs and the decay of our society to the point that killing one’s own baby is OK, mass murder is glorified in “games” and moral values are scoffed at by an increasingly secular mentality. In fact, secularism has become an outright war on God (while Allah is still politically correct).

Anyone who believes that the issue is guns is an idiot. They are blind to the facts that are right in front of our faces. America is in the moral gutter and we are doping our kids at an alarming rate, exposing them to unspeakable things and then wonder why they act the way some of the do.

With what we are doing to ourselves, our children and our country, how could be shocked or surprised by the results?

Children are our future.

Unfortunately for humanity, Dylan Klebold, Adam Lanza and all of the ones in between are our children.

The prognosis is bleak.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

15 Responses to “Virulent ‘Pro-Choice’ Rhetoric, ADHD Drugs, Video Games to Blame for School Shootings”

  1. A.W. says:

    Excellent article!
    If any good comes from this tragedy, I hope parents take their children out of the cesspools the public schools have become and home school them.

  2. game online says:

    Hey A,
    Thanks for the above, In the past, when I asked questions critical of Obama, most of the answers were pro Obama and very virulent. Lately, when I ask questions about Obama’s no drilling for oil policy, phony presidential seal and the racist remarks he made on Friday, most of the answers agree with me, or they just attack me, McCain or my question, without answering it.

    Does this mean that even Obama supporters can not explain his actions?
    Keep up the good work

  3. Nhạc DJ says:

    I believe you might have observed some really interesting details , thankyou for the post.

  4. Hey Tom,

    Thanks for such an informative post. I totally agree with all of your points, the main one being video games. I run a video game site myself and I see first hand the type of people buying these things and it is mostly children. I have stopped my kids from playing any of the violent games such as Call of duty etc

    Once again, epic post!

    Ryan recently posted…Get up to 50% Off – Exclusive EA DealsMy Profile


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