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I WELCOME TONI RADLER to the 55th HOUSE RACE! BUT her views are….

A new development in the 55th House of Delegates race vacated by Del. John A. Cox:  We have a Democrat running!  That’s right; a Democrat running in Hanover.  Here is the official announcement from the Hanover Democratic Party:

There being only one Candidate filing for the Democratic Nomination in the 55th House District, Dr. Therese May, Chair of the Legislative Nominating Committee (“the Committee”) has hereby cancelled the Unassembled Caucus on May 23.

Dr. Therese May has declared Ms. Toni Radler the Candidate representing the Democratic Party in the 55th House District in the November General Elections.

Toni Radler, a long time political and civic activist, has announced her bid for the Cox seat.  I welcome her running.  We need more contested elections in Hanover.  I can admire people who take the time to run for office.  It’s hard work, as I can give testimony to, to be a candidate for any sort of office.  But a review of her website shows troubling views on the issues.  Radler wants to be a “sensible choice” and a “real voice”.  But her talking points hearken from the liberal playbook:

The real issues—job creation, economic development, and education—have taken a backseat to divisive social issues and political ideology like the transvaginal ultrasound bill and the personhood amendment.


Do you want your delegate to be hamstrung by Ken Cuccinelli’s extreme ideology and his slate of Tea Party Republicans?  Or do you want someone like me who knows a pothole when she sees it and makes sure it gets fixed?


If you are tired of being represented by good ol’ boys who don’t focus on real world, bread and butter issues that impact our everyday lives—make change happen and vote for me on November 5th.

The so-called “transvaginal ultrasound” is simply not what went down last session.  The original bill said NOTHING about the procedure to be used but left it up to standard medical procedures how to conduct the ultrasound.  It was GOVERNOR McDONNELL who asked the General Assembly to amend the bill to make sure no such invasive procedure could EVER be required.  And the personhood amendment did not get approved.  And as for the Attorney General’s actions, what is extreme about requiring a scientist who took government monies from being accountable to the people?  How about treating abortion facilities like hospitals?  If you must have abortion, it ought to be safe.  The AG protected Fairfax County (That’s right, Fairfax County!) from the EPA calling stormwater a pollutant!  Whose agenda is extreme?  The court agreed with Cuccinelli.

Radler on the issues:

She criticizes Del. Cox for voting no (and Buddy Fowler for aiding and abetting Cox) on the transportation bill!  I think something needed to be done on transportation but I am not sure the governor’s plan or how he crafted a deal with the Dems on Medicare expansion to get the bill passed was quite right.

She’s for “reproductive rights” and again gets the history of the ultrasound bill wrong!

John Cox and once again, his legislative aide, my opponent Buddy Fowler, supported that bill which failed only after Virginians rallied en masse to oppose it.

In fairness, abortion and birth control are sensitive issues.  I wish both sides would respect the others’ position.  So-called “pro-choice” supporters need to remember an abortion is the willful taking of a human life.  So-called “pro-life” supporters should recall that substantive due process, the constitutional source for Roe v. Wade, also protects things like homeschooling, too.  I personally think the Court went too far in Roe.  But I could live with a decision that said Roe only applies in rare, tough choices such as life of the mother, serious health defect, rape or incest, or a serious deformity in the child.  I do not say most of those situations are morally right but that can be the subject of persuasion.  I also agree that abortions ought to have many restrictions on it as to show our moral disgust with it.  It’s a necessary evil in a few situations.  Of course, birth control for adults over 18 is none of the governments’ business unless the taxpayers are asked to pay for it.

But I think Radler simplifies the issue as a woman’s right to privacy only and that is only part of the issue.  (I certainly am not speaking for Fowler or Libertarian candidate Sullivan of course!)  Radler describes this bill as one whose name she cannot say in front of children.  Good.  Transvaginal ultrasound bill is not the bill’s name.  That is what the liberals in the media called it.

Radler’s for some sort of vague help for the parents of college-bound students:

Because of continued reduction in state funding for colleges, parents now face incredible challenges in paying for their children’s college education.  In fact, for the first time in recent history, the number of young adults earning college degrees has decrease relative to earlier generations.  If we remain on this course, we won’t produce enough skilled workers to fill 21st century jobs.

How about a free market solution to college tuition?  No, we did not throw enough money at it.  We’ve thrown trillions to education and the kids still are left behind!  Time for school choice, helping homeschoolers and abolition of the Federal Department of Education, Common Core, No Child Left Behind and psychobabble for history.

It’s back to the future!  Radler’s for the Equal Rights Amendment!  That’s right, the ERA!  Because there’s massive gender discrimination out there:

I support the Equal Rights Amendment. It’s time for women to be assured that they will be paid the same as their male counterparts in the workplace; that they will be treated equally in hiring and promotion, and that their accomplishments and abilities, not their gender, will be recognized.

There are undoubtedly situations of both gender-based discrimination and sexual harassment.  But the ERA will not solve that problem.  There are plenty of laws on the books – state and federal.  The federal Equal Pay Act was passed in 1963.  Title VII (federal anti-discrimination law) was passed (with the imprecise word “sex” instead of “gender”, an amendment suggested by a Virginia Congressman, Howard Smith) and thanks to the dubious Lilly Ledbetter Act, equal pay cases be brought decades after the discrimination started.  But the ERA would cause activist judges to find new “rights” among others to be that women will be drafted and fight in combat right along with the men – by constitutional fiat.  (Of course we have Bush 43 for the monstrosity of women fighting and dying in combat.)

I think it is important for a solid clash of views to be heard in Hanover.  I welcome a real choice for Hanover voters.  And we must be vigilant; Radler is a serious candidate.  However, I cannot support her views.  If Fowler does not take Radler seriously, she could win.

Let’s all work hard for Buddy Fowler this fall!  His campaign kickoff is at the Hanover Courthouse Tuesday June 11, at 530!  Try to be there!



About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

11 Responses to “I WELCOME TONI RADLER to the 55th HOUSE RACE! BUT her views are….”

  1. I think so. I think your article will give those people a good reminding. And they will express thanks to you later.

  2. Melissa Dopp says:

    Isn’t Buddy Fowler just a “placeholder” given that John Cox’s first choice was Angela Kelly-Weicek?

    • Tom White says:

      Seriously? Why would a great Conservative like John Cox want to see Angela Kelly-Wiecek – a Progressive Democrat masquerading as a Republican (she’s not even conservative enough to be called a RINO) in that seat?

      John cares too much about Hanover to see it in liberal hands.

  3. Sandy Sanders

    I do not know that. Can always send me or Tom White info like that at twhite or ssanders [at]

    Thanks for coming by, Melissa.

  4. LaToya Brown says:

    Democrat candidate for Hanover Delegate, Ms. Radler, is highlighted on the Hanover Democratic website as one who will focus on “kitchen table” issues.  Though vague, that sounded really good to me, but I became concerned about her as a candidate when just below her photo there is a lengthy article about her groups strong support for the lgbt (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered) movement.  I was also concerned about various links on her website.   As a Christian and moderately conservative democrat, I’d like to encourage Ms. Radler to offer Hanover residents some full disclosure and let people like me know what her positions are on a number of issues that concerned me as I poked around her website.  For example,

    Do you support and espouse the views of the Progressive Libeal Caucus?
    Do you support the article below your photo that offers strong support for the lgbt movement?
    Do you support President Obama’s Agenda 21 Green movement?
    Do you support the article that expresses glee over President Obama mentioning the word “gay” in his inugural address?
    Are you a pro-Life or pro-Choice democrat?
    Do you support and espouse the views of the Virginia Progressive Alliance?

    Thank you in advance for addressing these issues for constituents like me.

    Mrs. LaToya Brown 
    Mechanicsville, VA

    • Well, Ms. Radler, does she want to answer Mrs. Brown’s questions? I think I’ve been fair to her and her campaign!

      Thanks to LaToya for coming by. Love to have you at a tea party near you – better yet I should be at Mechanicsville TP next Thursday – be my guest? Can email me at ssanders [at]


  5. LaToya Brown says:

    Thank You for the invite. I will seriously consider coming to my first tea party under one condition, that Ms. Radler attend as well. Where is it held? Can you get the questions to Ms. Radler? Maybe she could come in to your tea party and answer them?

  6. LaToya, I could hardly produce Ms Radler for the MTP although she would be welcome to come any time. But, I could do a blog entry with your questions and see if Ms. Radler chooses to answer them.


  7. LaToya Brown says:

    You is e welcome to use my questions as you desire if you think it will encourage her to convey her mindset to voters like me so we can make an informed decision with our votes. Thank You. Please post a comment if you hear that she plans to attend your meeting. Thank You.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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