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I have blogged frequently on what I contend is the most important issue in the United Kingdom today:  Sovereignty.  Specifically the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.  Some highlights:

Add the Daily Express to the roll of honor for the United Kingdom.  Add this newspaper to the names of Churchill, Nelson, Wellington, Pitt the Elder and Younger, and Wilberforce as true patriots.  For the Daily Express today called for the United Kingdom to withdraw from both the EU and the European Court of Human Rights.  The paper also has a petition drive supporting withdrawal.

And this on the ECHR:

The EU has perpetuated another outrage on the citizens and government structure of the United Kingdom.  It actually occurred in 2004 when the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) held that prisoners have a right to vote.  That’s right – the right to vote.  I don’t mean the right to vote restored after serving time and a probationary period.  I mean criminals behind bars having the right to vote.  I have warned my readers that the EU is not our friend.  Here’s the details from the Guardian:

The EU is super popular in the United Kingdom:

Christopher Booker writes in the Daily Telegraph about the uselessness of the EU and how the European on the street is getting wise to it.  Booker reports that the average approval rating in EU nations for the multinational pretend empire is a wonderful 19 percent.  (In the UK it is TEN percent!  No wonder the political leaders fear a referendum on the EU in Great Britain!)

From the same article:

No one has to “live with it”, if the Parliament and people of the UK rise up and demand their rightful sovereignty to be decided by referendum and Parliament!  There should be peaceful demonstrations every day throughout the UK until the referendum is approved.  Or hope a future election is called by PM Cameron to get rid of the LibDems and the UKIP runs on a single issue:  REFERENDUM NOW ON EU!

The EU wants the UK permanent seat at the UN:

An EU referendum would be a blow against globalism and world government.  The EU is not the friend of the UK, either.  In a previous posting I discussed how the EU covets the UK permanent seat in the UN.  Where’s the Young Turks when we need them.  Time to strangle the EU monster in the crib.

The UKIP is perfect for the job or restoring England!

EU elites refuse to bring the people into the process of unification. They avoid referenda at almost all costs. Contrast the free debate and discussion that accompanied the ratification of the Constitution. Rather the leaders in the mainstream European political parties (with some exceptions such as some Conservatives in Britain) prefer treaties and back room dealmaking to increase their power. I believe the rise of the UKIP and similar parties show that you cannot place a lid on liberty or patriotic fervor – from Ron Paul and the Campaign for Liberty here to the UKIP to the InDem Group. There are now libertarian or so-called euroskeptic (I would call them anti-EU) parties in nearly every EU nation.

Several weeks ago I called for the voters in Oldham East and Saddleworth to vote UKIP to send a clear message to Westminster that enough is enough!

Perhaps, the solution lies in an obscure riding named Oldham East and Saddleworth.  The MP there was kicked out for false advertising during the last General Election (If we had that in the USA, the election night question would be who organizes Congress:  The Libertarians or the Constitution Party.  Certainly the Dems would be ineligible for election and many Republicans might be in trouble too!) and thus a new election is required!

I suggest that the UKIP run their best candidate – maybe Nigel Farage – and make the EU and Lisbon the issue.  “If elected I will tie up the Commons until there is a referendum on Lisbon!”  (No, I cannot run.  Sorry!)  It’s time for a Tea Party in the UK.  Their fight for sovereignty is ours too.  It’s like the Battle of Britain in 1940.  A few brave Yanks fought for England.  I am not worthy to carry their bags or compare myself to them.  They risked the citizenship and freedom to stand with Churchill:

That summer and fall, eight American pilots fought against the Nazis in the Battle of Britain. This remarkable bunch of rogue flyers included ex-barnstormers, a Minnesota farm boy, and the greatest bobsled champion in American Olympic history. All had defied strict neutrality laws—thereby risking loss of their citizenship and imprisonment if they dared return home—in order to join what they regarded as the best flying club in the world: Britain’s Royal Air Force.

But I am with you – the true British patriots.   This is the fight of our century:  The globalists or the constitutionalists will win.  It will look bad for a moment, but Jesus is coming again!

Let’s occupy until He comes again(see Luke 19:13 in KJV)!  Until that time, the voters in Oldham East can send that message.  We’ll see if they can.  An independent polling website cites the UKIP in the 2010 General Election in fifth place with 3.86% behind the BNP who got just under 6 percent.  (The winner was Labour but the LibDems almost had a many votes as the Labour.  Both parties received about 31% and the Tories garnered 26%)

The candidate is great:  Paul Nuttall.  He’s an MEP (Member of the EU Parliament – that means he goes into the lair of the beast to do good!) and is one of the UKIP’s best candidates.

It’s clear that all the other parties are either pro-EU (Don’t let the Tories fool you – there are not enough Euroskeptics to make policy) or not legitimate.  The UKIP win here would send a political tsumani that will reach London – and Brussels.






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