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The Durban Climate Conference is winding down and there will be no binding agreement on so-called climate change.  This is good news.

But ICLEI was busy at the Waste of Time called the Durban Climate Conference coming up with new goals and plans for local governments to implement Agenda 21.  It’s the usual unconstitutional stuff:

ICLEI, as at previous COPs, is working to ensure that local and subnational governments are appropriately engaged and empowered in the design and implementation of the global climate agreement. In Durban, we are following up on our hard-won success at COP16 in Cancun, where for the first time local governments were recognized by the UNFCCC as official “government stakeholders” with a seat at the table for negotiations.

The Constitution forbids local US governments from having a “seat at the table” to negotiate at UN climate conferences.  They cannot be “stakeholders” with foreign governments.

ICLEI made an “intervention” to the final plenary session of the Waste of Time today and they issued this Durban Adaptation Charter.  Here’s a few highlights:

Recalling that Agenda 21 identifies local government as the “level of government closest to the people” with a “key role to play in making sustainable development happen”;

ICLEI implements and supports Agenda 21.  Don’t let anyone tell you different no matter what his/her title is!

Noting the 2010 Cochabamba Final Declaration of the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth that acknowledges that the future of humanity is in danger as a result of pursuing a model of limitless growth and that the significant adaptation debt borne by the Global South must be addressed through financial compensation, improved social and environmental justice and an acknowledgement of the importance of ecological integrity.

Impoverish the Western nations to pay to the so-called developing nations.  Ron Paul says this is so the poorest in the USA can support the richest in the developing nations.

Welcoming the outcome of the Cancun Agreements where local and subnational governments are recognized as “governmental stakeholders” in the global climate regime, as a concrete achievement of two decades of global climate advocacy of local governments;

More unconstitutional stuff!

Acknowledging that globally, local governments play a strategic role in addressing climate change, because of their direct activities in delivering local government functions; their responsibility for laws and regulations that can influence adaptation and mitigation; and their ability to demonstrate leadership and innovative solutions in this area;  (emphasis added)

Agenda 21 will reduce liberty in your community especially if they are a member of ICLEI!

We commit to climate change adaptation as a key consideration in all key local government development strategies and spatial development frameworks. Institutionally climate change should be located in a high level integrating office such as the Executive Mayor or City Manager’s office of the local authority.

It’s December 9, do you know where your mayor or city manager is?  This means more liberty-killing regulations!

We will build our climate financing through generating funds internally and through seeking the development of innovative financing mechanisms that enable direct access to national and international funding for our registered adaptation actions. We support the creation of a local adaptation thematic window in the Green Climate Fund, and in so doing we will seek the support of national governments and multilateral funding institutions.

Join ICLEI and we’ll get you grant money!  Even from foreign sources.  No American city should be allowed to accept money from a foreign source other than a specific gift or bequest.

We will ensure cooperation with all levels of government to implement plans and measures at the local level that harness and strengthen approaches to multi-level governance and improve interdepartmental co-operation in order to more effectively address factors reaching beyond local government boundaries, including climate change hazards, trends like urbanisation and migration, and institutional and legal frameworks. In this regard we would support the appropriate representation of local governmental stakeholders, with relevant experience, on the Adaptation Committee of the Cancun Adaptation Framework.  (Emphasis added)

“Multi-level governance” means regional governments and/or world government institutions.  “Migration” could mean you must be a sanctuary city!  “Appropriate representation of local government stakeholders” is more unconstitutional confederation forbidden by the Constitution!

We the signatories of the Durban Adaptation Charter designate the Mayor of Durban to present this Charter to the high level segment of COP17/CMP7 meeting here in Durban to urge Parties to urbanize the global climate agenda and subsequently to present this Charter to the World mayors Council on Climate Change to consider appropriate implementation mechanisms.

More proof that no US city can legally be a member of ICLEI!

History was made today as 114 mayors and other elected local leaders representing over 950 local governments from around the world, came together in the signing of the Durban Adaptation Charter, a political commitment to strengthen local resilience to climate change

I would like to get the names of the US elected officials who signed this or participated in ICLEI’s part of the Waste of Time.  I’ll try to find out.  Meanwhile:  Do you know where your mayor was this week?

There was one but of good news on the ICLEI website:

Our 550 U.S. local government members — 1,200 worldwide — are sharing solutions and helping one another stay connected to the explosion of local sustainability innovation.  (emphasis added!)

There used to be over 600 members:

Oklahoma City, OK, has joined ICLEI as our 600th local government member in the United States. We’re pleased to reach this membership milestone with the addition of such a key city, which is the largest in Oklahoma, as well as the state capital. It’s worth taking a moment to look at what Oklahoma City has already accomplished in its efforts to become more sustainable, and what it hopes to achieve, especially through membership in ICLEI.

But it’s now down to 550 and Oklahoma City is on the Wall of Honor as an EX-ICLEI member.  We need about 550 more cities to join her!

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