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Back to the Maine GOP platform:

  1. Restore the process of assimilation of immigrants to preserve the benefits of an advanced educated and prosperous society.  Rescind Maine’s sanctuary State status. No amnesty, no benefits, no citizenship -ever- for anyone in the country illegally. Arrest and detain, for a specified period of time, anyone here illegally, and then deport, period.
  2. Pass a Congressional reform act which includes the following provisions:

                                          i.   Term Limits: 12 years only, in any capacity.

  1. Two Six year Senate terms
  2. Six Two year House terms
  3. One Six year Senate term and three Two Year House terms

                                        ii.    No Pension  

                                       iii.   Congress participates in Social Security under the same rules as the general public.

                                      iv.   Congress can no longer vote themselves a pay raise.

                                        v.   Congress participates in the same health care plan as the general public. No preferential plans or treatment.

                                      vi.   Congress is subject to and must abide by all the laws they impose on the general public.

I am conflicted about immigration.  We cannot tolerate open violation of the laws.  I recall a immigration seminar for lawyers I attended several years ago.  The speaker was finishing up with questions and one question from another attorney was in effect what do I tell my client and what if the client won’t do it?  Am I liable or ethically compromised?  The seminar leader essentially said you have to tell the client the penalties but you are not obligated to check behind or turn in the client.  It was obvious to me that his client was knowingly hiring illegals and the lawyer knew it! 

I also am concerned about the illegals who seek a better life for them and their kids.  Cong. Paul says that if you subsidize something you get more of it.  We subsidize illegal immigration through non-emergency health care, free education and willing employers who look the other way.  They sometimes pay under the table and avoid payroll taxes and regulations.  Of course illegals are exploited and their families too.  They are here seeking that better life.  I respect that.  Probably most illegals are “law-abiding” other than those laws incidental to their status.

Not ALL illegals were or are Hispanic.  I recall a young lady selling some sort of item to my employer, an attorney, many years ago.  She caught my eye immediately as a well-curved, curly haired blonde from a Northern European country.  (I was still single at the time.)  I asked her out for lunch and the curvy gal surprisingly said yes.  When we went to lunch, she candidly said to me (why I do not know nor do I know why she did not seek the dorky lawyer for a green card marriage I can only thank the Lord Jesus for His protection!) that she came on a tourist visa and stayed to work in the USA.  I was astounded.  I was to see her again (she was after all a curvy blonde!) but when I tried to visit her employer a week or two later, I got two streets mixed up and ended up in the wrong part of town.  When I called the work place several days later, she was not working there.  Was she ratted out?  Did she decide to go home?  I wonder what happened to her and still do.

As a follower of Christ I am not unaware of the many exhortations in the Bible about taking care of the foreigner and the widow and orphan among you.  How does this play into the illegal immigration debate?  I think it means love them in the Name of Christ and minister to their needs.  It does not require evangelicals to support amnesty.  But I am not entirely comfortable with the alternative:  Forced deportation or denying benefits like education to kids of illegals.  I also am opposed to discrimination and profiling of Hispanics or anybody else. 

So, I cannot support the Maine platform in this situation.  But something must be done.  Something that upholds the law, secures the border and is humane.  But people are fed up with illegals being encouraged to come here and then they get unfair benefits such as tax free (illegally tax free of course) income and free benefits some hardworking citizens and LEGAL immigrants are not eligible for.

I do not support term limits but the theory here is that politicians become the master of the people instead of their servant.  That is desirable. 

Congress can exempt themselves from many laws and one of Speaker Gingrich’s early reforms was to stop that practice.  There were reports that Congress had exempted themselves from the health care bill.  In effect they are exempt because they get special health care treatment at places like Bethesda and never wait in line for the ER.  This again must stop.  Congressional pay is an issue I understand the feeling about but most congressmen have to have two residences, one in their district and one in DC area.  There is a Constitutional Amendment (XXVII) that governs that.  Again, it is frustration at getting a salary most ordinary people only dream of for what appears to be useless work.  They also get all sorts of perks and have power and glory that corrupts most of them.   I understand that frustration.

BLOGGERS NOTE:  I will be unusually quiet this coming week due to a course I am teaching on line and I have many commitments to finish this course strong.  Of course, if Cynthia Dunbar or Rory Stewart calls me, my readers will be one of the first to know!

About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)


  1. Venu says:

    ” ii. No Pension”

    Not “OH MY GOD THOSE FASCIST RIGHT WING MONSTERS111!11” but that is not a good policy initiative. Obviously many of our Senators are wealthy and our political process has fallen prey to the fact that only the wealthy may serve. But to argue against pensions is to start specifically DESIGNING the system for only the wealthy.

    Senators (as of 2009) make $174,000/year. Yes that is more than most Americans and it is true that most Senators are wealthy. However we must design our democracy making the least assumptions as we can. We need to assume that there is a poor Senator who only takes in this salary and has little additional income or money. If we’re going to design the system to have absolutely no pension, we’re going to end up having a situation like President U.S. Grant who died penniless (before the Presidential Pension).


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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