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Two articles show the continuing meddling behavior the US and probably the EU have toward Serbia.  They are disturbing.

The first one is from the National Interest and it described the continuing meddling we insist toward Serbia:

On his fourth try, Tomislav Nikolic won Serbia’s presidential election last week, defeating incumbent Boris Tadic by a narrow margin. Turnout was low. The number of ruined ballots was high. The electoral mechanism appears to have worked smoothly, freely and fairly.

Nikolic’s victory in this second round of the presidential election comes on the heels of his party’s victory in the parliamentary polls, which gave it the largest number of seats.

A majority of Serbs were fed up with a leadership that had failed to deliver jobs, economic vitality, Serbian sovereignty over Kosovo or sufficient progress in Serbia’s efforts to gain membership in the European Union or Serbian sovereignty over Kosovo.

Of course blame the Serbs for their obvious intransigence and stupidity:

How should Europe and the United States react to Nikolic’s election? Calmly and purposefully. The purpose should be to bring about genuine and deep reform in Serbia, which has failed in the more than ten years since Milosevic’s fall to purge fully its security services, investigate high-level involvement in war crimes and in hiding indictees, give up its control of northern Kosovo or support the establishment of a viable Bosnian central government. Washington and Brussels have put up with this, fearing that a tough line would undermine Tadic at the polls and strengthen nationalists like Nikolic.

I do not intend to defend the new Serbian president.  There are some things we need to have done in the Balkans.  But let’s recall that we were the one who attacked and bombed a sovereign nation that did not attack us nor was an imminent danger to legitimate national interests.  It was the first of the feel good wars we seem to get into whether we have a Democrat or a Republican in the White House.

No, I suggest if we want Serbia to act responsibly, then we need to stop meddling in their internal affairs.  Period.  As that wise man once said, “We just plain don’t mind our own business.”  That would clearly do more good than poking a stick in the cage and inciting the tiger inside.  The Washington Times openly asks about a new Serbian war:

For years, Mr. Nikolic has railed against the West – especially the United States. He blames America for Serbia’s woes and wants to diminish Washington on the world stage. He is an Orthodox Slavophile who seeks close ties with Moscow. An admirer of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Mr. Nikolic hopes to emulate the Kremlin’s rule. He wants to expand Moscow’s influence in the Balkans. In the past, he has suggested that Serbia become a province of Russia.

In short, he is not some flinty Serbian patriot but a radical nationalist whose election threatens the region’s security. Mr. Nikolic has not abandoned the dream of a Greater Serbia. He claims, however, that he wants to achieve it “peacefully.” He demands that Kosovo be restored to Belgrade’s control; that the Bosnian Serb Republic secede from Sarajevo; and that Croatia relinquish areas claimed by Serbian revanchists. No wonder nationalists celebrated his victory, unfurling Chetnik flags and symbols, including the skull and bones.

Yet his policies will lead to only one outcome: war. He is challenging the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia’s neighbors. Mr. Nikolic is a political thug with delusions of grandeur. Serbia is eerily reminiscent of Weimar Germany. Defeated, humiliated and sliding toward an economic abyss, Serbian voters have opted for a neo-Nazi. He is not their savior. Rather, he is leading the Serbs – again – to doom and disaster.

Come again, Washington Times?  We ARE partly to blame for Serbian troubles.  We attacked their nation for no reason and took their ancestral homeland away from them!  And we just won’t stop.  It is no surprise that they voted for a radical.  There is always blowback from unnecessary intervention.  If you want to have influence among the Serbs, stop meddling and reach out a true hand of friendship:  Apologize for the war.  Take some of the aid we’d send to Pakistan and send it to Serbia instead.  And stay out of feel-good wars like Syria.  There are enough empty seats at family tables this Memorial Day; let’s not add any more unless it is necessary and Congress authorizes military intervention.

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