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WHEN the NEW YORK TIMES writes an article like THIS it means ONE THING: RON PAUL is WINNING!

Usually the NYTimes is not a friend of conservatives.  But this article shows the surge for Ron Paul in Iowa.  Homeschoolers, small business, and older voters have been reached by the RP message.

Steve and Cindy Anders belong to one of Iowa’s most politically savvy movements — Christian home-schoolers, whose organizing on behalf of Mike Huckabee in 2008 was one of the secrets behind his upset victory in the state’s Republican caucuses.

This year, the Anderses are behind Representative Ron Paul of Texas, who supports drastically shrinking the federal government and closing the Education Department.

I recommend Hanover homeschoolers get involved in their local Tea Party!  There’s more:  RP HQ is working hard:

“I’m buying Ron Paul today,” said Craig Robinson, a former political director for the Republican Party of Iowa, who on Wednesday sent a Twitter message saying, “Ron Paul’s Iowa Campaign Office was abuzz at 8 p.m. tonight when I drove by on my way to the bank. Impressive.”

You can help with RP phone banking in Iowa:  Go here

There are moves among evangelicals too – this meeting of Iowa pastors might help Paul!

Business Insider reported a “secret” meeting of evangelical pastors where several candidates spoke, including Paul.  The Texas Congressman apparently made a good impression:

Since 2008, [Christian activist David] Lane has been the driving force in reenergizing and mobilizing the Christian Right. But he has flipflopped his support between the Gingrich and Perry and excluded candidates like Bachmann and Herman Cain, fracturing conservative Christians as pastors split their support among the candidates.

The surprising beneficiary of these divisions is actually Ron Paul, the libertarian stalwart who can’t seem to break 19% in Iowa polls.

Last week’s conference gave Paul exposure to Iowa’s Christian leaders, the gatekeepers to the Iowa caucuses. Unlike Perry and Gingrich, Paul has an active field organization in Iowa, and consistently polled at the top of state polls. But he has struggled to expand support beyond his cultlike base.

There is an important debate today at 4 pm in Iowa.  It does not have national media coverage but can be accessed through the Daily Paul.  Go here!

Tea Party leaders are beginning to move behind Paul:

Paul was traveling from small-town Vinton to equally small Anamosa Friday, before capping the day with a major rally in metropolitan Cedar Rapids, where he was to be endorsed by the founder of the Cedar Rapids tea party.

Looks like it’s Ron Paul’s turn.  Justin time for the vote.  Keep working and praying.  Ron Paul is winning!


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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