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Why Are You Going to the Polls On June 9th?

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Local and State politics are utterly different animals from national politics, primarily due to the fact that local and state politics have a much more palpable and immediate effect on our lives.

There are a number of Republican Primaries taking place across the great State of Virginia next week, and I wonder, what issues are you voting on? If you are going to vote in a Republican Primary, what are you looking for? What issues being campaigned upon inspire and excite you?

I’m also curious to hear back from our readers regarding which candidates, specifically, have you excited to go to the polls, and why?


About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

5 Responses to “Why Are You Going to the Polls On June 9th?”

  1. Anna says:

    I am going to the polls to vote for Vince Haley Tuesday to send a statesman to the Virginia General Assembly instead of an Establishment Republican insider who thinks it is “his turn” after being a waterboy for Cantor and Dominion Power for decades.

    Haley, a man of character, is a new generation of conservative leadership who has the potential to serve the Commonwealth as a Governor or US Senator in the future relieving the GOP from going to the recycle bin for their candidates.

    Vince will represent all of his constituents- not just the donor class and Lobbyists.

  2. Robert Shannon

    Wise words of wisdom once again from Steve. Allow me however to raise once again two very relevant points.

    1. Referendum Reform—-Ask yourselves why members of the G.A avoid this issue, and why local elected officials hate the idea. We get term limits almost immediately ( 15 state have term limits—ALL 15 BY REFERENDUM ) and we can start placing referendums on local ballots for real estate tax increase caps—limiting local spending since they don’t seem to have the discipline. Many local and state spending issues could be halted with this valuable tool. It is time Virginians collectively band together and demand the G.A give this to it’s citizens. Much good will come from it.

    2. Stop the ” start struck hero worship of these candidates”, I don’t care who it is. Holding them accountable once they are in office is what we do very poorly, for whatever reason. Look at Hanover County BOS as an example. As soon as these folks are elected they are pulled like taffy between party chairs and the PAC’s , no wonder they ignore us, they got from us what they wanted—OUR VOTES , and know they can rely on us to stand on the sidelines until they need us again–NEXT ELECTION CYCLE. It is holding them accountable, by whatever means necessary while they are in office. It seems a lesson we haven’t learned yet or simply cower from enforcing.

    Bob Shannon

  3. Jeanette Louis says:

    Vince Haley for me & my family; immediate & exteded.

  4. Robert Shannon

    1. Get evangelicals registered to vote—by any means possible. It is often cited that some 40% does not vote As close as the margins often are this simply overwhelms the opposition—–if they can be persuaded to do so.

    2. Organize open and hostile opposition. I have had 3 protests at Wittmans office and each time the local tea party groups have been too resistant to support the effort. had no more than 50-70 people turn out when it should have been hundreds .Much of the reluctance stems from the leaders of these groups being too ingratiated with elected officials. You can be an activist or a buddy of Wittman–you can not be both.

    3. Repeat # 2 with all means available. We write letters to the editor, fierce letters attacking their positions or lack of. Our signs hammer them relentlessly and without favor.

    Consider for example Del Chris Peace and his triumphant announcement in his ” Peace Progress Report” which he does periodically, the latest version touted that the G.A got the State song changed ?????????? This is progress, a state drowning in Medicaid expenses, badly needed education reform, reform of the Virginia Tax code , and Illegal Immigration costing Virginia 1 billion annually—-and he is bragging about getting the State song changed. Ridicule ( Saul Alinsky tactic ) is effective. Public humiliation of what a joke this “progress” is and how his 9 year record is without any distinguishing accomplishment. It lends to inducing a candidate to step forward sensing the incumbent is vulnerable. Otherwise challengers are reluctant because an incumbent is viewed as invincible, when the truth is just the opposite. But naturally Peace isn’t going to criticize himself……that is the citizen activist job. Not an easy or pleasant one, but a necessary one. Elected officials are never held to account. This must change and it starts with a proper mindset, that we are at WAR with these folks. We are not their buddies, or pals, they are stealing our children and grandchildren’s future.

    Bob Shannon


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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