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Yesterday in the Daily Mail, Prime Minister Cameron was accused of not supporting a veto on EU law:

 David Cameron was branded ‘absolutely out of touch’ with the Tory party last night after he dismissed calls to give Parliament a veto over EU law.

The Prime Minister was told he risked causing disastrous divisions in the party, including a Cabinet split, after a letter from 95 backbenchers demanding the right to say No to European legislation was branded unrealistic.

I do not know what the issue is but let’s assume this is an overreaction!  Can 95 MPs get it wrong? I would find this situation intolerable:

At the moment, Mr Cameron can only veto new laws on the most sensitive issues such as defence and the EU budget. But while Parliament can raise concerns with the European Commission, it has no powers to block or repeal existing laws.

The rebels call on Mr Cameron to ‘make the idea of a national veto over current and future EU laws a reality’ and ‘enable Parliament to disapply EU legislation, where it is in our vital national interests to do so’.

We have a confirmation from another British paper, the Telegraph, that the UK is no longer sovereign:

Tory rebels demanding the power to veto every aspect of EU law are not being “realistic”, two senior cabinet ministers have said.


However Mr Hague, the foreign secretary, warned that the move would risk undermining the European single market.

He told the Murnaghan show on Sky News: “If national parliaments all around the European Union were regularly and unilaterally just able to chose which bits of EU law they would apply and which bits they wouldn’t well then the European single market wouldn’t work.

“Even a Swiss style free trade arrangement with the European Union wouldn’t work. We have to be realistic about these things.”


Mr Grayling [blogger’s note, the justice minister] told the Sunday Politics show on BBC One: “I don’t think it’s realistic to have a system where one parliament can veto laws across the whole EU, the Foreign Secretary has said that this morning. We’ve got to have a situation that’s viable and I’m not convinced we could actually have a situation where one parliament could prevent laws happening across the whole of the European Union.”

I am sorry and I concede I am not British but I do not see the problem.  The UK can get out of the EU so why not have a veto on EU laws.  What this is is Tweedledee and Tweedledumism run amuck.  No wonder people don’t believe the Tories and want to vote UKIP.  Great Britain is not just another nation – it’s the nation that came up with personal rights, due process, trial by jury and the power of elected parliaments over kings.  Why would anyone in Britain want to cede that authority to Europe?  You can have free trade without agreements.  It just has not been tried.  The European leaders seem to want to form a superempire and not allow secession.  This report from Ben Swann is disturbing:

“This debate is moving into the decision phase. In a little more than four month’s time, citizens across Europe will be able to choose the Europe they want to live in,” said Ms. Reding. “There is a lot at stake. The outcome of these elections will shape Europe for years to come. That is why voting is so crucial,” Ms. Reding continued.  [Vivane Reding is the VP of the European Commission]

The European Commission President, Jose Manuel Barroso, said that the EU would use the memory of the troubles of WWI to warn against the yearning for Euro-skepticism, far-Right movements, and populist anti-Euro movements. He said leaning towards these separatists movements could lead to war in Europe again.
“No other political construction to date has proven to be a better way of organizing life to lessen the barbarity in this world.”

All I can say to Mr. Barroso is:  I don’t want my life “organized”, I want liberty and limited government.  The EU promises neither.  Nigel Farage says the mask is off the EU elite leaders and their real intentions:  The UK will be a state like Virginia and if you try to leave, you’ll not be allowed!
“For people in power in Brussels, that is the only choice they offer, no reform, just a “United States of Europe.” On May 22, the British people must ask themselves if they want this, and vote accordingly,” said UKIP leader Nigel Farage. “I am sure people will say No to this centralist fanaticism.”

Here is the response of one of those MPs:  Douglas Carswell.  This sounds very realistic to me.

I am afraid the Bible verse that says, this is the Sandy paraphrase from memory, you can’t serve two masters is true here.  The Prime Minister is trying to serve two masters – the EU and his coalition partner as well as the British people.  Those people do have a say at some point in time, both this year in the European elections and next year in the Parliamentary ones.  They can vote UKIP.  It seems thousands if not millions in local and by-elections have decided to vote UKIP even if it costs the Tory Party the seat.

Better choose wisely, Tory leaders.  Is it Britain or Europe?

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