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Why States Can’t Prevent a Runaway Convention – Guest Post by Publius Huldah

I am super honored to be sent this post to have at the blog from my hero – one of my many heroes – Publius Huldah, the Constitutional scholar and lawyer who writes about the problems inherent in Article V Conventions.  I would love to spend the day with Huldah at our table and we would talk well into the evening on the Constitution and related items.  We do not always see eye to eye but she makes me think about original principles.  My kids would learn more than all their civics classes put together.  Might even have to invite some homeschooled kids over, too.

Here it is:

The danger of an Article V convention (which made James Madison “tremble”, caused Alexander Hamilton “dread”, and Chief Justice John Jay to say that another convention would impose an “extravagant risque”) is this: the delegates to the convention can run away: instead of proposing amendments to our existing Constitution, they can write a completely new Constitution with a new – and easier – mode of ratification. 1

The convention lobby implicitly acknowledges this danger when they say State Legislatures should pass “unfaithful delegate” laws to control delegates. 2

Accordingly, Wyoming passed a delegate law earlier this year which purports to empower the WY Legislature to “immediately recall” any delegate who makes an “unauthorized vote” at the convention, and to charge with a felony any delegate who fails to follow the WY Legislature’s instructions on what he may do at the convention. The Texas delegate law purports to make “invalid” any “unauthorized vote” at the convention, and to empower the TX Legislature to recall any delegate who violates his instructions. But Tennessee takes the cake with its delegate law: Not only does the TN law purport to “void” votes cast at the convention by TN delegates which are outside the instructions or limits placed on the delegates by the TN Legislature – and then to prosecute such delegates for a felony; the TN law also asserts that if all TN delegates vote or “attempt to vote” outside the scope of the instructions or limits, TN’s previously filed applications for an Article V convention are to be treated as “having no effect at all”. Other States have passed similar laws.

Such laws are contrary to our Founding Principles and are based on false assumptions. Accordingly, they are unenforceable and ineffective.

1. Self-evident Rights and the Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence is the Fundamental Act of our Founding.3 It declares that all men are created equal; our rights are bestowed by God; our rights are unalienable; and the purpose of government is to secure the rights God gave us.

The Declaration is not “law” – it is higher than law, for it sets forth The Divine Standard which a Constitution – and the laws made pursuant to the Constitution must meet.

It also declares that a People have the self-evident right to throw off their government and set up a new one. With that Principle firmly in mind, let’s look at our first amendments convention; and then, at State unfaithful delegate laws.

2. The federal convention of 1787

After our Revolution, we operated under our first Constitution, the Articles of Confederation. But there were defects in the Articles, so on Feb. 21, 1787, the Continental Congress called a convention to be held in Philadelphia “for the sole and express purpose of revising the Articles of Confederation”. The States also drafted instructions which purported to restrict delegates to proposing amendments.

But the delegates ignored their instructions and wrote a new Constitution [the one we now have]. In Federalist No. 40 (15th para), Madison invoked the Declaration of Independence and claimed, as justification for what they did,

“…the transcendent and precious right of the people to ‘abolish or alter their governments as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness,’…”

Yet State unfaithful delegate laws claim a power to divest The Representatives of the People – and to criminally prosecute them for exercising – what the Fundamental Act of our Founding declares is a “self-evident” right”!

3. And what if the delegates make their proceedings secret?

The State Legislators who vote for unfaithful delegate laws assume they will be able to know what is going on every minute of every day of the convention.

But Madison’s Journal of the Federal Convention of 1787 (where our present Constitution was drafted) shows that on May 29, 1787, the delegates voted to make their proceedings secret.

If delegates to a convention today vote to make the proceedings secret, the States won’t know what is going on – and can’t stop it. And if delegates vote by secret ballot, the States would NEVER know who did what.

You might think that with cell phones & cameras, it’s impossible to have a secret meeting. But the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which “induces” State Legislators to push the COS application for an Article V convention, is experienced in conducting secret meetings with State Legislators. WATCH this 6.5 minute video of a Georgia TV crew which attempted to get into a meeting held at a Georgia hotel of ALEC and Georgia Legislators.

ALEC, which supports the COS application for an Article V convention, is funded by the Koch Brothers and other mega-corporations. The Koch Brothers spend vast sums on State politicians (e.g., Texas), to get their support for the COS application. Do the Kochs want an Article V convention so they can get a new Constitution which transforms us from a sovereign nation to a member state of the North American Union? And if there is a convention, will armed guards keep the press out? If delegates have been bought by the Kochs, will they tweet & text to the world what they are up to behind closed doors?

4. State Legislatures are “creatures” of their State Constitutions, and have no “competent

authority” to control The Representatives of The People at an Article V convention

Americans have forgotten a Principle which is the basis of free government: That political power originates with The People. 4 The People create governments by means of constitutions. Since a government is the “creature” of its constitution, it can’t be superior to its Creator, The People.

This is why at the federal convention of 1787, where our present federal Constitution was drafted, our Framers understood that only The People were competent to ratify the new Constitution. George Mason said on July 23, 1787,

“…The [State] Legislatures have no power to ratify it. They are the mere creatures of the State Constitutions, and cannot be greater than their creators…”

Keeping that Principle firmly in mind, let’s look at Article V, US Constitution.

It provides that when two thirds of the State Legislatures (“mere creatures”) apply for it, Congress is to call a convention. At that point, it is out of the State Legislatures’ hands – the bell has tolled, and State Legislatures can’t un-ring it. Congress “calls” the convention (sets it up); but when it assembles, the delegates, as Sovereign Representatives of the People, are not answerable to State Legislatures (which are “mere creatures” of the State Constitution) or to Congress (which is a “mere creature” of the federal Constitution). The delegates actually have the power to eliminate the federal and state governments – and that is precisely what the proposed Constitution for the Newstates of America does.

Delegates to a federal convention called by the federal Congress, to perform the federal function of altering or replacing our federal Constitution, are performing a federal function, not a State function. The delegates don’t represent any government, federal or state. 5 They are supposed to represent The People; but in our corrupt time, they are more likely to represent the Koch Brothers (because they have the cash).

Dust off your copy of the federal Constitution we already have, read it and defend it. It filled all Europe with “wonder and veneration”. If you don’t do this, we will lose it.


1 The proposed Constitution for the Newstates of America creates a totalitarian dictatorship. The States are dissolved and replaced by regional governments answerable to the new national government. It is ratified by a national referendum [national popular vote] (Art. XII, §1). Other proposed Constitutions are also waiting in the wings for a convention.

2 The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) claims their model delegate bill “will eliminate the possibility of a ‘runaway convention’ the reason most often cited by scholars for their opposition to an Article V Convention.”

3 Dr. Alan Keyes spoke of this on the radio some years ago; and I knew he had just handed me the Key to understanding our Constitution.

4 See Federalist No. 22, last para (Hamilton).

5 The term, “convention of states”, is a misnomer which gives the false impression that States control the convention. In Rob Natelson’s speech on Sep. 16, 2010 [now removed from free access] he said he will no longer call it a “constitutional convention”, but will henceforth say, “convention of states” (pg.1-2).

This Chart illustrates who has the power to do what at an Article V convention.

Huldah’s reference to Koch could just as easily be Soros or other entities, some funded by foreign governments like the European Union.  If you want more Publius – go here to her blog.

Warning:  For this posting we will have a comment policy:  Anything uncivil or using bad language will be removed!

About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

34 Responses to “Why States Can’t Prevent a Runaway Convention – Guest Post by Publius Huldah”

  1. Publius Huldah

    Thank you, Sandy, for your kind introduction!

    Re sitting around your Table with your Family and all the home-schooled [and other] kids you can round up – that sounds good!

    Just last night, I agreed to teach a series of classes on our federal Constitution at a Tennessee Friend’s home. I gave them their homework assignment – to be done in preparation for the first class: Read the Declaration of Independence carefully until you know what it says. With a colored pencil, underline all references to God. With another colored pencil, underline our Founding Principles which are set forth in that Declaration.

    Once one understands that glorious 2nd paragraph, one will never again look at civil government the same way.

  2. Big Eddie says:

    Sure hope Hanover County legislators Buddy Fowler, Christopher Peace, and Ryan McDougal who all support the Big Con pushed by Middle Resolution Pac read this post…

    If they continue to support the Con in exchange for campaign donations- don’t vote for them in November. Just leave that section of the ballot blank. These are safe Republican seats. Send a message.

    Was that nice enough, Sandy?

    • David Dietrich says:

      Mr Eddie,

      Sure hope Hanover County legislators Buddy Fowler, Christopher Peace, and Ryan McDougal, who all support a Convention for proposing Amendments, read this post…
      That will reinforce their awareness of how many RINOs actually oppose the Constitution.

      As they continue to support the Convention in exchange for campaign donations, vote for them in November. Ensure that section is completely darkened. These are the kind of Republicans we need in the State House. Send a message. Wasn’t that a nice reply/


      David Dietrich

    • Brook Lee says:

      Big Eddie, is your comment based in fact? VPAP shows ZERO contributions by Middle Resolution to McDougle, Fowler, or Peace. Check it out, it’s in black and white: https://www.vpap.org/donors/174762-middle-resolution-pac/?start_year=all&end_year=all&order=committee

  3. David Dietrich says:

    Mr Sanders,

    I am super honored to respond once again to your support for a leading semi-constitutionalist. It’s really sad how someone can be so disingenuous about our Constitutional Republic. There are no more problems associated with an Article V Convention for proposing Amendments than there are with our ongoing government.

    I would also love to spend the day with Pseudonym at our table talking about the origins of our country and our form of government. We would certainly not see eye to eye on the supreme Law of the Land, but it would be worth attempting to identify assumptions and original principles.

    Just to be clear, anyone who claims that the delegates to the Constitutional Convention had no authority to write a new Constitution must also reject the product of their Convention – the United States Constitution. Unauthorized action cannot produce legitimate results. Therefore, the Constitution MUST be illegitimate.

    So, to put things in their proper perspective, you and yours are Confederationalists, not Constitutionalists. Therefore, your frame of reference is different from ours. A loose Confederacy is NOT a Republic, but rather a “league of friendship.” That means you cannot be called Republicans, either. With that in mind, let’s move on.

    The danger of an Article V Convention (which was overwhelmingly ratified by both delegates and states) is this: the delegates can no more “run away” than members of Congress can “run away.” Can anyone count the number of “completely new Constitutions” written and implemented by Congress since 1787? Oh, that’s right, zero, zippo, none.

    The congressional lobby implicitly acknowledges this inescapable fact when they keep paying big campaign bucks to maintain the status quo.

    Unfaithful delegate laws are a wonderful example of state authority to control their representatives in an authorized deliberative body. Such laws demonstrate our Founding Principles and are based on sound assumptions. Accordingly, they are perfectly enforceable and effective.

    You are right to cite the Declaration of Independence as our founding document. It represents the bedrock of our Organic Law, consisting of the Declaration, Articles, Northwest Ordinance, and Constitution. The Declaration is, in fact, “law.”

    The delegates were given full authority by their states In 1787, empowered to “render the Foederal Constitution adequate to the exigencies of the union.” That is exactly what they did, hence delivering the proposed new Constitution to the States for ratification.

    The unfaithful delegate laws make these first directives even more explicit by constraining actions to be taken during a Convention for proposing Amendments. In a Republic, States are the organic manifestation of the people, and therefore, delegates should be aligned with the self-evident rights of the People!

    Secret proceedings are not of concern. Congress does it all the time. Where is our new Constitution? Do we know “what is going on every minute of every day of the” session? Of course not!

    Just as in the Founders’ day, secrecy has its benefits. Less distractions mean better focus on the task at hand. Look at what came of the Constitutional Convention: the most beautifully written political document in history!

    Open Borders Foundations, which oppose a Convention for proposing Amendments, is funded by George Soros and every known mega-corporation. George Soros spends vast sums on State politicians (eg California), to get their opposition to a Convention of States application.

    Does George Soros want the status quo so he can get a new Constitution, which transforms us from a Constitutional Republic to a member state of a One-World Government? And if the status quo continues, will armed guards keep the press out? Oh wait, they do! If congressmen have been bought by George Soros, will they tweet & text to the world what they are up to behind closed doors?

    State Legislatures are hopefully “creatures” of their State Constitutions. Whatever you may mean about their “competent authority” to “control the Representatives of the People at an Article V Convention,” applies equally to Congress. Once again, where’s our “new” Constitution? I’ll tell you where it really is: https://www.congress.gov/constitution-annotated.

    You continue to state that you have no confidence in the American People. Okay, then what? I say there are plenty of Americans who remember the basis of the Constitution. Since the State represents the People as a political entity, it is superior in the sense that the People have delegated their power to it.

    That is why George Mason was mistaken in his belief that the State Legislatures had no power to ratify the new Constitution. As representatives of the People of the several States, legislators become by definition greater. That’s the way a Republic works. And that’s why you will not find the word, “democracy,” anywhere in the Constitution.

    Keeping that Principle firmly in mind, let’s look at Article V, US Constitution: Two thirds of “Mere creatures” of the “mere creatures” they represent apply to Congress for a Convention. The “mere creatures” in Congress then “shall” call the Convention. All stop. That’s the ONLY role of congressional “mere creatures” at that point. In fact, if they don’t call, then the “mere creatures” from the States can convene anyway. That is always within their authority.

    The “mere creatures” of the “mere creature” legislatures then are bound by the “unfaithful delegate laws” to do their duty for the each of the several States they represent. With the bell having tolled, they can get on with their business. All these “mere creatures” then can begin their debate, in secret or otherwise, to propose one or more Amendments to the US Constitution. The delegates, as “mere creatures,” have no more authority (ie “power to eliminate the federal and State governments”) than Congress has already. And that is precisely why we need to choose a different path – one that circumvents the proposing power of the “mere creatures” in Congress.

    Delegates to an Article V Convention for proposing Amendments, called by Congress, to propose Amendments to the Constitution, are performing a Republican function, which means State. As a result, the Delegates represent each of their several States at such a Convention. And since the State Legislatures represent their constituents, the Delegates are also bound to those same constituents. In the corrupt time (throughout history) they, like Congress, are just as likely to represent George Soros (because he has cash). Even so, I must ask again: where is our new Constitution?

    Don’t worry about dusting off your old Constitution. It no longer serves us. Instead, open the Constitution Annotated and weep (or not, if you prefer our current progressive government). Read it, and realize why we need to embrace the entire original Constitution, not merely the parts we like. Our Founders left us a means to determine our own destiny: An Article V Convention for proposing Amendments. If you don’t accept this, we will lose it.


    David Dietrich

    • Sue

      David Dietrich, you
      say : “Just as in the Founders’ day, secrecy has its benefits. Less distractions mean better focus on the task at hand. Look at what came of the Constitutional Convention: the most beautifully written political document in history!”
      The Constitutional Convention of 1787 had George Washington and others of his caliber. Today we have Nancy Pelosi and her ilk. Wouldn’t that make a difference? If the “task at hand” is to destroy our Constitution, how could that be an asset?

      • David Dietrich says:

        Sue X,

        You say, “The Constitutional Convention of 1787 had George Washington and others of his caliber. Today we have Nancy Pelosi and her ilk. Wouldn’t that make a difference? If the “task at hand” is to destroy our Constitution, how could that be an asset?”

        Are you the one who will determine the people who will meet, and the nature of “the task at hand”? Will you also make all the rules for how they are accomplished? That’s interesting, since the Founding Fathers already gave that authority to the People and Congress in Article I. And somehow, Congress has not produced a new Constitution in 230 years!

        Alas, the power given to the Supreme Court is not so clear-cut. Right from the beginning, they have determined their own destiny. Through hundreds of court cases, they have distorted and amended our Constitution in ways the Founders could never have imagined. That’s why we now have a completely different Constitution – The Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis and Interpretation (popularly known as the Constitution Annotated: https://www.congress.gov/constitution-annotated) But, “how could that be an asset”?


        David Dietrich

        • Sue

          Would I determine who the delegates would be, no, that is for Congress to determine, as authorized in Article V. It says Congress and I am not a Congress member. Also, you say that the Constitution we the one to which our legislators take an oath to abide by

          • David Dietrich says:

            Sue X,

            Your arrogance is extreme. You think you personally should control who, what, when, where, and how your representatives do their business. That’s actually not how federalism works.

            In addition, you are unable to read, given that you assign authority to Congress in Article V that does not exist. Please show me the exact words that you imagine, and I’ll show you the same imaginary authority that Congress already has.

            As for the rest of your missive, it is unintelligible to me. Try to be a little more lucid.


            David Dietrich

  4. Judi says:

    To Dave Dietrich,

    I’m really curious. Does COS pay you to follow blogs against the con-con and respond with endless drivel? This one seems to be almost as long as the article, but without any accompanying documentation—just propaganda off the COS website or seemingly, whatever pops into your head. If you’re being paid, they aren’t getting their money’s worth with your ramblings. It’s obvious that you didn’t read the article you are commenting on, or if you did, didn’t take the time to understand it. Although a little difficult to see, there are links to document much of what she says. Perhaps you didn’t click.

    The article by Publius Huldah stands on its own merit. It’s curious you jump on George Soros though—he’s on YOUR side along with Wolf-PAC, Young Turks, Larry Lessig, the Mercers and the Koch Brothers. I know it’s a tactic to play the victim, and it isn’t going to work with this crowd. http://watchdog.org/142762/soros-in-vermont/

    • David Dietrich says:


      I’m really curious. Does Black Lives Matter pay you to follow blogs against the Constitution and insert your meaningless comments?

      Your willingness to mindlessly follow those who use quotes to support their groundless arguments – just propaganda off the John Birch Society website or seemingly, whatever pops into your head.

      If you’re being paid, they aren’t getting their money’s worth with your worthless insertion. It’s obvious that you know nothing whatsoever about the US Constitution or our form of government.

      You certainly didn’t read the original article or my rebuttal, or you would have discovered your ignorance on the subject. Have you ever opened the Constitution? Have you even heard of the Constitution Annotated? Here’s the link:


      Perhaps you should click on that link to learn for yourself, rather than simply accepting the fear mongers who oppose the Constitution.

      The article by Pseudonym has no merit. It’s telling that you support George Soros – he’s on YOUR side, along with every other major PAC.

      Anytime someone brings up PACs, it’s obvious they know little about the topic at hand. They simply resort to seemingly scary organizations to somehow “prove” their point. I know it’s a tactic to play the victim, but it isn’t going to work with this crowd.

      Try doing your own research next time!


      David Dietrich

    • Farmville Libertarian says:


      David Ross ( Spottsylvania County- 7th District) who is also on this Virginia COS action committee with Dave Dietrich was just elected to the Republican Party’s State Central Committee with the help and support of Middle Resolution Pac Board member and fellow state central committee COMRADE Nancy Smith….

      All you need to know is that the Middle Resolution Pac has hijacked many Tea Party leaders such as Mark and Anita Hile and Bob Keeler and Rick Buchanan to do their dirty work to get people elected to State Central for support of the Con Con…….

      Middle Resolution Pac is marching through the State Central Committee now on a mission for Conventions for the nomination process over Primaries, to sell RVotes as the Repubilcan Party voter data base over I-360, and to pass a Con Con…. follow the money. ( YES THERE IS MONEY INVOLVED HERE LADY- BIG MONEY) MILLIONS. And the dirty politicians in the Republican Party all have their hands out taking it.

      • Farmville Libertarian says:

        Look up Mr Dietrich here:


      • World War II Orphan says:

        These COS activists are Communists. Once you realize that, everything becomes clear to their agenda.

        That’s not to say that many unknowing half wits in the Tea Party and Family Foundation have been conned into this Big Lie that the Con Artists are going to rewrite the Constitution for the better. Those people are asleep and we must awaken them to the real communist threat to our great nation. If the Constitution is opened at a Convention, YOUR 2nd amendment rights will be stripped away and then they will march into your home and take you away to the Concentration Camps if you use YOUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS to oppose them.

        Just remember the greatest Con ever perpetrated on America was Barack Hussein Obama- a man raised by COMMUNISTS…. elected to the highest office in the greatest country in the world and he is agitating the Antifa Communists to riot in the streets to KILL COPS and burn our cities.

        The Con Con is just that- The BIG COMMUNIST CON.

        • David Dietrich says:

          Dear Unwanted,

          These anti-constitutional activists are Communists. Once you realize that, everything becomes clear to their agenda.

          That’s not to say that many unknowing half-wits in the Socialist Party and Open Society have been CONNED into this Big Lie that CONgress is going to keep us all safe as a Constitutional Republic. But, at least they haven’t yet rewritten the Constitution for the “better.” Unfortunately, though, the Supreme Court has (see Constitution Annotated: https://www.congress.gov/constitution-annotated)

          Those people are asleep and we must awaken them to the real communist threat to our once-great nation. If the Constitution remains open in CONgress, YOUR Amendment II rights will be stripped away and then they will march into your home and take you away to the CONcentration Camps if you use AMENDMENT I RIGHTS to oppose them.

          Just remember, the greatest CON ever perpetrated on America was Republicans in CONgress – men raised as CON men…elected to high office in the greatest country in the world and they are collaborating with the Communists in CONgress to KILL US ALL. The CON is just that – The BIG COMMUNIST CON.


          David Dietrich

          • Billy says:

            What we see here from David Dietrich is that he hates Republicans in Congress. Proving other CON CON opposition points here that he is an enemy of the Republic with his HATRED of our government and our Constitution. Comrade Dietrich… sounds suspiciously Germanic.

          • David Dietrich says:

            What we see here from David Dietrich is that he hates Republicans in Congress. Proving other CON CON opposition points here that he is an enemy of the Republic with his HATRED of our government and our Constitution. Comrade Dietrich… sounds suspiciously Germanic.


            What we see here from you is that you hate our form of government. This proves that you are an enemy of our Constitutional Republic. CONrade Booby…sounds suspiciously African.

        • Sandy Sanders

          Not every Con-Con activist is a communist. We need an apology here, World War II Orphan.


      • David Dietrich says:

        Farm Tractor,

        It’s a wonderful thing that visionaries like David Ross are penetrating the State Republican Party to help us effective promote State Sovereignty through a Convention for proposing Amendments.

        All you CONRADES in the anti-Constitution movement have nothing useful or effective to say, so all you do is accuse others of doing what you are doing – undermining the Constitution.

        Middle Resolution is doing some great work as well to support the agenda of TRUE CONSERVATIVES. Unlike you, they recognize that it takes a village to defend our Constitutional Republic. Instead, you accept its progressive destruction.

        Try doing anything without MONEY. When is the last time you elected someone without MONEY? When is the last time you elected someone who then steadfastly promoted the same policy on which you elected them?


        David Dietrich

  5. Betty says:

    Great post to simplify and clarify the issues.

    Dietrich comes off as a smart aleck who runs around twisting the facts to try to confuse the reader…”the COS way”.

    Love to know the name of the Constitutional Convention “delegate” he trusts enough to dissect his U.S. Constitution…

    • David Dietrich says:


      Thanks for your complement. Unfortunately, yours is another shining example of a waste of our time. You come off as someone who knows nothing of the subject, much less the “facts.” Instead, you do things the “John Birch way.”

      I would love to know the names of the congressmen you trust to dissect the US Constitution…


      David Dietrich

  6. Sandy Sanders

    Well noone’s been banned yet! Everybody is nice and civil. Thanks to all for that and for coming by.


  7. vassar Bushmills

    It’s been fun looking in. I live in Virginia, too. I ran into an interesting essay by a genuine intellectual named Nassim Nicolas Taleb, The Intellectual Yet Idiot, about political activists “without any skin in the game.” (PLease Google) I posted the essay in its entirety at my website, and invite you all to read it…not because it sheds any light on the Art V debate, but rather the sorts of people who have been paid to take up arms for the success of the Convention of States side of the argument, versus the kinds of people, such as Publius Huldah, who have no financial stake and are not flying the skull and crossbones from their mainmast.

    I have no dog in this Art V fight. For 4-5 years all I have asked for are honest brokers, and later, a public debate and cordiality between fellow Constitutional patriots. As you’ve seen here, all there has been is the steady flow of ad hominem’s in lieu or argument tells this old trial lawyer more than just the about the absence of comity between purported fellow patriots, but also that the respondents are for-hire (since no mere passer-by just drops in to make rapid fire substanceless counter-whines because he’s bored watching Netflix.)
    Mr Dietrich is a type I found, giving us insight into his age, (young) experience in life (very little)and ability to think critically. (Read all his comments and count even 1.)And considering the quality of his comments, I’d say the boy ain’t being paid very much either.

    He’s not the first COS echo. I invite you all to visit a site “Meckler’s Shadow” http://markmeckler.info/, where there are other $8/hr IYI’s sharing their knowledge. That site hasn’t been active for well over a year, and I don’t expect it will fire up again as long as self-professed clairvoyants such as Mark Meckler are making all the arguments for the Convention of States. They state with certainly that if 34 states will only apply to the Congress, the rest of the path forward, under COS’ guiding light, will be easy-breezy. But rather than square off in an open debate, 5-6 on each side, a la Bill Buckley’s famous debates, they send a team of KnowNothings to do pretty much the same thing we’ve seen for over a year now since the 2016 campaign. It seems COS is using the same playbook as the Berkeley Left and Antifa have used to justify their outrages.

    So far, no genuine honest brokers for an Art V convention has stepped forward. But don’t look for any improvement as long as COS can rake in bucks and the chances very small that there will ever be a genuine application while so much of the actual status of or national government is vey much up in the air. We don’t even know what both political parties will look like in a year’s time. You couldn’t pick a worse time to present an Art V application to the Congress.


    • David Dietrich says:

      Mr Bush League,

      It’s been fun participating in this one-sided debate. There are so many people who think they know something about this issue, but are true Idiots. They have have been paid to take up arms against the Constitution and those who are attempting to save it through a Convention for proposing Amendments. They think socialism is cool, erasing our history is the right thing to do, and one world government is our future.

      I have all my dogs in this Article V fight, because it is a fight to either the end of our Constitutional Republic, or a new beginning. For 4-5 years all I have asked for is intelligent discourse by true Constitutional Conservatives, and always, public debate between fellow Constitutional Patriots. Instead, all you’ve seen here is the steady flow of ad hominem attacks in lieu of intelligent argument by the anti-constitutionalists.

      It shows that those same anti-constitutionalists are merely for hire, as is customary for any old trial lawyer, since no right-minded patriot just drops by to make worthless inputs to what began as brilliant refutations of age-old anti-constitutional arguments. That same trial lawyer should go back to his Black Lives Matter gangsta rap and make a name for himself in the streets of St Louis.

      You are truly Bush League (typical of the anti-constitutionalists) in your feeble-minded attempt to appear relevant to this discussion. You are obviously infantile, since you are unintelligible, you have no understanding of the real world, and your critical thinking is like that of a tree. (Read all your comments and you can see that they are merely mindless). And considering how worthless you are, I’m surprised that even BLM pays you!

      You’re not the first progressive echo. I invite you to visit the Black Lives matter website (http://art.blacklivesmatter.com/) where you may have to give them a refund for your pathetic use of their funds. The “clairvoyance” of you and your kind make a mockery of true Conservatives. It’s fun, though, showing what a joke you really are.

      It’s refuse like you who stand in the way of effective action to take back our Constitutional Republic. Why? Pray tell. What is in it for you to oppose so mindlessly a republican form of government? You decry conservatism, yet only drool when progressivism is rolled out. Your know-nothings know nothing, and have even less intelligent to say, instead merely resorting to name calling.

      Bring on your (master)debaters, or whatever you want to call them. Of course, you can’t. They haven’t performed because they are mere clowns in a circus. It seems that you and the anti-constitutionalists are using the same old Alinsky and Hitler tactics to continue destroying our Republic.


      David Dietrich

  8. vassar bushmills

    Dixit Inspiens (thus spake the fool). Thanks for proving my point, son.

  9. vassar bushmills

    Hurts, don’t it?

  10. Sol Barklow says:

    Thank you very much! Really appreciate this.



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    Tom White Says:

    Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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