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Why the Mainstream Media is Obsessing Over Trump’s Veteran Donations and Other Such Minutia

Why is the Mainstream Media obsessing over Trump’s Veteran donations and other such minutia?

Well, that is pretty obvious. They are working hard to find something that will stick to Trump and knock him off his high perch. As Trump gains momentum against Hillary Clinton in the polls, it looks like the Trump Train is about to land in the Oval Office in January 2017. Back in May 2012, several polls, including the LA Times, showed Obama up by 20 or more points in California. And Obama won California by over 23%. Hillary is leading Trump in California in a new LA Times poll by just 12%.

Panic has set in in the Democrat camps. And the Press, part of that camp, is trying hard to find something that will derail Trump.

And they’re not having much luck.

It was the tax returns. “When will Trump release his tax returns,” they obsess. But make no mistake, that is still very much in play for the press:

A letter from Trump’s lawyer confirms that Trump is being truthful when he says he is under IRS audit. And that he has been since 2009.

Trump’s tax returns have been under “continuous examination” by the IRS since 2002, “consistent with the IRS’ practice for large and complex businesses,” the lawyers wrote.

IRS examinations of Trump’s tax returns from 2002 to 2008 have been “closed administratively,” the lawyers wrote, “without assessment or payment.” That means the examination of those returns is finished.

IRS examinations of returns for the years since 2009 are “ongoing,” the lawyers said.

But here’s the catch: The lawyers said Trump’s recent tax returns — the ones the IRS is still auditing — are just extensions of his older returns, because they include “items that are attributable to continuing transactions or activities that were also reported on returns for 2008 and earlier.”

“In this sense, the pending examinations are continuous of prior, closed examinations,” the lawyers wrote.

This gives Trump legal backing for claiming all his returns are being audited, not just those under active examination.

And with taunts from the press and the Democrats that Trump is lying about his wealth, hiding his tax evasion, or doing something underhanded – like cheating – they are keeping up the pressure on the GOP Nominee.

Do any of these people really believe Trump is poor? And that he could possibly cheat with constant audits?

Of course not. They are just looking for something to spin into a tar ball in hopes it will stick to The Donald. They are hoping to find someone who did work for Trump that has mob connections, or deleted a kitten video from Youtube. Anything they can find and spin.

Trump released a Financial Disclosure that the New York Times examined with a fine tooth comb and were upset when they couldn’t find anything to smear the Billionaire with saying the document’s limitations made it difficult to corroborate his claim. Waaa. Waaa.

Donald J. Trump earned just $14,222 in salary. He owes at least $265 million in debt. He is paid about $250,000 per speech. And he received $110,000 from a pension with the Screen Actors Guild.

Those details were revealed in Mr. Trump’s financial disclosure form, filed with the Federal Election Commission last week and made public on Wednesday.

Like Mr. Trump’s favorite, elongated adjective, “hu-u-u-ge,” his disclosure filing, which covers the past 18 months, is mammoth, clocking in at 92 pages, far longer than any other 2016 presidential contender’s.

When he submitted it, Mr. Trump boasted in a statement that his wealth exceeded “TEN BILLION DOLLARS.” (His capitalization.) However, the document’s limitations made it difficult to corroborate his claim.

Again, nothing to smear him with.

CNN even asked if Trump would have shot the gorilla who was tossing around the little boy like a rag doll. (Still waiting for them to ask Hillary.)

cnn_gorillaAce reporting there, huh?

Obviously hurt and disappointed that there is nothing they can even spin to hurt Trump, the press moved on to calling various Veterans groups and asking if Trump had given them any money. And while the Veterans wait for ever to get health care at the VA, even turning down qualified Vets (like myself) none of that matters to these “news” organizations. The burning questions is, did Donald Trump give all the money away he said he would? Obviously to the Mainstream Media that is more important then Hillary hiding emails, refusing to answer questions and her staff taking the Fifth. But be that as it may, it turns out that the Media worked with Hillary who provided Veteran Protestor’s (who have been outed as Hillary supporters by a simple look at their Facebook page) to attack Trump. And he finally released the list of the Veteran’s groups that received the money.

Shock and horrors, some of the groups only received the checks after the press started taunting Trump on May 24th. Now that must be a tar ball, right?

Wrong. Unfortunately there are a lot of sleazy groups pretending to help Veterans, but the deserving Vets hardly see a dime. And even some that do a lot of good for a number of Vets have not had a stellar record of passing along money to the Vets, like the Wounded Warrior Project. You might chalk up the 40% they spend on “overhead” compared to some spending as little as 8% on overhead as inefficiency, but it still does not look good.

The organization has also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in recent years on public relations and lobbying campaigns to deflect criticism of its spending and to fight legislative efforts to restrict how much nonprofits spend on overhead.

About 40 percent of the organization’s donations in 2014 were spent on its overhead, or about $124 million, according to the charity-rating group Charity Navigator. While that percentage, which includes administrative expenses and marketing costs, is not as much as for some groups, it is far more than for many veterans charities, including the Semper Fi Fund, a wounded-veterans group that spent about 8 percent of donations on overhead. As a result, some philanthropic watchdog groups have criticized the Wounded Warrior Project for spending too heavily on itself.

Some of its own employees have criticized it, too. William Chick, a former supervisor, spent five years with the Wounded Warrior Project. “It slowly had less focus on veterans and more on raising money and protecting the organization,” he said.

And everyone knows that all it will take is one donation to a bad seed group who’s leader is busted for some nefarious crime to see the press spend the next few days on Trump supporting some criminal.

So Trump checked out the charities before he donated to them. Is it beyond the scope of probability that the press is sitting on a story about some Veteran’s group that is a front for a drug cartel or porn ring just waiting and hoping Trump donates to them? Would the press really be that wicked?

You know the answer to that.

From here on out, every question from the media and every penny Trump spends or donates – or doesn’t spend or donate – will be under a microscope while Hillary is given a free pass. The Fourth Estate have become a 3rd rate Democrat cheering squad for 2nd rate publications run by first rate idiots.

I was very proud of Donald Trump for going on the attack against the press and calling them out.

You can check out the video here:

Puts it right out there.


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  1. LKZ says:

    Right on!

    Praying others are as astute.

    Thanks for a great read.


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