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Will Washington’s Failures Lead To Second American Revolution?

There is an excellent article in Investors.Com about the sorry state of business affairs Obama has led this country into.

People are asking, “Is the government doing us more harm than good? Should we change what it does and the way it does it?”

Now, this was a question asked during the Administration of former President George W. Bush. And the obvious answer in 2008 was a resounding yes as the masses voted for the promise of hope and change, and a basic fairness in government and business, both of which were accused of oppressing the people. So why is the same question still relevant after the Democratic victories of 2008? Why are the Democrats on the precipice of massive losses in November’s election?

Too many overreaching laws give the president too much discretion to make too many open-ended rules controlling too many aspects of our lives. There’s no end to the harm an out-of-control president can do.

So, it appears that we have had an over-correction instead of simply fixing the problems. We have seen that when the Democrats take control of the Federal Government, they have this uncontrollable urge to completely and fundamentally remake things in their own image. What creeps into every single piece of legislation slammed through Congress is the undeniable intent to control every aspect of everyone’s life. HOw else could a Government takeover of Student Loans end up in a Health Care Reform Bill?

His bullying and offenses against the economy and job creation are so outrageous that CEOs in the Business Roundtable finally mustered the courage to call him “anti-business.” Veteran Democrat Sen. Max Baucus blurted out that Obama is engineering the biggest government-forced “redistribution of income” in history.

Fear and uncertainty stalk the land. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke says America’s financial future is “unusually uncertain.”

A Wall Street “fear gauge” based on predicted market volatility is flashing long-term panic. New data on the federal budget confirm that record-setting deficits in the $1.4 trillion range are now endemic.

Of course, Obama is plummeting in the polls, but as we have seen with the Journ-o-list fiasco, the “mainstream media” have conspired to fool the masses into believing that Obama is doing good for America. If Obama and this Democratic majority were forced to deal with honesty and integrity by the media, Obama’s poll numbers would be pretty close to zero, although there are those who would approve of his actions even if he were to set off nuclear bombs in American cities, because of his skin color. It is amazing that people are unable to ignore the color of this president’s skin and look at the disastrous presidency on it’s merits alone.

Under ObamaCare, he can issue new rules and regulations so insidiously powerful in their effect that higher-priced, lower-quality and rationed health care will quickly become ingrained, leaving a permanent stain.

Under Dodd-Frank, he and his agents will control all credit and financial transactions, rewarding friends and punishing opponents, discriminating on the basis of race, gender and political affiliation. Credit and liquidity may be choked by bureaucracy and politics — and the economy will suffer.

He and the EPA may try to impose by “regulatory” fiats many parts of the cap-and-trade and other climate legislation that failed in the Congress.

And by executive orders and the in terrorem effect of an industrywide “boot on the neck” policy, he can continue to diminish energy production in the United States.

By the trick of letting current-law tax rates “expire,” he can impose a $3.5 trillion 10-year tax increase that damages job-creating capital investment in an economy struggling to recover. And by failing to enforce the law and leaving America’s borders open, he can continue to repopulate America with unfortunate illegals whose skill and education levels are low and whose political attitudes are often not congenial to American-style democracy.

A wounded rampaging president can do much damage — and, like Caesar, the evil he does will live long after he leaves office, whenever that may be.

Read this article quoted in this post. It is absolutely filled with truth. And note there are 2 pages.

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