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Here is a wonderful, well-done video.  Lots of views from a diverse group of Britons.  Nothing shrill but I thought the point about how the  ECHR (read EU) keeps Britain from deporting foreigners who were convicted of crime is telling.  I’d play that up a lot.  Very effective.  It’s not NO yet but it’s getting there.

Here it is:


Also, UKIP is seeking disaffected Labour voters.  Now that seems a fools errand but this article makes a convincing case that UKIP could get a portion of the Labour base:

This weekend the UK Independence party (Ukip) will enter a new stage in its strategic evolution. In a television broadcast the party, already the most successful challenger to the main parties in postwar English politics, will launch an invasion of Labour’s working-class heartlands. With a growing war chest, Ukip plans to take its message direct to blue-collar communities in red territory. The idea, Leader Nigel Farage has explained, is not complex: “Gun for Labour”.


The message of this future campaign was spelled out by our senior clown: “Who suffers from poor crime? Who suffers from villains who get 17 cautions? Who suffers when the local comprehensive is not effective? Who lost their job in the pub because of a nice-looking girl from Slovakia? It ain’t the middle classes. It ain’t Ed.”

This is brilliant.  Subtle anti-free borders pitch.  This article asserts that 42% of working class voters did not have an opinion of who should be the next PM – when Ed Miliband, the Labour Leader was listed!  (Miliband garners just over half at 22%!)  I will try to find the Labour TV broadcast.  And there is examples in other EU nations, although this is not any sort of endorsement of the National Front or the Austrian Freedom Party:

Consider this: during its initial breakthrough period in 1984, the French Front National drew just 8% of its support from manual workers. By 1995, this had rocketed to almost 30%, leaving Le Pen’s as the most popular political party among workers. It was the same story in Austria, where between 1979 and 1999 the Freedom party saw its share of the blue-collar vote surge from 4 to 47%, making it the No 1 vehicle for working-class protest.

Here’s part of the conclusion:

An invasion is coming, led by a former stockbroker in a pinstripe suit. Farage is setting up shop in your local pub, Labour, and the locals will like him – a lot. So, what are you going to do?

Let’s hope Labour does not wake up until it is too late.

BTW, I want to thank my new UK and UKIP readers to the blog who are answering to my Twitter campaign to publicize what we are doing here to educate Americans as to why they should be concerned about UKIP.  Keep on coming by and freely comment!

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